A Prophetic House

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Kevin: I want to preach about a man named Philip. I want to preach about a man named Philip and I want you to go into the Book of Acts 21. Look with me, please. This is the story of Paul headed to Jerusalem on what would be his last missionary voyage. And he is headed to Jerusalem, but makes a pit stop in a place called Caesarea. I will remind you, Luke wrote the Book of Acts. Many believe that most of what you saw in the Book of Acts was an eye witness account as he traveled with the apostle Paul. And Luke is writing it and I want you to look at verse number 7, when you got it, say, “Amen”.

Kevin: And when we have finished our voyage from Tyre, we came to Ptolemais. Greeted the brother and then stayed with them one day. On the next day, we who were Paul’s companions departed and came to Caesarea. And we entered the house. Watch this. We entered the house of Philip the Evangelist, who was one of the seven, and we stayed with him.

Now this man had four virgin daughters who prophesied. And as we stayed many days, a certain prophet named Agabus came down from Judea. When he had come to us, he took Paul’s belt, bound his hands and feet, and said, “Thus says the Holy Spirit, so shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.”

I want to talk today about Philip’s house. I want to talk about the kind of house. We’ve been talking about this for several weeks the kind of house that God is attracted to. How many want this house to be the kind of house God is attracted to?

Kevin: How many know that if this house is going to be the kind of house that God is attracted to, we’re going to have to be the kind of people that attract God.

Kevin: Pray with me now. Father, help us today. For the next few moments, I pray you’ll give me the grace, the wisdom, the revelation, and understanding to communicate and clearly articulate your heart for this house. I thank you for the ability today, God, to preach the Word of God under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I pray today, God, that the word would have inference into our heart. Let it not fall on wayside ground, or thorny soil, or even stony soil, but let today our hearts be open to receive the word of the Lord.

People with attitudes today, God, would you just adjust attitudes in this house? Would you just correct what needs to be corrected, align what is misaligned, address what has been ignored, and bring us all into a place, Father God, of unity of the Spirit in the bonded peace? I thank you that when you find unity, you command the blessing on the people. So, today, God, may there be just a Spirit of unity in our hearts that would – in every way, demand that heaven release a commanded blessing over this place.

We thank you Lord for Howard High School. I thank you for every other high school, and every other middle school, and elementary school in this city. I declare over the schools of this county. they will come up under the auspice of the protection of God. I bind every demon, spirit of malice, rage, hate, murder, suicide that would try to attack our children. May the hallways – come on, people of God. May the hallways of our school be filled with angelic host now.

I call on angels to come to Howard High School right now. Protect that entire campus this school year. I pray you will bring a peace. I pray you will bring a protection. I ask Holy Spirit that you will bring a covering over that place, over every teacher, every administrator, every principal. Bless that group of sons and daughters of our city. We pray in Jesus’ name and everybody said, “Amen.”

Kevin: Amen. On your way down, look at your neighbor and say, “Neighbor,”

Kevin: “You look 12 pounds lighter today than you did last Sunday.”

Kevin: If your own okey dokey working it, girl. Let’s work it. Amen. Brother, it’s working. Amen.

Acts 21. Acts 21, the kind of house that God is attracted to. We have talked for several weeks about the kinds of houses that Jesus entered in the gospels. Now today, we make a transition and we move out of the gospels into the Book of Acts. And what we find as we move from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into the Book of Acts is that the God who moved in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John through the person of Jesus is still moving in the Book of Acts through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the one who carried out, and carried on, and executed the work of Christ after Christ ascended in Acts 1:8. Some people were nervous that Jesus was getting ready to go back to heaven. The disciples were panicking. They said, “Lord, what are we going to do? You’re leaving.” Jesus said, “It’s best for you that I go.”

Kevin: Get this in your spirit today, church. Jesus told the disciples, “It is best for you that I go. For if I do not go away, the Comforter cannot come. But if I go away, I will send another Comforter and whatever he saw me do, that’s what he would do in the earth.”

The only problem for the devil is that when Jesus, in his physical body, left planet earth and went back to heaven, and the Holy Spirit came down, no longer is there one person on planet earth with the authority of the Kingdom and the power of God manifested among them. But now, there’s an entire army from every kindred, every nation, every tribe, and every tongue, and they’re all full of the power of God. And everywhere they go, they are tearing the devil’s kingdom up and turning the kingdom of darkness upside down. This is why churches need the Holy Spirit.

Kevin: I don’t know about you. but I get nervous when people act like the Holy Ghost is an option in the church.

Kevin: The Holy Ghost is not an option in the church. If the Spirit of God isn’t working, then I declare to you blind people stay blind, sick people stay sick, lost people stay lost, sinners stay bound. But when the Spirit of God shows up, the Spirit of God is the one that drives the rebellion out of the rebellion, the alcohol out of the alcoholic, the drug out of the drug addict. Come on. We don’t need less of the Holy Spirit. We need more of him. You think you’re wise. We think we’re smooth. And we think we can polish it up and make it presentable. But at the end of the day, it is still the oil of God that makes a difference in the house of the Lord.

Kevin: And when we flip from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, some may expect to see a drop off or some sort of distance between the manifestation of God in the church because now, Jesus is no longer here. He’s gone. But that is not the Book of Acts I read. Acts is more than a catalogue of history. Acts becomes a paradigm of expectation whereby the people of God should read the Book of Acts and get hungry to be the kind of church that turns the world upside down.

Kevin: As you read through the chapters of Acts, you see the most amazing miracles and I’m not going to be able to talk about all of that today. I want to see where we’re in, however, on when the move of God really began to manifest in the Book of Acts. It began to reveal leaders. It began to reveal leaders. When God’s Spirit begins to move, leadership is revealed.

Kevin: When the Spirit of God begins to move, people who have the kingdom assignment began to surface. And in the Book of Acts, chapter 6, this is something we often miss in the Bible. In the Book of Acts, chapter 6, your Bible says, “That the move of God became so powerful, the 12 apostles dedicated their time to prayer and reading the word. And there arose a dispute in the early church.” You and I think we’re the only ones that have ever had to deal with a church problem. How many know that even the Book of Acts had church issues to deal with?

Kevin: In the Book of Acts, chapter 6, there were a group of Hellenistic Jews who were upset that they were not – their widows, and the people in their particular tribe were not being taken care of and it really posed a threat to the move of God.

Now, let me say this, you have to have revival. But Acts, chapter 6 tells us you can be in the middle of a hot bed, Holy Ghost revival. And if the church doesn’t have leadership and structure, the fire can go out. I’m not getting no help right there. You not only have to have people falling in the floor getting healed, speaking in tongues, demons being cast out, but you’ve got to be able to take care of the harvest.

Kevin: Because some churches have glory, but they have no structure.

Kevin: You got to have government and glory.

Kevin: I need some help in the church this morning. I said, “You got to have government and glory.”

Kevin: Government is what glory rest upon. You’ve got to have structure so that when revival comes, you never build a church out of structure. Church always should start with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But you have to put structure in place to sustain what God is doing. Otherwise, it will blow up and it can become as devastating and harmful as it is life-giving if you don’t have the right structure in place.

And I can take you through church history, even recent church history, and show you that churches that were in revival that didn’t understand how to sustain it through proper structure, they hindered what God was trying to do in the earth. We have to be a people of the Spirit. We have – the primary priority of this house is the presence of God.

Kevin: At the end of the day, it’s what we pursue. It’s what we chase. It’s what we want. It’s what we’re hungry as for. We will always – if the coin has to fall on revival or structure, government or glory, we will always be a people who pursue glory. Come on. We will always be a people who pursue revival. But that is no excuse for a church not to have proper leadership in place.

Kevin: One of things that we’ve been doing and one of the things that God’s blessed us with over the years are many amazing leaders in the church that do amazing things for the Kingdom of God. And while I recognize that Devon and I, as the primary shepherd of this house, you know, it seems like we have the one that the microphone in our hand most of the time. And I understand my role and my responsibility.

But I’m going to tell you right now, churches cannot become personality cults that worship the person preaching with the microphone. The church that is helping us is the church that raises people up and releases people into a city, nation, region, and a world to make a difference for the calls of Christ. And I’m grateful – I am grateful for the all that God has done for us. But I want to tell you, the greatest preachers in our church, the greatest missionaries in our church, come on, the greatest ministers in our church may never have a microphone. But God is getting ready to open a door for them because there are people dying all over the place of the planet that need to know Jesus is Lord. And I just believe the Holy Ghost is starting somebody up to go.

Revival broke out in Act 6. And the Bible said that there were a group of leaders, a group of members in the church who were frustrated that their needs weren’t getting met. And so, here’s what the Bible says, this is all in Acts 6.

The Bible says that there was a prayer meeting and the apostles said, “We cannot ignore time, and prayer, and time in the word.” Now, I wish I had time to talk about this because what they were saying is we know what our job is. And priorities are, we got to dedicate ourselves to prayer and the word. Let me help everybody in here understand something, whether this is your home church or you’re visiting from another one. The most important thing that your pastor can do is not be your best friend.

I’m not going to get no help today but I want to teach this because people – and that doesn’t mean that your pastor has the right to be arrogant, pompous and a punk.

I’m letting that sink in because some you are like, “Seriously?” We thought that preachers were arrogant, that’s the problem with the Pope and while there’s such little respect in many places for people and the Pope, it is because you’re so holy and so powerful, you can’t even say, hi, to somebody at the mall. And your pastor 12 people and got six bodyguards and nobody can touch you. Let me help you understand something. Shepherds ought to smell like sheep, saying it ain’t meant on something. I mean, Jesus touched the people and I know you ain’t him.

The apostle said we got to pray and stay in the word. If the pastor is having to mow the grass, somebody’s watching me and I’m going to help you right now. If the pastor is got to mow the grass, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, clean everything, do everything, he’s probably got – not got enough time to take care of prayer and the word. And if the man of God isn’t praying and reading the word and the woman of God isn’t praying and reading the word, I don’t care how much you like them, they’re not walking in Kingdom authority. If this house is going to operate in the [Phonetic] [0:14:04], I’ve got to be able to stay on my face and stay in the book and they all come on in here with somebody.

And I’ll never forget several years ago, this was probably eight years ago, nine years ago. I mean, I knew everybody and there were 200 or 300 people come in to the church at that time and I knew everybody and I went to everything. And I’ve come to the conclusion one day. I don’t know if I’m paying enough attention to my prayer life and my family. And I had to get up and tell the church one Sunday, I can’t come to every ball game anymore, I can’t come to every graduation anymore, I hope this is okay for you all, I’m getting some stuff off my chest while I preach today.

I’ve got to do what God called me to do so that the house operates in the [Phonetic] [0:14:53] God called it to operate it. And in Acts chapter six, the bible is very clear the apostles knew their role, they had to pray and stay in the word. And at the same time, they knew they had to address the needs of the church. So what is the cue – none of this my sermon, but it’s good on the way to it, right? What is the cue for a church that is growing, a church that is exploding, where the power of God is moving and souls are getting saved and the church is multiplying and you’ve got 12 men called the Apostles who are overseeing the church at Jerusalem, but you got needs in the church that are not being addressed and met.

Here’s what they did, they had a prayer meeting and they appointed seven people. They called them deacons. Say, deacons. Deacon is not a title, deacon is a responsibility. And I know we got deacons in our church and I am grateful, we have some amazing deacons and deaconesses in our church, amen. We have some leaders in our church that are amazing people, who help us and we’ve got ministry elders in our church that help us. And I’m so grateful for every one of them, because without them, you could never carry the work of the ministry alone.

And if the Apostles are going to stay in prayer, places of prayer and stay in the word, they’ve got to appoint leadership to get the job done. So the bible says, in Acts chapter six, that the 12 Apostles prayed and fasted and sought God and they looked for men who were full of the Holy Ghost, who were full of wisdom, and this is amazing, men that had a good report.

I’m going to walk around for a minute, because if you don’t have a good report, you can’t be a leader. My brother Wallace [phonetic] [0:16:41] I speak in non-tongues, glory to God. But if you are a punk, an arrogant and proud, you are unqualified to be a leadership. I don’t care how many spiritual gifts you have, giftedness is not what qualifies you to lead in the house of God.

Have you ever met gifted people who get on your nerves, people who – if they just had a touch of humility and kindness? Can we preach on kindness for 30 seconds this morning? Where is the kindness in the body of Christ? Why is everybody so mean and mad sometimes? I mean, you go to – you got to places and I’m sitting this past week – I was sitting this past week in a restaurant, and so the ugliest demonstration of humanity only to find out the person went to church, not here, because I don’t fit something right there in the restaurant, hallelujah. But it’s just this attitude we’re just always uptight. And listen, be nice, be kind, it’s the fruit of the Spirit.

They had a good report with people. So the bible says, watch this, and this is all just going to where we’re going. The bible says that they appointed seven men to serve. One of those seven men was a man named Philip. Philip was one of the original seven deacons of the Jerusalem church, watch this, who did nothing but show compassion and take care of the body. Do you have a need? Let me serve. The community have a need, let me serve. The word deacon means, servant. In fact, it comes from the Greek word, diakonos, which – watch, a deacon is literally someone who has a will but their will is swallowed up by the will of a greater. A person who is saying, “You know what? My preference, my agenda, I got one, but it becomes second to what God wants from my life, a servant.”

Can we just have some of those kinds of people in the Kingdom of God again? People who say, “You know what, I’ve got a will, I’ve got to serve – I’ve got a heart, I’ve got a preference but at the end of the day, you save me, God, what do you want me to do with my life? I’ll do whatever you want me to do, serve whoever you want me to serve, and go wherever you want me to go.”

Philip started as a servant. Now, you understand this if you keep reading the sixth chapter of Acts, persecution breaks out against the church at Jerusalem. And a man named Saul starts attacking the church. And the bible says that, watch, when persecution broke out in the church of Jerusalem, go read Acts chapter seven and Acts chapter eight, when revival – when – pardon me, when persecution breaks out in the Jerusalem church, the bible says that the church was scattered all over Asia, Judea and Samaria.

Now I don’t want to get bogged down with this but I do want to tell you that sometimes the church’s greatest enemy is comfort. And I want to make sure in this house that as we get in the groove and we get settled in to what God’s doing here, and, you know, we’ve come through a very significant season of transition and I really feel like God is starting to add momentum to the house and that God’s blessing and we’re getting fresh vision, I just want to make sure everybody in this place understands, comfort is good but it’s never a promise for a Kingdom advancing church. And there are some churches who get so comfortable, that if they’re not careful, God will allow a season of persecution to come to scatter and send out those that should have been sent anyway.

I’ve got to – I could say so much, but I won’t. So persecution comes. And the bible says in the book of Acts chapter eight that they were sent out all over Samaria. Now, watch the promotion. I’m going – I’m talking today about Philip’s house. Say, Philip’s house.

Philip starts with a servant spirit. So the first thing I want you to understand is that Philip’s house is first filled with a servanthood spirit. I have been preaching about servanthood spirit for the last several weeks, because we live in a consumer Christian environment and society. Church has become about what makes us happy. Church has become about me, myself and I. Church – I know people who care nothing about what’s happening in the church. They only care that the kids department is making their kids happy.

Now, let me say something to you, that is the cue that we should have the greatest children’s department in Chattanooga and how many therefore we do have the greatest children’s department in Chattanooga.

But I want you to hear me tell you that there are things that are more important than just are we all happy. We need to be plugged in to a place where God can be honored as we serve him and serve other people. And if you’re not, listen, I said it a week ago, I’ll say it again, if serving – if serving people is beyond you, then leadership is above you. You can never serve – you never be a leader and not be willing first to be a servant.

My brother Wallace, my mother was an apostle and told me God had a great plan for my life. Great for your mama who gave you a parking lot prophecy, but I want to make sure if you don’t have a servanthood spirit, you will never ever unlock the door of potential and purpose that God have for you and your life.

Oh I’m getting ready to holler, preach, scream, sweat in whole bit. But I’m going to tell you right now, the key that unlocks the door of your destiny is not you demonstrating how great you are and manifesting your gift on the body. The thing that will unlock the door of destiny for you is doing what nobody wants to do while nobody is looking and loving God every second of the journey. There are too many people who want a microphone and nobody wants to do ministry. If you love people, it’s not about being seen, it’s about loving people when nobody is watching.

So we come to church and Tobin and Jojo [phonetic] [0:23:42], children’s ministry, come on, tell them about me. And then the people who don’t serve have the mitigated going to be the first one to complain. I’m getting ready to call up on this TV and preach right here. You are mistaken. This isn’t about me and you, this about Him and people.

Serve. Philip was a servant before he was anything else, Then persecution comes, scatters the church all over Samaria and Judea and the region round about, and the bible says this, “And Philip went down to Samaria and preached the gospel.” What qualified him to go preach in Samaria is that he was faithful being a servant in Jerusalem. You are all missing what I’m saying. The Lord is trying to promote some of you but he can’t promote a person that doesn’t have the heart of God. How in the world can God elevate you if when you get on a platform you don’t know that it was the right spirit that you got there? There are too many unqualified, illegitimate – oh, I’m getting ready to say something right here.

You and I have got to understand. I’ll never forget my Sunday school teacher. I went to Sunday school.

Every Sunday – somebody like, “What is Sunday school?” Sunday morning, an hour before church.

This is back when I was getting saved every week. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

I got saved every Sunday before I played the drums.

“I’m getting ready to come play the drums, Jesus. Save me.”

I’ve been sitting in Sunday school. I’ll never forget one Sunday, my Sunday school teacher, Stan Gunther, [Phonetic] [0:25:53] looked at me and he said, “Last night, I had a vision of you, Kevin.”

Kevin: He said, “You walked through the smallest door, just a little door in a dream.” And he said, “You walked through that door, and then there was a little bit bigger door. And you walked through that door, and there was little bit bigger door. And you walked through that door, and there was a little bit bigger door. And then you walked through that door and you kept walking through small doors, and they got a little bit bigger until one door you walked through was so huge.”

“But it started with a small door.”

And when we come here on every Sunday and I get to see all of these beautiful people who have gotten what the Lord is doing and interceded and looked [Phonetic] [0:26:40] don’t you think for a moment it started in here.

Kevin: Where’s my daddy at? Where’s my – my daddy here? Dad, stand up, stand up so the people of God see you. Stand up. Obey, obey, stand up. That’s my dad. All right. That’s Papop [Phonetic] [0:26:57].

Before I ever got to preach to multitudes, my daddy would carry me when I was 16, 17 years old to preach to eight people.

I’ll never forget going to preach to three people, and the sermon I preached on was adultery, and I knew I weren’t living in adultery.

I don’t know how the other two worked it out, but I know it wasn’t me living in adultery. You’re not helping nobody today. I remember – this past week, I went to preach in Memphis, and we had a marvelous time, the power of God moved. On my way home, I said, “Chris, I want to go through Hollywood, Alabama, because I want to see that little church where I preached my first revival.” My first revival was about eight people in the mid – I got my start in Hollywood, hallelujah.

I preached in Hollywood, Alabama to eight people, two of which were my mother and my father, and I had an electric blue polyester suit with two-tone black and white shoes, and the – and the suit was so loud, it looked like it ran on double A batteries. And I got up there every night, and I preached my brains out to eight people for six nights.

And I know my daddy was there. I know why we’re driving two hours to preach, because, Daddy, I’ve got this little door right now in Hollywood, but [Foreign language] [0:28:19], but I see something coming down the road in Chattanooga. And if I’m faithful in a few things that don’t seem very significant, God’s going to open up a door, “I need somebody in here to help me preach.”

If you’re being a faithful in serving, God will turn a key called destiny and open up a door no man can shut. I feel like praising God in this church.

Slap your neighbor and say, “Neighbor, be faithful.”

Can I testify a little more?

We got a crowd this morning, but I remember my first Sunday in Ooltewah [Phonetic] [0:29:01].

Thirty-four people, eight of them were my family and friends.

They felt so bad about it that they come crying to us after the first service.

Wendell and Beth, they came crying. I thought they’re going to relocate and come help us. They cried and said, “God, don’t ever do this to us. Please don’t – Lord, whatever you’re doing to Kevin and Devon, don’t ever do it to us, Jesus.”

This man right here was there from the very beginning. Where’s Lonny Hensley [phonetic] [0:29:34]? Lonny [phonetic] [0:29:35], you here? He drives the bus every Sunday. There ain’t but a handful of people who were here on that the first Sunday.

I’m telling you right now, Deven was nine months pregnant. Jeremiah was one year old, she’s nine months pregnant with Isaiah. Deven is up singing and leading worship. I’m playing the drums, and I’m preaching.

So all you young preachers in here who are like, “I’m not going to take it up unless I get the right kind of package,” shut up.

If you’re called to preach, I’m telling, you’ll preach to goats and pigs, and donkeys, and horses.

I preach to everybody. I preach to everything. When I first started preaching, I went in my backyard and my dog Fido [phonetic] [0:30:18], I made him sit there and listen to me preach, point one, point two, and point three. And by the time I got through preaching, he said, “Bowowow.”

Hail glory, I want to tell somebody in this house, you got to learn how to be faithful. You got to learn how to love God. You got to learn how to preach when nobody is helping you preach.

Say amen, church.

That first Sunday – that first Sunday, we had 34 people. Devon will be here singing. We’ll actually going to tip over. I’m over here playing the drums, get off the drums, go take the offering, run back to the drums.

Get up and preach, 34 people.

When I went to preach, I didn’t even ask what they were paying me. This is a true story. I’m helping a young preacher in this room today.

“Oh, I need to know my package.”

I didn’t know my package. The – when I drove down on the property, the Holy Ghost said, “This is where I’m sending you.” That’s all I needed.

I went to Barlow and got a job application. I said, “I work three jobs to pastor this church.” Thirty-four people, we didn’t have the money to pay the bills. I walked in that first Sunday and what – I’ll never forget it, she slid my first paycheck across desk. I didn’t even know I was getting one.

She left the room. Never look at a check somebody gives you while they’re in the room.

She left the room. I turned the check over. I called Devon, I said, “Devon, you’re not going to believe this.”

Now you have to understand something. When I say little doors, first, when I was a little associate pastor at a church in Athens.

And from there God sent us to Ooltewah [phonetic] [0:32:04] to pastor 24 people.

When I walked in there, I had no clue what I was going to make. I didn’t ask.

And I’m not telling you this so you say, “Oh, my pastor is something else.” I’m telling some young preachers this so you keep your priorities right.

I turned that check over to the dime. Andy Hamilton [Phonetic] [0:32:24], it was double what I was making in Athens. I called Devon, I said, “Devon, look what the Lord has done.”

You said, “Double?” It weren’t that much at Athens, trust me.

What I’m trying to tell you is when you take steps of servanthood and faithfulness, and you stop worrying about who gets the credit – you know, it’d be amazing what we could do if we’d stop worrying about who gets the glory.

Not unto us. Not unto us, but unto You, oh Lord, be the glory forever. Philip was a servant, but servanthood turned the key of destiny, and he goes to Samaria, and a deacon becomes an evangelist.

Promotion comes for those who know how to serve. Promotion comes for those who know how to serve. The Bible said that he began to preach in Samaria. Samaria was under the spell and the hex – oh God, I feel the Holy Ghost getting on me now.

It was under a spell and a hex from a witch and warlock. His name was Simon. He had cast a spell over the whole city. The whole city – whole city was [indiscernible] [0:33:36] – their mind was bound and they were trapped in the magic and the – and the mystery, and the persona of this man, Simon.

The whole city was under a spell. Nothing was alive. Nothing was growing in the kingdom. Nothing was moving. But when a man with a servant spirit got down into a city that was full of the devil, Jesus was getting ready to show that city that one deacon full of the Holy Ghost is more powerful than a witch and a warlock who keeps releasing a curse.

I don’t know who I came in here to preach to, but for about the past two months, I keep feeling like God is giving us victory over the realms of darkness in this city. I don’t know who knows what I’m talking about, but I came to tell you, you cannot curse what God has blessed. When God blesses it, you can curse it, hex it, you can cut a chicken and sprinkle blood in the parking lot, but if God before me, who can be all [tongues] [0:34:35]. Somebody praise God. If you know Jesus, break every curse.

The Bible said that Philip started preaching, and demons were coming out of people. And people were getting healed, and sicknesses were leaving, and the whole city gets caught up in revival.

[tongues] [0:35:00]. One man turned the whole city upside down. And we talk about, “Well, we don’t have no influence.” No, we don’t have the Holy Ghost, that’s why there’s no influence in the city. Churches have got to do more than have nice shows and bells and whistles. You got to have the power of Almighty God.

The Bible said what, “The whole city” – read it, it’s in – it’s in Acts 8. The whole city has turned upside down. And God comes to the evangelist in the middle of a red hot revival and said, “I need you to go somewhere else.”

“You need me to do what?” Have you ever –listen, I could understand if the revival in Samaria was a train wreck – but Samaria is on fire with the glory of God.

And God says, “I’m going to need you to leave that, and I’ve got to take you to a desert.”

Read your Bible, church. He goes down to Gaza – the middle of nowhere. Oh, I feel the Holy Ghost on me right now. He leaves the multitude and goes to the wilderness just because God said.

I got deliberate this week reading this, because you know how – you know how some people will treat you when you obey a word from God that they didn’t hear?

Have you ever had God tell you something that he didn’t bother telling your best friends? And you acted on what He said because you heard what He said, but other people who just knew you, who didn’t hear what you heard, start thinking differently about you because you obeyed something you heard that they didn’t hear.

“Philip, why are going down there?” “Philip, you were successful.” “Philip, the whole city has turned upside down, everybody getting saved. Demons are coming out of people. Sicknesses are being healed, and you’re leaving over one word?”

“Can you confirm it, 21 days, God. Before I leave this, can you give me 18 confirmations, Lord?”

You all know that’s how we are, come on. I need a confirmation. I need a confirmation, Lord. One word.

I have some people misunderstand my obedience to one word. But it only took Him one word to send me through. I didn’t have to have confirmations. When He spoke, I knew it. And when He told me to do something else a year and a half ago, I didn’t need 14 confirmations, the same voice that led –

What I’m trying telling you is this family. You got to make up your mind, who you’re going to please. Pleasing god isn’t always – make it easy for your relationships with people. But you got to do your best to do it with honor, and love God and let the rest happen and God get the lord.

He took Philip out of us, successful season – watch, and put him in a wilderness, watch, are you ready for this? He calls from the multitudes, to a man, everybody wants to go to the multitudes, everybody wants the church to be full. But Jesus wanted Philip to preach, to one man.

So he gets out in the middle of a wilderness, and he leaves the multitude, see, because watch, not only – can you be a servant, but if you’re a real true evangelist, you don’t do it for crowds.

The shepherd thinks about the one much differently than we do, because the problem with us in this modern day thing we call the church, is that we think noses means more nickles. I like it when I send half the congregation in one statement. We are possessed with the spirit of man, we build churches not according to what the Spirit is saying, but according to how many nickles and noses will we attract. I’m going to preach.

You got to be real careful, that you – do you understand what happened when Philip left the multitude and went to the wilderness for one person? He goes into the wilderness, this is all in Acts 8, we’re getting to Philip’s house, but you got to know what kind of house this is.

This is a man, who was a deacon, serving at first, then became an evangelist, he turns an entire city upside down, and God gives him one word, I need you to go to the wilderness, the desert of Gaza. He goes down to the desert of Gaza, gets there and he’s going, okay, what do you want me to do here?

And here comes, ready for this, an Ethiopian eunuch. One dude, running the chariot. Come on – that was an Ethiopian brother, you know that chariot, you all, for real, come on in here, he had spinners on that chariot, you all know I’m telling the truth.

Somebody is smiling, come on.

He had 18s on the back of that chariot, Quantel, come on, man. You better laugh.

He’s out in the middle of the wilderness, he just leaves a hot revival, and there’s an Ethiopian brother in a chariot reading from the book of Isiah, about this suffering servant.

And he don’t even know who he’s reading about, and the Holy Ghost says, Philip, I want you to go get connected to that man’s chariot. Here is a Jewish man, getting ready to connect with an Ethiopian man, you all not seeing this thing, see, God will often pull you out of something successful, to create a paradigm in the earth that has yet to be established, oh my God, I feel the Lord on me right now.

When we made a transition last year, I didn’t know what God was saying, all of it, but I knew I heard him say this in prayer, streams are coming together, streams are coming together. I said, what does that mean?

And I’m living in it right now, God is bringing streams together from all over the Kingdom, and some of us are going to have to understand – you got to be willing to leave something successful sometimes, to obey God and get to something that’s never been done before.

A Jewish man connects with an Ethiopian man, and they just started riding together. And Philip starts preaching to one Ethiopian man about Jesus. And the Ethiopian man, he gets so happy, he finds the lord in the chariot, spinner spinning, 18s bumping, Philip preaching.

God, he was smiling. And he looks at Philip and says, what is hindering me from being baptized? And in the middle of a dessert, they find a river, read your bible, read your bible. In the middle of a – I’m telling you, god, right now, is getting ready to – He is getting ready to creating some rivers in dry places. When you obey the Holy Ghost, you can walk in a dry place, and when you get there, God will make a river, in the wilderness.

Oh God, wherever you follow the Lord, he’ll never let you have a dry season. Your bible said that the Ethiopian looked at Philip, he said, what’s hindering me from being baptized?

The climb down the chariot, he baptized the Ethiopian in the water. Philip disappeared. Give me a bible. Give me a bible.

You all don’t believe me. Check. I got to get mine. I didn’t mean mine, I wanted to steal yours. Watch. My fault.

I don’t have my glasses on, I’m going to have to hold it real close. Acts 8 – thank you. What’s hindering me from being baptized? He answered and said, I believe that Jesus Chris is the Son of God, said the Ethiopian.

So he commanded the chariot to stand still, Philip and the eunuch went down in to the water, and he baptized the Ethiopian eunuch. Now when they came out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord carried Philip away.

Can you imagine being an Ethiopian brother in the wilderness, and a Jewish man just baptized you, and you all come out of the water, and the Jewish man disappears.

But do you know what that Ethiopian didn’t get – preached a religion – because when Philip disappeared, the bible said, the next verse, but the Ethiopian kept his joy.

Look, if somebody is telling – I still got my joy. Oh yes, I do, my favorite preacher may have fallen, but I still got my joy. My favorite bishop may have left, but I still got my joy. Some of you got to learn how to keep your joy, your joy is not just tied to somebody, but your joy is tied to a kingdom.

And I want to remind you, you’re still a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

He kept his joy. You don’t get this out of the bible, but if you read extra biblical church history, here’s what you’re going to find. This is a fact. The one man that Philip went to the desert to preach to from Ethiopia, went back to Africa, and started the church and turned an entire continent upside down.

Well why in the world would the Lord call me out of Samaria to preach to one Ethiopian? Because God has got his mind on an entire continent. And if you all are being faithful to God where nobody else wants to go, God will give you the influence to shake a whole nation.

My God, somebody help me preach.

I’m telling you, I feel like God is about to raise sons and daughters out of this house, that will go minister to the one, and the one, will turn the whole nation upside down.

Now watch. Okay, so, see how far we get into this. This house of Philip is one of servanthood, it’s one of evangelism. Well, you know, brother Wallace, I’m just not called to evangelism. Actually, you are.

Saved people are called to the ministry of reconciliation

You do not get saved and have the privilege of letting me do your evangelizing for you, or have this introverted note, it's a lack of boldness and the only reason we lack boldness is because we're not full enough of the Holy Spirit. If you get filled with the Holy Spirit, God will turn an introvert into a devil's worst nightmare. Well, I'm just quiet. You're quiet until you're cup runs over. If your cup never runs over, you can't keep it in.


Well, I said I wouldn't tell it to a living soul how He brought salvation when He made me whole. But I found I couldn't hide such love as Jesus did impart. Because it makes me laugh and it makes me cry, sets my happiest soul on fire when God dips His love in my heart.

Philip was a servant and was an evangelist. But then watch, he moves from Samaria, read the text, works himself all the way up the coast preaching in every city and gets to a place called Caesarea. And for 20 years, he ministers out of his house with his four virgin daughters who were prophetesses.

This is – don't miss it, this is the house of prophetic evangelism. Oh, my Jesus. Do you understand it's a house of prophetic evangelism? Philip is an evangelist. He has four daughters who prophesy. Oh, my Jesus, do you want me to do it? Yes? Okay.

I don't believe in women preachers.

Now I recently found out there are people here who don't. So we're glad you stayed awhile but I want to fix the thing. Sons and daughters shout prophesy.

I'm coming over here to say it. Sons and daughters shout prophesy. We are not past to growing up and tell me women aren't to keep silent. He needs to read the whole book in context. God never saved women to put tape over their mouth and sealed it up to. He filled them with a hope that – don’t it. I'll preach all day long. He filled them with a Holy Ghost. He told Mary go tell Peter and my disciples that – those who seek, “The one you're looking for is no longer dead. He is alive.” The first of evangelist was not a bishop. It was Mary and she ran to tell the story. He have – do you know what church history tells us about this? See, I feel it when I say it. I feel that that thing.

You're trying to endure to the end this one sermon. It is why there is [indiscernible] [0:51:12] in the kingdom right now. It is – listen to me, we have this whole thing with racism and division and we don't know how to embrace diversity of nations and cultures and we have this whole thing of putting women in the shadow so that men can plan to the front and listen, I do believe that women have a role in the home. I do believe that according to the word of God in the house, man should be the husband, the house man, the one that keeps the house together who should protect and oversee and stand in the gap for his family.

There is a place for a man to be a leader in the home. But I want to tell you right now, when the bible talks about a women in the old testament, it uses the word ezer. God looked at Eve and said, “I want you to be a helpmate.” That word in the Hebrew is the word ezer. It's the same word God use for himself when he said, “I am a mighty warrior.” He said, “I'm a mighty ezer.” When he looked at Eve, he said, “I want you to be an ezer.” I want you to be a mighty warrior. This whole thing of women just carrying a bible for a man and cooking him chicken after he gets the preaching is for the birds. Sons and daughters, shout prophesy. And I come to tell you ladies, it's the day of the daughter. God is raising up women who are full – full of the Holy Ghost. As your bishop and your pastor, I release you to prophesy. God.

Well, they can’t be the bishops. The last time I checked, most of bishops don't know how to prophesy. This is the day of [tongues]. This is the day when God has done locking the mouths of Deborah’s. I'm not talking about women usurping men.

But the insecurity in the body of Christ that is being stood for men, you've got to be real careful. You say, “Pastor, then what this 1 Timothy teach?” I'll teach – who wants to tell me about 1 Timothy for you when it says women should keep silent in the church? But if you interpret that to mean women never speak in church, you've already taken yourself out of context without the passages in the word of God that clearly demonstrate women have something to say.

I'm trying. Philip had four daughters who prophesy. Do you know one reason I think he had to get away from Jerusalem?

Because I'm not sure Jerusalem do – how to hand the daughters. After that starting a war in here this morning. Slap your neighbors say, “Let the daughters prophesy.”

I got in me right now getting real nervous, “Oh God, not my wife, not my wife, Jesus, Holy Ghost, not my wife.” Yes, you're wife, you're little biscuit cutting finger nail having [indiscernible] [0:54:57] wearing – extension wearing wife is getting ready to get fill with the Holy Ghost. God is getting ready to raise up daughters who will prophesy.

I'm – what's happening? God, I got to go. I done started a fight at Shadow Ville [phonetic] [0:55:21].

Today, sweet little shall be, started singing, “The river is rising, rising, rising,” and with that, oh, that’s a cute little bridge, that one abridge, that's our daughter prophesy. [Foreign language].

If you want me to walk you through the word, I can tell you how the bible called Miriam a prophetess. The bible called Deborah a leader of prophetess, a judge, who sat under the palm tree and work on behalf of God. Keep walking through the bible and you see Hannah, operated under the power of the Spirit. When you walk through the word of God and you see God moving, listen, I want to make sure we understand that the move of God happening in this hour is not an exclusive.

It's an international, multigenerational. There is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek, bound nor free for all of us are one in Christ.

Now, I will qualify. I will quantify. I got new problem to qualify. Sisters, just like brothers and everyone else in the church, everyone has to submit to authority.

But every Christian is required to submit to authority. And this notion that just because a sister wants to be released and empowered to prophesy, she has some kind of attitude? Where’s my towel at? I’m sweating, hollering and stuff.

I recently got into a little conversation with a bishop. I am a bishop, so I know what a bishop is. And he said to me – we’re having a conversation about sisters in leadership ministry in the church, and he said, “Why do women care about titles?”

“Let’s just do away with them wanting titles.” I said, “Okay. If titles aren’t that big a deal, get rid of yours.”

I’m not here to argue whether women can be a bishop or not. I’m here to say, “You can’t shut them up.”

Because I’m going to tell you what’s next thing to happen, if some Zechariahs don’t get with the program, God is going to put a spirit of inability to say anything on them.

So heavy. And I’m saying this to you this morning because I want to make sure you know as we go forward, in this house, sons and daughters will prophesy.

You know me, I’m just a minister out of my heart. I get oblivious to people sometimes. You know, their – the issues they have with us. And I was recently made aware, oh, women in the church having microphones in their hand make some people nervous. And I’m like, “For real? In our church? Let me fix that this Sunday.”

Men, spiritual fathers need to provide the kind of home that release their daughters.

And then I have someone – there are – there are theologians who believe that they prophesy every now and then. The problem with that is the participle, and the Greek doesn’t agree with that kind of presupposition. In the Greek, the participle is they were continually prophesying.

Philip had four daughters who continually operated in a prophetic anointing.

Now, here’s what – here’s my point. Ron [phonetic] [0:59:41], help me, I’m changing right here.

You have this father who has an evangelistic thrust and a servant heart, who raises four daughters who are very different than their father.

Can you imagine being Philip the deacon? Philip the evangelist? And then everybody is like, “Hey, can we come to your house?” And you walk into his house and the daughters are like, “The Spirit of God is showing me.”

Philip’s house was swirling with prophetic activity.

Do you know why this generation that we’re sitting in right now is getting ready to walk in a dimension of glory that our forefathers never walked in because the prophets are coming?

Well, I don’t believe in prophets that’s why there’s no power in the church.

The only thing we’ve ever honored in the church in the last 100 years is pastors.

And the church has become so pastor-heavy.

The problem with that is when Jesus built the church, he gave five gifts to the body of Christ – apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers – for the perfecting of the saints. If all you like is your pastor and you never are exposed to the prophetic or the apostolic, you are not running on all cylinders.

Everybody might like each other, everybody may be happy, everybody may smile, the church may feel good, but if there is no prophet, then sin goes unrebuked. If there is no apostle, there is no government in the house, and we’ve got to do more than just have good pastors.

“Well, I don’t know if I like it when a woman comes to the pulpit to prophesy.” I need you to conquer that in your heart. Because I had to conquer it in mine.

Raised my whole life to think a preacher’s wife ought to play the piano and sing in the key of G.

She doesn’t do either.

“Come on, Dev, sing.”

“I’d rather pray.”

I didn’t marry a singing wife. She can sing. She got a beautiful voice.

I married this little violent thing. She’s like a little –

It took me about eight years to stop trying to make her just my preacher’s wife – and to embrace that she was God’s daughter.

Kevin: [tongues] [1:02:40]. And I want every young lady in this room to hear me right now.

I take seriously the call of God on my life to be a spiritual father to a generation. And I don’t ever want you to have to hear a conversation that causes you to question God’s ability to speak through you and your generation.

I don’t ever want you to have to hear words like, “Women, keep silent.” We quote things out of context and it brings great harm on the body.

In this house, we’re about to really, really go. Jesus said, “Go ye in all the world.” He didn’t say, “Sit ye.” He said, “Go ye.” Two-thirds of God’s name is go.

Two-thirds of God’s name is go. So God is getting ready to release and deputize – and I’m going to go – I got to get deeper into this, probably next week, about this whole thing of the prophetic swirl.

Female Speaker: [tongues] [1:04:08].

I want everyone to pray for the interpretation right now. Ask God to give us the interpretation.

Holy Spirit, speak to us.

Female Speaker: For I would say to you, you have seen nothing yet. My spirit is upon this place. Not only this place but upon the world. I shall bring forth words that you have never heard before. I shall bring forth that action that I have looked for and desired among you, but you would not do it. But I say unto you that my Spirit is among you and it shall move upon you, and it shall bring you to a place that you’ve never been before, that it is of Me, so go forth. Go forth in My name and I shall accomplish it.

Kevin: Thank you, Father. We received Your word this morning.

Stand with me, [indiscernible] [1:05:13]. Lift your hands to heaven right now.

I wanted to make a declaration over this house. God spoke this to me in the baptism of this church, right up there behind that screen during the 90-day revival. I’ll never forget baptizing hundreds of people that night. And I was standing there in the water with Damon Thompson [Phonetic] [1:05:46] baptizing people, and I heard the Holy Spirit say this to me, “Prophetic conversation will become normal – in your day to day living.” And I thought, “What does” – and I heard it so strong, “What does that mean, prophetic conversation?” And here’s what I felt like God was saying – God is catching up us – catching us up in the swirl of heavenly places.

And you’re going to begin to just be talking to people thinking this is just a conversation, and it’s going to become a prophetic opportunity for someone to enter the Kingdom of God.

Philip was an evangelist. His daughters were prophetic. When you get this thing together, a prophetic evangelism – listen, church history teaches us that these four women, the four daughters of Philip, these four women raised the dead.

I didn’t – I’m not making this up, it’s in church history. Eusebius, the church historian wrote of the daughters of Philip who literally raised the dead. They’re living in Caesarea. For 20 years, prophetic evangelism, turning a whole city upside down.

And how powerful is it that Paul on his way to Jerusalem knows of the reputation of Philip’s house.

And he stops by to meet the evangelist and his four daughters who were prophetesses.

See, you may feel like you’re an obscurity, but when you have the prophetic swirl of heaven happening, it makes loose, it has influence. There is a reason why the enemy attacks the prophetic. I didn’t say pathetic, I said prophetic.

There’s a lot of pathetic stuff happening – but how many know there is an authentic thing going on in the earth called the prophetic activity of God and if the church doesn’t embrace it, she will miss – an apostolic move of God that is going to be like a tsunami tidal wave that is going to overthrow darkness. Little cute church services don’t cut it anymore.

Kevin: Go ahead.

Deven: I said I would be quiet today but, um, I do have a prophetic word the Lord gave me when the drummers were leaving the sanctuary today. I think it’s fitting to share in this moment.

I heard the word over and over – deploy. Deploy, deploy. I looked up the definition and deploy means, “to move troops or equipment into position for military action.” The Lord said, “Today, the drum line released a sound into the atmosphere of this house.” That was a prophetic picture of the Lord. Today the sound of marching orders came from our sanctuary, and now heaven is moving as that cadence is played. Today is a day of deployment for this house.

We have specific marching orders to go out into the city and to battle zones to engage principalities. And one of these battle zones is our school. The Lord’s schools. The Lord says, “As we walk in dominion, each step we take will have light.” And light will dethrone principalities who have been positioned in high places over our school systems.

Kevin: Jesus.

Deven: Over each school. The Lord says, “There had been principalities who have reigned but as people from this house are deployed, the light will pull them down and we will see victory.” So today is the day to march forth and that sound came from children in our city.

Kevin: Lord, let this house be a wineskin that can handle everything you want to pour in it. I pray you never have to wait again. It’s like I see the Father wanting to pour something out but he knows if he does it, it could destroy the wineskin. But the Lord says, “It won’t destroy it anymore. I can trust this house to receive it.”

If you want to become that kind of person that can just take what God is trying to do in this generation, and you want to be a good steward of the outpouring of God, throw both of your hands up right now. Throw both of your hands up. We say yes to you, Lord.

We say yes to you today, God. We say yes that I lose sons and daughters right now. I lose sons and daughters right now. I pray the Holy Ghost of heaven would fill people in this place with the prophetic unction of God. People who never prophesied in their life, [tongues] [1:10:57].

There are some sisters in here, the spirit of the living God is getting ready to bubble up out of your heart. And I’m not talking about it just in church this morning, I’m talking about as a way of life. There is coming an overflow of prophetic anointing on you.

This is going to become supernatural in ways, God is going to begin to show some of you, sisters, things going on in people’s lives and it’s going to just break the heavenlies over them. There are some evangelists in this place. God is going to take you beyond just evangelism into this prophetic evangelism thing where the witness of the spirit, the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is going to cause great effectiveness on you. You’re not ever going to preach like I preach. You’re not going to have to preach like I preach. It’s this prophetic evangelism. It’s just sharing one or two little sentences that the spirit of the Lord is going to give you.

I felt the Holy Ghost around us. It’s just one or two little sentences God is going to show about somebody that’s going to open the door and change [Foreign Language] [1:12:02]. Oh the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost. Lift your hands, he’s here. The spirit of the Lord, the anointing of the God’s spirit is coming upon you right now.

The anointing – I’m not just saying this. I don’t say this every Sunday but I felt like in prayer, this whole week that God was going to let prophetic swirls. Lift your hands, church. Lift your hands, church. Some of us, there’s a religious thing God is tearing off and he’s putting in a kingdom – a kingdom wineskin right now.

I release this house. Chattanooga is going to hear the word of the Lord. Chattanooga is going to hear the word of the Lord. A prophetic anointing that is going to shape a city, in the name of the Lord. And I see this happening in other churches. I see that there are – there is a Baptist preacher that’s about to get prophetic. There is a Baptist preacher that is about to get prophetic. [tongues] [1:13:02]

Many of you know this but Chattanooga was bound up in religion for many years until one of my spiritual fathers Ron Philips was baptized in the Holy Ghost. In 1989, the Holy Ghost came on a Baptist preacher. He was filled with the Holy Ghost and it turned his church and this entire city upside down. And I see in the Holy Ghost, there is an African-American Baptist preacher in this city that God is about to fill with the Holy Ghost.

I need somebody to lift your hands and begin to pray right now. God I pray for preachers all over this city. [tongues] [1:13:41] I pray against religion. I pray an invasion of the kingdom of God would come. Somebody open the doors with worship right now. Somebody lift your voice and open the doors of the kingdom.

Keep the door open today God. Let the kingdom of God invade this city. Let the Holy Ghost invade this city. Fill preachers with the Holy Ghost. Come on, [tongues] [1:14:06].

Lift your voice, church. Lift your voice because the kingdom of God is here. The kingdom of God is here. I need some people to come down to the altar of worship. The spirit of the Lord wants to break down in this house. I need some worshippers to come down to this altar right now. Pour out the oil and the wine. Pour out the oil and the wine. Spirit of the living God, come on. Come on. Fill this altar with worship. Hallelujah [tongues] [1:14:45]

I loose the daughters. I loose the daughters, in the name of Jesus. [tongues] [1:14:58]. Yes, hallelujah.

Audience: [Singing] [1:15:15]

Kevin: I know it’s really late, we got another service to get in here. But last night, in intercessory prayer, the Holy Ghost said the doors of the Kingdom are going to be kicked wide open today. I need somebody to become that worshipper. See, worship is the hinge the doors open on.

I need somebody to – all your hinges, open up your mouth right now. You – you may have never done this before but I need you to welcome the king of Glory in this room right now. Come on lift your voice. Lift your voice. I loose you, in the name of the Lord. Yeah, the language of the kingdom.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:11]

Kevin: Speak.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:14]

Kevin: Yeah.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:18]

Kevin: [Foreign Language] [1:16:20] Receive the Holy Ghost.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:26]

Kevin: Receive the Holy Ghost. Yes.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:32]

Kevin: At the Spirit.

Audience: [Singing] [1:16:35]

Kevin: I need some help. I need some men to get these curtains and move them out of the way. We’ll try to move them back before second service. But last night, I told the prayer team, we’re going to touch and pray over every seat, even though right now, because we’re in two services, the middle section is the section we feel, I declare the harvest is coming, I declare too, it’s time to expand our tent, pull up the pegs, increase this all the way. I want somebody right now to lift up a mighty shout of praise. Come on, get some strength to Zion [phonetic] [1:18:12]. I said [indiscernible] [1:18:14] shout of triumph, give them [indiscernible] [1:18:16] shout of triumph, the King of Glory is coming to Chattanooga, the language, come on.

[Singing] [1:18:26]

Kevin: I want every – I know this sounds crazy but I need the daughters to lift your hands right now, all the daughters. I didn’t know we were going this way today, lift your hands right now. If there’s a daughter near you, put your hand on their shoulder gently, reverently, holy, [Foreign Language] [1:20:21]. I release you now. I release you now to operate in His prophetic grace, this grace of the [indiscernible] [1:20:48].

Sister, you don’t have to shout loud and preach loud to be prophetic. Some of you are going to be very graceful. I mean, it’s – I see a sister in here, it’s as if there’s this beautiful grace on. You just have a dress on, your hair is all done, your high heels are on, your – I mean, we’ve got this thing in our mandate. If I’m going to profess, I have got to holler and sweat like pastor to do it. No, no, no. There is a grace on you, dear sister, to operate in a power that has nothing to do with your volume. It is an anointing that comes straight from heaven.

Sweet lady, would you come in here? I don’t know you very well but I want to pray for you. Come here, honey. It’s on you. This grace is on you. Jesus, I’ll loose you right now, just walk here. Lift your hands, sweetie, the grace of God. The grace – come on, pray in the Holy Ghost Church. Pray in the Holy Ghost Church. Grace, grace, grace. I’m not giving it to you. I’m just releasing what He already put in you. I’m just releasing what he already put in you. I’m agreeing with heaven right now. Nothing – well, come on, pray in the Spirit.

If there’s a woman near you with their hands up, just lay your hand and just think of there’s a release coming right now. There’s a [indiscernible] [1:22:14]. There’s a release coming right now. It’s already up here. I need people praying in the Holy Ghost all over this church. Daughters, it’s the day of the daughter. The Lord is releasing daughters. I’ll loose you now, I’ll loose you now [Indiscernible] [1:22:25]. I release you now. I release you now. All these young ladies in this house, I release you now. It’s the day of the daughter. The Holy Ghost is feeling you right now, sisters. The Holy Ghost is feeling you right now, ladies. The Holy Ghost is [indiscernible] [1:22:44].

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Grace. I release you right now. I release you right now. I release you right now. Grace, grace, grace, grace of God. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. [Indiscernible] [1:23:07], Jesus.

Listen, there’s a reason why Philip stayed 20 years in Caesarea and had great kingdom influence there. It’s because there was a prophetic evangelism in the house with a servant spirit and obedient heart. This Philip is the man that served and obeyed and went where God told him to go. He had four daughters that were raised in His grace so they become mighty, mighty, mighty prophetesses of the kingdom.

Kevin: I declare over this house, we will not be trapped in a war over titles. This house will release sons and daughters prophecy. I declare over you teenage girls and young men, ladies and young men, you’re going to prophecy over your generation. You’re not coming into agreement with the realm darkness. You’re going to prophecy the word of the Lord over your generation and darkness is going to back up.

Kevin: Do you hear what I’m telling you? Darkness is going to back up. Lift your hands one more time, church. Lift your hands one more time. Why would Paul want to stay there in many days? Because he liked what was happening in that house, that prophetic evangelism. Jesus, you’re going to turn cities upside down.

[Indiscernible] [1:24:56]. There is a work happening in your life, sweet lady. It started two weeks ago, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Not only did he free you, but now, he is feeling you. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

We’ve got to get the other – we have to get the other group in. I love you. Lift your hands one last time. Jesus, bless me.

As you go, go in this anointing, go in the grace of the Father, go knowing that you are free to make declaration and prophecy the word of the Lord in your generation. Bless, bless, bless now. Shake hands with each other as you go out the side doors. We love you.

Don’t miss Wednesday night. Fasting starts tonight at midnight. Be a part of it with us, Wednesday night at 7:00. Revival is going to breakout. I’d be here if I were you. Don’t miss it. We love you. Go in the peace of God.

Audience: Amen.

[Audio Ends]