Unlocked Mysteries: Praying in the Spirit

God is no respecter of persons, but a respecter of pursuit. Many times we miss out on revelation of God’s mysteries because we are unwilling to bend down and lean in. We are unwilling to tap into God’s heart. Like Israelites we know God by his acts. But it takes the pursuit of Moses to know God’s heart. Revelation comes through speaking in tongues of the Holy Ghost. Speaking in tongues edifies us by building our faith. It glorifies God in languages not always known to us.  Clarifying tongues help us see ahead and declassifying tongues reveal the secrets of God by giving directions to questions the flesh cannot answer. The Holy Ghost is not a tormentor but a helper, a revealer. It reveals God’s mysteries to those who tap into the Father’s heart.

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Kevin Wallace: 1 Corinthians 17. Oh, it's gonna be a miracle if we get out of here before 5:00, I'm telling you I have so much to do and not a lot of time to get there. So, if I don't get finished today, we'll pick it up next week. I started this Wednesday night but this thing has gotten so down, deep down in my spirit, I believe it's for this body where we are right now. How many believe that God is unlocking things in our generation that have never been released, never been poured out? How many believe that God is doing something in the earth that is fresh, that is powerful, that glorifies Jesus and is sweeping in our generation? Say amen somebody.

Audience: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: So for a few moments this afternoon, I want you ... this afternoon I'm already prophesying. 1 Corinthians 14 ... there, okay? 1 Corinthians 14:1, when you got it say amen.

Audience: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: "Pursue love, and desire spiritual gift, but especially that you may prophesy." We talked about being a prophetic house before, how many remember that? But today we are going to go and we're gonna talk about not just the kind of house we are but the kind of prayer life individually we have. And I want you to look at verse 2, "For he who speaks in a tongue." Now how many have a King James Bible, lift your hand, King James Bible.

Kevin Wallace: Your version says, "He or she who speaks in an unknown tongue." And I'll explain why in just a few moments. I want you to understand this today. He who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him, however, in the spirit he speaks ... he releases, he declares mysteries." And I wanna talk today about unlocking the mysteries and the secrets of the kingdom of God. How many know that God wants His children to walk in revelation and understanding? And I really believe that God is trying to take us to a level and to a depth of intimacy with him, where the confusion that blankets so many in our generation and in our day.

Kevin Wallace: I believe God wants to put a revelation in this house that brings people out of darkness and confusion into a place of understanding and revelation. How many know God is a secret keeper, but He will reveal His secrets to His children who make time for Him. Say amen if you believe it.

Audience: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Father, help me today to teach with clarity, with accuracy, with unction and authority, and I give you thanks for it in Jesus name, and everybody said amen. You can be sited in the presence of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: I often talk about my children in my sermons, it's impossible to have four kids, and to be involved in their life, and the happenings and the daily vicissitudes of childhood and raising children, not impact and influence your teaching and preaching in some way, amen.

Kevin Wallace: And I often find myself talking about Isaiah because Isaiah gave me so much to work with as a child growing up. But when Isaiah was just a little squirt, and I mean little, two or three years old. I would never forget the day that he came up to me and he said to me, "Bend down, I have to tell you a [squeeket 00:03:31]." And I said to Devin, who is always a better parent than I am, "What is a squeeket?" And she said, "I really don't know what he is talking about, but you should bend over and see what he has to say." And so I bent over and I got close and he began to tell me the squeeket.

Kevin Wallace: And it was really a bunch of nothing, just a bunch of garble that really had no point or subject or predicate or it was just this bubble of a 2-year-old child. But what he has seen is someone tells someone a secret and he wanted to tell me a squeeket. And so he said to me, "Dad, I want you to bend down and get close, I have a squeeket to tell you." As I thought about this message this morning, I thought about how many times we miss out on God's secrets because we miss out on God's secrets because we're not willing to bend down. We are not willing to lean in, and we're not willing to get close enough to hear what God is trying to tell somebody in our generation. God has a secret. God is a God of secrets.

Kevin Wallace: In fact, the bible calls them in the King James, in the new King James, mysteries. I want you to know today that the word mystery, whenever you see the word mystery in the New Testament it is the Greek word mysterion. And it literally means, listen to me carefully, a mystery, a secret, it doesn't mean it's mysterious. We hear the word mystery and immediately we think of a guy with a big voice and the old show in the '80s called Unsolved Mysteries. And nobody could sleep in my house after we got through watching Unsolved Mysteries because we thought those things were going to happen to us and no one had any peace after they got through watching that show, right?

Kevin Wallace: It was mysterious, it was almost weird but that is not what the word mystery means when it is used in the word of God. When it is used in the word of God, the word mystery simply means this, it means something kept by God outside the range of understanding unless assisted by supernatural intervention. In other words, there are things that God has reserved to show people and the people to whom He will show those secrets to are people who have learned how to tap into the Holy Spirit and depend wholly on the Holy Spirit of God so that they can receive by the Spirit information from heaven that their flesh never could have understood.

Kevin Wallace: Today I want to talk to you about the mysteries of God. The kingdom of God, listen to me carefully is available for everyone. John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believed in Him would not perish but have everlasting life." Romans says, "He or she who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." How many are glad today that the good news of the gospel is that Jesus will save anyone who calls on his name. But salvation into the kingdom is no guarantee that you and I are enjoying or experiencing the depths and the fullness of the kingdom of God.

Kevin Wallace: And I believe that the Word of God teaches that there are secrets of the kingdom. Revelation that isn't accessible by the preoccupied. These things are only reserved for those who are in holy pursuit of the person of Jesus. God is no respecter of persons but he is a respecter of pursuit. Rewind Wallace. God is no respecter of persons but He is a respecter of pursuit. Rewind Wallace. God is no respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of pursuit.

Kevin Wallace: There are people who get bent out of shape when some folk in the kingdom walk in a level of favor and blessing and revelation. And we often are jealous of those people without first considering the pursuit that they invested in chasing after God until He rewarded them and gave them the desire of their heart. The Word of God is not nebulous about the hidden secrets of the Lord. In fact you may be surprised at both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak frequently about the secrets and the mysteries of the kingdom of God. Proverbs 3:32, if you are taking notes, write some notes down with me. The secret of the Lord is with the righteous.

Kevin Wallace: Deuteronomy 27:15 says, "The secret things belong to the Lord." Amos 3:7 says, "That God reveals His secrets to His servants." And when you turn the page from Malachi to Matthew and you see that God is still revealing His most intimate revelation not to the masses or the multitude, but to the few who will follow Jesus closely. I wanna tell you today there is something to be said about following Jesus closely. I don't know about you, but I don't wanna be part of the crowd. I wanna be part of those who are enabled and empowered and accessible, giving access to the very heart of God.

Kevin Wallace: You understand that Jesus came for the world. He fed the 5000, He sent the 70, He called the 12, He brought the three with Him up on the mountain but at the end of the day there was only one who close enough to Him to lay his head on His chest. And I have made up my mind, I'm thankful I'm part of the world, I'm grateful to be part of the multitude that He fed, I'm even thankful to be part of the 70 that He sent. But at the end of the day there is only one thing that keeps me going when all hell breaks loose. And life feels like it's falling apart. It is that, I can run into the secret place of the Most High and I can find Him to be closer than a brother, can you say amen.

Audience: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: In fact when you flip over from Malachi to Matthew, you see that God is still revealing His most intimate revelations to those who seek Him closest. If you want to see this truth played out in scripture, you can go over to Matthew 13. We were told in Matthew 13 that Jesus left the house and went to the seaside. He walked down the hill, crawled in a boat, pushed out from land, turned the boat around while He is floating on the lake and He begins to teach the multitude from the boat.

Kevin Wallace: The bible said that when He opened his mouth, He spoke in a parable to the multitude. After He gave them the parable of the soil, the sower and the seed, He jumps back off the boat into land, walks off with His disciples. In Matthew 13:10, the disciples look at Jesus and they said to Jesus, "Why do you teach the multitudes in parables?"

Kevin Wallace: And here is His response in the 11th verse of the 13th chapter of Matthew's Gospel, he said, "For you, I have given you to be able to know the secrets of the kingdom." This is something that we find in three of the four gospels. Jesus looked at His disciples, those who followed Him closest and He says to them, "I have given you the ability to know My secrets, but to the masses and the multitudes, I can't tell them that way." Why? Because, "Having eyes and looking, they still cannot see, having ears and trying to hear, they are not willing to listen," Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: There are a lot of people who wanna get close enough to God to hear Him talk but they don't wanna get close enough to Jesus to have a Spirit of revelation coming to their spirit and allow them to walk in the newness of life. I wrote this down because I believe it is true, there are people in the kingdom who love Jesus but they are too busy to hear His heart. Very rarely does God interrupt our business to give us revelation, most of the time revelation comes from those who have pushed the world out and dedicated and focused their time to sit with the Master and to hear what He would say.

Kevin Wallace: And if I don't say anything else you remember today, I pray you will hear me tell you that the God we serve does not just accept our excuses of busy living and social media interaction and then slide a revelation in on the side. If we want Him we must want Him more than we want anything else in this life. And so today God is no respecter of persons, he is respecter of pursuit. He looks at His disciples and He says to them, "To you it has been given." Say that, lay hands on your heart say, "To me it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom."

Audience: To me it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: Now the bible is very clear with us about this issue of knowing the ... see, and here is the thing. When I say secrets, there are people who would challenge that say, "Oh, you are promoting or advocating some sort of gnosticism as if there is some private revelation no one else is privy to." This isn't private it's just reserved. You and your little clergy shirt, bottle of oil and your little ministerial [inaudible 00:13:17], but do not give you access to the secrets of the heart of God.

Kevin Wallace: If you want to have access to the heart of God, you gotta love Him, and you gotta spend time with Him, and you gotta pursue Him and you gotta operate in this thing, the relationship. You don't go tell your secrets to people you don't trust. If you do that's foolish, don't cast your pearl before swine, don't throw out the most reserved thing to people who you don't know how to respond and honor and handle it. You've got to share the innermost parts of the intimate place of your heart with only those you trust greatly.

Kevin Wallace: When the bible talks about secrets and the mysteries of God, we know that God speaks to His people, He goes ... watch, He goes beyond just what's happening on the surface with some people. Some people are content with what they see on the surface. It's exactly what the bible was talking about in the book of Psalms the 103 chapter, the seventh verse. If you are taking notes, don't miss this. The Bible says in Psalms 103:7, listen to this, "The children of Israel knew God's acts, but Moses knew God's ways." I feel like preaching right there.

Kevin Wallace: There are a lot of people who see God doing something on the surface and they are content with seeing a healing, they are content with seeing a salvation, they are just content with going to a good worship service. But there a group of people who are far more passionate than just being satisfied by the witnessing of a miracle, they actually want to know the heart of the Man that did the miracle. God give us a heart to wanna know Jesus more. To know the secrets of God, we must also be reminded that we must be ... according to 1 Corinthians 4:1, listen to this, Paul reminds us that we are stewards of the secrets of God.

Kevin Wallace: It's not only our inheritance to know what God has. Maybe I didn't drive that point home enough just let me do it one more time. You actually have an inheritance family. Your inheritance is to know the very heart of the secret of God. It's not just something you earn, it's something that you want, because the more He shows and reveals, the more I'm satisfied and hungry for him to become, it's like a chase that never ends. Except, we apprehended and apprehends us and then we keep chasing because we find out there is more, and yet when we find out what God is saying and we find out what God is speaking and we hear the heart of God and we see it, perceive and understand the secrets of God.

Kevin Wallace: Listen to this, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4 that we are to be good stewards of the secret. Whenever God shows and reveals something, you and I do not simply flaunt it. We don't use the secrets of God, the revelation of God for our own gain. We understand that God only reveals it because someone in our day needs this. Have you ever had a question you didn't have an answer to. Have you ever seen a nation and I feel like we're in a season like this right now, a nation that is vexed and perplexed with division and strife and hate and just this boiling level of vitriol and malice coming out of so many people, some people in the church.

Kevin Wallace: What's the answer? The answer lies in knowing the heart of God and most people haven't spend enough time with Him to know what He would say. So they come, "Okay, just hang on I'm coming." They come out saying dumb things that the Father didn't endorse and it makes the kingdom look bad because we are talking without having talked to the One who knows what to say in the first place. I didn't get enough help on that right there. Well, "I'm anointed." If you are anointed, sometimes you are anointed to ... Come on look at your neighbor right now, say "Neighbor God just gave you a gift, it's called the gift of hush."

Kevin Wallace: And sometimes the greatest thing we can do as a child of God is let the ... The bible says, "The foolish man has no God over his or her tongue." We have to exercise self-control and recognize that sometimes the best thing we can do is commit ourself to God and then quietly waiting before Him. He will give a word that when we speak will bring men and women into a place of understanding that previously they could not have known. We must be stewards of the secrets of God. When God speaks a word to your heart, He will also give you the situation and the timing of when to be able to share it.

Kevin Wallace: Now, let me keep going with this. So how do we tap into? "Pastor, why ... where in the world are you at? You are not even talking about what you read." Yes, I have. Don't tell me what I'm doing, hallelujah. I'm just kidding, y'all don't know how to take me, okay. How do we tap into the hidden thing, the secret of the Lord, the intimate place with God,

Kevin Wallace: how do we tap into that? How do we get beyond just knowing the acts of God? How do we really become a people who can discern and understand the ways of God? 1 Corinthians 14 gives us a very, very strong clue. Paul says, watch this, now I want to teach just very basically because I recognize that our congregation is full of Pentecostal people and non Pentecostal people and there is sometimes a great amount of what in the world is going on here.

Kevin Wallace: And I sort of like that. I really do enjoy the fact that there are many persons in this place, the precious people of God that are part of this family who still do not understand what speaking in tongues is and why we do it and how they should be doing it. So I wanna take two minutes right here, maybe six minutes, who knows and I just wanna teach about what speaking in tongues is. And listen to me, it's not so much, I hate even really talking about it because sometimes it makes it sound like the doctrine is tongues, the doctrine is Jesus, the doctrine is the Holy Spirit. We just have to understand how this manifests in our church and in our lives.

Kevin Wallace: I would be the worst shepherd that could be ever be assigned to watch over you if I didn't tell you the secret to the power of God flowing in my life. If I knew something, but didn't tell you because I was scared that if I told you it would freak you out and you would leave, what kind of preacher am I? And yet there are many people, there are many pastors they will confess in private settings, "I pray in tongues everyday," And their congregation has no clue what that means, and the reason the congregation doesn't know what it means is because they're afraid to teach what they practice in their congregation because they're afraid people will leave.

Kevin Wallace: And I just wanna tell you I love you too much to hold a secret that's that good. If praying in tongues helps me every day, I ought to tell you what helps me every day, come on somebody. If praying in tongues helps me walk through the most difficult valleys of my life I ought to be courageous enough to tell you that I couldn't have made it, had it not been for the Holy Ghost who was on my side, say amen somebody.

Kevin Wallace: So I wanna just quickly touch this real quick, two things. So there are people who get freaked out and they wonder why do ... and I'm so thankful to God this morning that we actually had the encounter with the tongue and the interpretation. In the middle of worship, one of the dear sisters in the church gave a message in tongues and then interpreted it, right? Yet before all of that and even after that, there were many times where people in this congregation were speaking in an unknown tongue.

Kevin Wallace: The bible gives us two kinds of tongues in the bible, okay? One is called unknown tongues, one is called diverse tongues, say unknown.

Audience: Unknown.

Kevin Wallace: Say diverse.

Audience: Diverse.

Kevin Wallace: You can't confuse these because if you think these two are the same you will run around telling everybody that unless you're speaking in an intelligible language, you're out of order. The fact of the matter is there are two kinds of tongues, one is an unknown heavenly tongue, one is a diverse tongue which can't be understood because it is a natural language that is spoken somewhere else in the world, are you following me?

Kevin Wallace: When the Book of Acts chapter two happened, the bible says that they all began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance, and men from different lands heard men from other places speaking their native language. The tongues that were given in Acts 2 were very unique because what actually happened is that the Holy Spirit began to speak through people who had been filled with the Holy Ghost. And the words they were speaking were words that they did not understand with their mind, they were speaking them through their spirit. And what's crazy is that other men from other places heard their language being spoken by people who were not raised in the same land they were raised in. This is how they knew God was among them and we've seen this happen in our church.

Kevin Wallace: Pastor Gary [Kellan 00:22:17] who's not here today is on an evangelism crusade. I'll never forget the night we stood in this altar and a dear brother, an Indian brother and sister ... I can't remember their name, the winds ... Riverwinds, thank you. What is their Indian brand nationality? I can understand but it's a big word, it's two kinds, okay praise God. Don't you love how I have conversations with people on the spot in the middle of the sermon, this is fantastic.

Kevin Wallace: And Gary Kellan was born in 10 mile to the sea, if you don't know what 10 mile is, go to the ends of nowhere, take a left and drive four miles and you'll find 10 mile to the sea. When I say Gary Kellan's hillbilly, you cut his wrist and the blood comes out saying, "I'm healed." That's how hillbilly is. I will never forget the night he stood right here and was praying in the Spirit and began to pray in the native cho ... is it [Chopto 00:23:21] whatever it was, sorry, you'll have to come clean this up later Lisa.

Kevin Wallace: It was an Indian language and Mr [Riverwind 00:23:27], the Indian is freaking out because Gary who doesn't know Indian is speaking glory to God ... you're not catching this, either you're not catching it or you don't believe it. I believe it, I watched it happen, and there wasn't room, I was here here but when he started speaking in chopto, the Spirit of the Lord filled this house and I'm telling you anybody could've been healed of anything that night, that's how much faith was in the room. That's a diverse tongue.

Kevin Wallace: The bible says in the book of 1st Corinthians that there is a gift of diverse tongues, it means someone will speak a message in a language they don't understand in their psyche but the Spirit speaking through them speaks that language so that someone in the room can hear it, and can witness that God is among them. I'll never forget the time on a Sunday morning it was it was Good Friday. Back at the [Uduwa 00:24:20] campus in the gymnasium.

Kevin Wallace: In the middle of a Palm Sunday sermon on a Sunday morning, I was preaching, preaching, preaching, got to a place, I started waxing warm and feeling my health come on me, come on somebody. And when that started happening, I began to speak in tongues, I recall it being a very different dialect than one I had ever spoken before.

Kevin Wallace: I just kept right on going, finished my sermon, I thought, "What in the world was that?" The next morning, the office got an email. And a dear Hebrew brother sitting in the congregation flip out because he said, :Your pastor speaks such fluent Hebrew." And I told David, "See, I told you, you don't even know what you got here lady, come on. I speak fluent eloquent Hebrew." The problem is I'd never spoken eloquent Hebrew in my life. And when I opened my mouth, the Holy Ghost filled it with words, Jesus, and the Hebrew man who didn't know that I was filled with the Spirit of God heard me saying, "Jesus is Lord, the Messiah has come." And it freaked out a man who was looking for the Messiah, are you listening to me?

Kevin Wallace: What are you saying? I'm telling you this God we serve is a good God, and He's a supernatural God. That's called diverse tongues, but then there's unknown tongues. This is the kind of tongues that are not meant to be understood by another human being because the communication is not me being a vessel that God is speaking through to communicate to another person, speaking in unknown tongues is me talking to God not to people. When I speak in a diverse tongue ... are you catching this? Lift your hand, wave at me if you're catching this, I don't wanna confuse you, okay?

Kevin Wallace: When you speak in diverse tongues, the Holy Spirit is speaking through you to somebody in another language other than the one you're used to speaking in. But when you speak in unknown tongues, you are not talking to other people for God, you are talking to God for you. It's what happens most of the time when people get baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Kevin Wallace: When people get baptized in the Holy Spirit most of the time, not all of the time because that too is a very clear indicator that sometimes people get baptized in the Holy Spirit and begin to immediately speak in the diverse language. But most of the time, say, "Most of the time."

Audience: Most of the time.

Kevin Wallace: Most of the time, the time baptism of the Holy Ghost results in the speaking of unknown tongues, why? Because God is trying to fill you and I with the ability to have conversation that is intimate and untappable. Have you ever been speaking in tongues and someone looked at you like, "What language is that?" And you just wanted to go, "I ain't talking to you." Right? Come on. When you pray in the Spirit, when you speak in unknown tongues, your neighbor isn't supposed to understand what you're saying, because you're not talking to your neighbor. And you act like English is the only language God speaks. But He ... How do you say He speaks in Spanish?

Speaker 3: [foreign language 00:28:02].

Kevin Wallace: Yes, yes, si, in Espagnole. And He ... hallelujah. And he speaks Latin, and He speaks Chinese and God speaks mandarin. And the reason some people don't believe church people out to speak in tongues is they think God only speaks their language. And since He only speaks their language, He would never do something they couldn't understand when you are so limited in how you see your God.

Kevin Wallace: You know what the reality of it is? There are precious people who don't speak in tongues because they are scared and I've been there. There are precious people who don't speak in tongues because they're growing in the knowledge of it, but then there are precious people in the church who just need an attitude adjustment and need to stop acting like God can't do that.

Kevin Wallace: God can speak in whatever ... if He can make the donkey who speaks hee haw speak Hebrew, He can make you speak in a new language. Certainly you're not going to say you're more stubborn that a donkey. If he can help a donkey see the way, how many know He can work through us too, come on somebody. So, I gotta hurry, I gotta hurry. Oh yes, I gotta hurry, oh yes, I gotta watch, stay focused Wallace, watch.

Kevin Wallace: There are four principle functions of speaking in tongues. Take out a pen and write this down, write it on your phone, iPad, write it on your neighbor's forehead, whatever you do, don't miss this, okay. Four principle functions of speaking in tongues, praying in unknown tongues, I should say, okay? Four principle functions of praying in unknown tongues. Number one, there are edifying tongues, say edify.

Audience: Edify.

Kevin Wallace: Why should I pray in unknown tongues? First of all, I want you to know this, I'll say this very very ... I don't say this with any sort of rapport or any sort of [inaudible 00:30:01] intent. I'll say this like Paul said it in the book of 1st Corinthians, I pray in tongues every day of my life. It's how I survive. It's how I keep the victory, it's how I keep my mind clear, it's how I stay in the spirit, okay?

Kevin Wallace: Praying in tongues every day is edifying. It's just one chapter in Jude, go to Jude 20, can you put that up on the screen for me Chad? Somebody at the back, wonderful wonderful volunteers back there. Jude 20 says, "Building yourself up in your holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit."

Kevin Wallace: Now I want you to understand that Paul always the lineage between praying in the Spirit and praying with understanding, the reason he does this is so that when he says pray in the spirit no one can say, "Well that just means praying with passion and fervor," no. Praying in the spirit means you're praying in tongues, okay? Paul said, "I will pray in my spirit and I will pray with understanding, there are two different ways to pray and both are permitted and encouraged.

Kevin Wallace: When it says, "I will pray in my understanding, it means I open up my mouth for I speak in my heart words that I understand. So whenever we come into the house of the Lord and we say, "Father today we pray for your grace and mercy to be upon this house, we pray today you would heal the sick and save the lost." When we do that, we're praying with our understanding. But there is a different kind of prayer that Paul encourages us to engage in and it's called praying in the spirit.

Kevin Wallace: Praying in the spirit means praying without the ability to understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. Now, watch this, when you pray in tongues, the first thing I want you to see is that it is edifying, say edifying.

Audience: Edifying.

Kevin Wallace: It builds you up. I totally believe this, which is one reason why I'm teaching this message today at the 1st of the year. I totally believe one reason there are so many people in the kingdom of God that are addicted to other people holding them up, is because they haven't figured out yet how to produce their own good days. You can actually produce a good day by yourself, you don't have to have 45 people come and give you a word and lift you.

Kevin Wallace: And you know the problem with this is everything works well until somebody you're depending on lets you down. The problem is this, if they let you down, they should have never been holding you up in the first place. You actually can better your day by praying in tongues in the morning when you wake up. I know this sounds crazy, I'm just telling you what is the truth. Praying in the spirit is like a snow [pro 00:32:46] which by the way I receive the two to four inches that are on the way this week, I've already bought a sled, come on somebody, I've got my gloves out, yes. I declare that it's gonna snow in the name of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Praying in tongues is like a plow that pushes out the mess the enemy intended to clog your day up with, right? You say, "Pastor, when I pray in tongues, is it supposed to loud or quiet?" It's just supposed to be a conversation with God. There are times I walk into a place and I have a very important meeting, happened just last week. And I don't know what to do in the meeting. Have you ever been in a room you know you don't deserve to be in, but you gotta go because you're supposed to be there? And you just walked in with your hand in your pockets [foreign language 00:33:35]. You say, "Pastor, is that what you do?" Every day of my life. Why? Because the more i stay in the spirit, the more I unlock what I don't know. I'm gonna get to that in a minute.

Kevin Wallace: Edifying, how many want your day to be built up? How many want your life to feel stronger? How many want to have ... listen I'm not talking about not having bad days, I'm talking about knowing what to do when they come. You gotta learn how to pray in the Spirit because when you pray in the Spirit you build your faith up, you actually give yourself a lift. Com on slap your own self and say, "Give yourself a lift."

Audience: Give yourself a lift.

Kevin Wallace: It's the Spirit of God praying for you through you. Catch that. The Holy Spirit will pray for you through you. Number two, I gotta hurry, I gotta hurry, chicken people are getting ready to go. Number two, number one, edifying.

Kevin Wallace: Number two, tongues can be glorifying. Acts 10, "They began to speak with tongues and glorify God." There's something beautiful about ... watch this, don't miss it. It's in I Corinthians 13. Paul says, "I will pray in the spirit. I will pray with understanding. I will sing in the spirit. I will sing with understanding."

Kevin Wallace: What happened today when Pastor Tony and Pastor [Jobin 00:34:57] ... by the way don't you love Pastor Jobin and Tony doing the entire worship department. I mean, we have the most amazing singers and Deven pranked them with that hat. I mean it was ... Jesus. We have the most amazing singers and musicians and for that I give God glory. And so what happening this morning was all the words were up on the screen and we're singing songs that we understand. But, then how many know we made a move in one moment of worship?

Kevin Wallace: And we started hearing people sing in tongues. What was happening? We were glorifying Jesus in the unknown tongue. It was a heavenly language. Some of you are like, "I don't understand. What are they saying?" It ain't about you. If God wanted you to understand it, He wouldn't have did what he did with our sweet lady who gave a tongue, an interpretation. But some of the worship we give Jesus is just so deep and personal, it cannot be intimated with English. It has to go beyond, and go deeper, and go further and so it comes out in beautiful worship tongues.

Kevin Wallace: Number three. So number one is edifying tongues, number two is glorifying, number three clarifying tongues . Man, I've gotta hurry, Romans 8, go there real quick. Romans 8, I want you to look at this. Chad can you please put verse 20 ... I believe 26 up on the screen. Romans 8:26, I gotta teach this real quick and we gotta go. Okay, Romans 8:26, "Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness." Why would you not want the Holy Ghost when the bible just told you He's the one that helps you in your weakness? Everybody's like, "I don't know if I wanna go. I don't know if I wanna do that. I don't know if I need the Holy Spirit." Read the bible. He didn't come to torment you or terrorize you, He came to help you.

Kevin Wallace: It's so funny to me, there are people that come here once a month 'cause they can't handle all this Holy Ghost stuff, I ... right? "I'm gonna go down there and get my one little fix for the month." The reason your month is so screwed up is because you didn't get enough. Come on back next Sunday and get some more. Well do you need the Holy Ghost to go to heaven? I need the Holy Ghost to go to the [pindly 00:37:01] windly. The Spirit of God is not a tormentor. He is a blesser. The Spirit of God is my helper. He didn't come to freak me out, He came to bring me over and to take me in. We gotta fix this in the church.

Kevin Wallace: How in the world did the Spirit of God get such a bad rep. He is not spooky or crazy, He is God in spirit and I'm telling ... oh, my God, when you touch Him and He touches you, you will never be the same again. He will do for you what a phone booth did for [crosstalk 00:37:35]. My God, I feel like preaching in here. I don't tolerate the Holy Ghost, I need the Holy Spirit. I want him in my life. When I cry myself to sleep, it is the Holy Ghost that lifts my head and gives me joy. I need more of God in my life. Oh, I feel Him on me right now, hallelujah.

Kevin Wallace: One reason we don't wanna Him in church is because he'll mess up our plans and our programs and our little strategies. And I'm telling you baby I threw that out the door a long time ago. I found out when you walk with the Holy Spirit and you do what He tells you to do, He'll open up a door no man can shut, He'll bless you coming in and He'll bless you going out. He'll bless you in the city, He'll bless you in the field, He'll bless your children, He'll bless you marriage, He'll bless your business, He'll bless your life, somebody that knows what I'm talking about give God praise. [Foreign language 00:38:39].

Kevin Wallace: Jesus, there, okay, somebody just take a 10 second prayer meeting here, raise up your hands and pray, I need you Holy Ghost, I need You Spirit of the living God. I don't just want you, I need you, I've gotta have you in my life. I refuse to preach, I refuse to sing, I refuse to be a church that cannot let the spirit of God show up and do whatever He wants to do. I'm so sick and tired of thinking, "We're God." We're not God, He is God and I want Him to have His way in this house. Somebody worship the Lord with me, hallelujah, hallelujah, let me get to ... Lord Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: Romans 8 [foreign language 00:39:40] hallelujah, "It is the Spirit that helps us in our weakness." Watch this, take notes and get this. "For we do not know what we should pray for." How many have ever been right there? Lift your hand. If you've ever not known what to pray for? How many are dating in here, daters, single people? All the single ladies, all the single brothers, lift your hand? You need this if nobody else does. There are times you don't know what to pray for.

Kevin Wallace: There are times when your flesh wants somebody that your spirit says, "Uh-huh (negative) Jane. Nope" The most spiritual things some of you can do this morning is put on your Reeboks and run, get away from it. That warning flag you got and caution light you're feeling and that check on the inside is not pizza, it's God trying to tell you, "Don't you make the biggest mistake of your life."

Kevin Wallace: There are times you don't know what to pray for. There are times I had to pray in the spirit over, "Lord is this thing with Deven your will." Why? 'Cause my flesh wanted her turn. I'm not being weird, I'm telling you. I thought she was hot. You all not have to say, "Amen." I know that felt weird, but I'm just telling you what I was living you. I mean I thought she was fine, and my flesh wanted that, but my spirit.

Kevin Wallace: See, you got to be willing to let the Holy Ghost get involved in your decision-making, so that down the road, what you were initially attracted to ... Oh y'all not seeing this thing with me. Sometimes you gotta know that God's got some thing in store for you, and you might miss it if you're being led by your flesh. But if you follow the spirit, he's not just helping you make a good decision now, he's got something good for you down the road.

Kevin Wallace: So there are times I don't know how to pray. So when I don't know how to pray, the spirit helps me how. By himself making intercession for us, through us. [foreing language 00:42:08]. What I'm doing when I'm praying in the spirit is for me, but it's happening through me. And how does the spirit pray for me through me with groanings and utterings that cannot be uttered. It's have you ever heard someone wailing?

Audience: Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: Have you ever been so full of something, you didn't know what to do, you just had to, "Ooh."

Audience: Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: Amen, I'm telling you right now, them old saints I was raised with, they were, "Ooh." And when they started doing that it didn't take 45 minutes to get a, "A prayer will Anita baby." All it took about three mourns, "Ooh." And some filled the room, do you all know what I'm talking about?

Audience: yeah.

Kevin Wallace: So you have the spirit of God. There are moments ... watch this, don't miss it. You have moments when you come into a situation you don't know how to pray for, "Okay?" There are times when you're not looking for some answers, there are times you just want to be intimate with God, and you just pray in the spirit out of intimacy. There are other times when pray out in the spirit because you need an understanding that you can't get in our flesh. Yes, it kept them, that's exactly right, it kept us alive.

Kevin Wallace: Watch this, when you pray in the spirit, and the spirit prays through you, you don't know how to pray or what to pray, but the spirit praying through you knows what to go take care of. Now watch this 'cause I wanna show you something that we always pulled out of context. All right watch this, so we don't know what to pray, so we pray in the spirit. Now watch this, look at the next verse 27. Please let's start there, okay great praise the lord.

Kevin Wallace: "Now he who searches the hearts." He, somebody say, "He."

Audience: He.

Kevin Wallace: "He who searches the hearts," who is that? That is God's Spirit, "Knows what the mind of the Spirit is. Because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God." When you pray in tongues, when you pray in the Spirit, God says, "I don't want you to worry that you're praying for the wrong thing." 'Cause when you pray in the spirit, you are praying according to the perfect mind of God. And when you pray in the Spirit, the perfect will of God is bing prayed and decreed and declared over your life. How many are gonna pray in tongues more now? Why?

Kevin Wallace: Because you take the guess work out of it, when you let the ... Because you and I praying in our understanding, that's in order. But we can only see what's up the road, the Holy Spirit sees what's around the corner. And when you pray in the Spirit you begin to tap into the omniscience of God. I'm not talking about mind-tapping, I'm talking about, "You begin to pray in the Spirit, and the Spirit of God is the one who knows the end from the beginning. He already knows the future. Is this helping anybody today?

Audience: Yes.

Kevin Wallace: So when you pray in tongues, the Spirit of God is praying for you through you. And watch this, go to the ... No, no that's it. "Now we know He who searches the hearts knows," he knows. Go back to verse 26, I wanna show you this. 26, "For we do not know." See that, everybody see that? "We don not know." Next verse 27, "He knows." Now go to the next verse, "And now we know."

Kevin Wallace: You all didn't see that. I don't know. But I pray in the one that does know. And when I get through praying in the one that does know I walk out of my prayer closet saying, "Now I know that all things work for Deven." I feel my help coming on me right now. All things work together to Deven for the good to them that Love God, and those who called according. I didn't know this 30 minutes ago, but now that I've been in touch with God, I've got a feeling everything is gonna be all right.

Kevin Wallace: Slap three people and tell them, "Neighbor I know. I don't know if you know it, but I know that all things are getting ready to work together for my good." I was losing sleep, but now I've got a peace that passes understanding. Slap your neighbor and tell him, "Neighbor pray in the Holy Ghost." Hallelujah. I feel victory jumping up on me, inside of me right now. Oh God. I'd call this glorifying tongues. Number one is edifying, number two is glorifying, number three is clarifying.

Kevin Wallace: And the fourth one and I'm done, declassifying tongues. I'm getting ready to break it down. Have you ever heard about something that was declassified. It was top until they decided that what the information in the top secret file couldn't not be accessed and made available. And I've just came to tell somebody today, God os looking for somebody on planet earth that will love Him and get close enough to him. Not just the mesmerized by the miracle. Not just be caught up in the cloud, but to get that somebody who will walk into the secret place of the Most High.

Kevin Wallace: And when you get here, stay long enough for the Lord to declassify some secrets and some mysteries. The word is roaming to and fro, creation is groaning for a manifestation of the sons of God. And God is looking for a people who will say, "I want you more than I want anything else. I need you. Holy Spirit speak through me," and he will declassify. He will declassify [foreign lannguage 00:48:51]. There is a reason nations of the earth are in bondage. It's not because Jesus isn't Lord, 'cause he's Lord. Nations are in bondage, because they're waiting on a manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.

Kevin Wallace: And in order for us to shake ... do you know that nations can be turned in a day. The Bible says, "Nations can be turned in one day." How? Somebody has got to access God's heart, find the secret, open up their mouth and declare the word of the Lord. And nations can turn to God. I'm telling you, I'm feeling this right now in my spirit as I'm talking. I believe this nation is not in need of a political upheaval. Don't make me walk around here.

Kevin Wallace: I believe this thing, it's more than a social revolution. I believe there is a spiritual dearth in our land. And it's not because we don't have access to the sermons. There is more technology providing access and accessibility to sermons than ever before. I don't just need a sermon, I need a word from the Lord. I need God to help me crack that thing. I need the Spirit of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: There is a spirit over Washington D.C. that is not gonna backup because we got a ministerial file number, a ministerial budge and a bottle of oil in the front of this church. There is a spirit that is only going to move when somebody redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, steps to the forefront under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and said, "I've been God and I heard him say, "Thus sayeth the Lord." I'm through preaching.

Speaker 5: [foreign language 00:50:30].

Kevin Wallace: Thank you Holy Ghost.

Speaker 5: [foreign language 00:50:30].

Kevin Wallace: Jesus.

Speaker 5: [foreign language 00:50:30].

Kevin Wallace: Jesus. [foreign language 00:50:30]. Holy Ghost speak to us today. Common pray for the interpretation. Spirit of God speak to this house.

Speaker 6: I will break every bondage here. I shall break every bondage. My hand is not short that I can't save. I will pull down every strong hold.

Audience: Yes.

Speaker 6: [crosstalk 00:50:31]. It is not beyond my control. I have not lost control. I am the God of [inaudible 00:50:59]. I am the God of this world. I will turn things around. I will heal [inaudible 00:51:00]. If I [inaudible 00:51:00]. I will hear from heaven. I will answer their prayer and I'm God who's right [inaudible 00:52:01].

Kevin Wallace: Somebody worship the Lord in here. [foreign language 00:52:06]. I need somebody to give God praise. Somebody worship the Lord Jesus. [foreign language 00:52:23]. Stand with me all over this house. [foreign language 00:52:27]. Lord, oh Lord. Somebody worship Jesus. The Holy Ghost is moving in this house right now. [foreign language 00:52:50].

Kevin Wallace: Listen, let me teach this. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14, he said, "When you pray in unknown tongues, you're unlocking, your speaking and declaring the secrets of God." Things that this earth and the flesh that I sin us could never know. When you begin to pray in the spirit, you begin to unlock it. Have ever needed God to give you direction and you couldn't find it up here. But you begin to pray in the Spirit and all of a sudden a few minutes later, or maybe an hour or two later a thought just came to you. Somebody say, "Where did that thought came from?" It came from when you unlocked it an hour early. It just took God a minute to get it to you.

Kevin Wallace: I'm telling you some of us have been operating in the flesh. And we know how, and we know when, and we know what. But God is saying, "There are some things in this earth today that the flesh cannot solve. It's going to take revelations from the Holy Ghost. And in order tap into revelation, you gotta go beyond man's wisdom. And you gotta tap into the heart of the Father." I just wanna take a few minutes before we leave, lift our hands and begin to pray in the Spirit all over this place. Some of you are gonna be baptized in the Holy Ghost right now.

Kevin Wallace: I believe with all my heart God said he's gonna baptize people in the Holy Spirit, you're gonna begin to speak in unknown tongues. You not even know how, you don't even know what you're saying, but you're getting the revelation today that it's not about your mind knowing what. It's about your spirit touching the heart of God. God is spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Common turn your volume up Zion, turn your volume up. [foreign language 00:54:27].

Kevin Wallace: Common somebody hold on to God while you're praying. [foreign language 00:54:56]. Drive into the Lord. [foreign language 00:54:59]. Pray in the spirit. [foreign language 00:55:12]. Pray in the spirit. Somebody's soul is catching fire right now. Pray in the spirit, [foreign language 00:55:17]. Somebody is burning off the dross, burning off the complacency, burning off the apathy. Your fire is coming back to life, receive the Holy Spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit, in the mighty name of Jesus.[foreign language 00:55:43]. Fresh fire, common on worshipers, the fire of God. Common fire, oh. Pray in the spirit [foreign language 00:56:06].

Kevin Wallace: "Should I marry him, should I marry her?" God said pray in the spirit. "Should I take that business deal, should I buy that house?" Pray in the spirit. [foreign language 00:56:36]. I want some people who need God to fill them with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost, get to the altar right now throw your hands up. The Spirit of the Lord is being poured out. Right now, flock to the altar. I need a fresh filling of the Holy Ghost, come on. If you gotta go [inaudible 00:57:08], we'll see you Wednesday night. But somebody needs God, get to the altar. Get to the alter. Hallelujah, [foreign language 00:57:36].

Kevin Wallace: Pray in the spirit church. [foreign language 00:57:36]. I need fire God. If you need the fire of God's presence, get to the altar right now. I need fire God. I need fire. I need your presence Jesus. I need people to lift their hands up and begin to pray in the spirit again. [foreign language 00:58:11]. Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Living God. Fresh fire. Anoint her. Oh. Fresh fire. Anoint her Lord. Anointing of Holy Spirit. Anointing of Holy Ghost.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody lift our voice. Anointing. Oh fresh. Touch, touch, oh, Jesus. Jesus. Fire, Jesus. Touch. Jesus, fresh, oh. [foreign language 00:59:13]. Fresh fire, fresh fire. Somebody lift your voice, the Lord is breaking through. Fresh fire. [foreign language 00:59:37]. Fire of God. [foreign language 00:59:47]. He's breaking chains. Yes. Somebody lift your voice and worship. Somebody lift your voice and worship.

Speaker 4: (Singing).

Kevin Wallace: [foreign language 01:00:14]. Her drought is coming off. Lose them. A drought is coming off. Loose her. A drought is coming off. Loose, Loose. Bless this ma of God. Bless him. Oh God. [foreign language 01:00:40]. Lift your hands [crosstalk 01:00:46]. Use them, use them. Bless somebody. [foreign language 01:00:51]. Bless somebody with the anointing. Bless her Jesus. Bless her Lord with the anointing. Oh, with the anointing. [foreign language 01:01:15]. Bless her God.

Kevin Wallace: Break. Fire in the name of Jesus. [crosstalk 01:02:35]. Bless him God. Bless him God, with the fresh anointing. Bless him. Bless him. Fire of God. [foreign language 01:01:59]. Bless him sweet Lord. Bless your daughter. [crosstalk 01:02:05].

Kevin Wallace: Lord of the breakthrough. Sing Pastor Tony.

Speaker 4: (singing).

Kevin Wallace: Somebody declare it. We worship you. Somebody lift those hands. Lord of the breakthrough. (singing) Somebody lift those hands and worship Jesus. (singing).

Kevin Wallace: Pastor Jason and Sarah, come here. In fact those of you within him who just wanna leave this place today, and enter into this new assignment with a fresh anointing, come following right now. [foreign language 01:04:47]. Just line up right across the front. Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit. I want you to start praying in the Holy Ghost for him right now. Common. God's gonna give him a blessing. God's gonna give him a blessing.

Kevin Wallace: God anoint his team, anoint his team today. [foreing language 01:05:10]. I hear the Holy Spirit saying to me, "I'm going to roar in Rome. There's a roar coming out of Rome, Georgia. The King of Glory is gonna roar in Rome Georgia." Lift your hands church. I'm just gonna walk right past and bless everyone of you. But I'm gonna start with your pastor. [foreign language 01:05:59]. Jesus a fresh anointing. [foreign language 01:06:10]. I feel the anointing, I feel the anointing. What's your name?

Keith: Keith.

Kevin Wallace: Kevin, lift your hands up as high as you can. You take care of the anointing, and you take care of him, when he's under the anointing and God takes care of you. Oh, Jesus, [foreign language 01:06:32]. Fresh, fresh oil. Fresh oil, bless you. Bless you with a fresh anointing. Bless this team with a fresh anointing.

Kevin Wallace: Now Holy Spirit I [foreign language 01:06:43]. A fresh anointing, a breakthrough anointing on this house. Lord I thank you that and Rome chains of racism are falling. Chains of racism are falling, chains of religion are falling, break it. The spirit of the breaker on their lives, the spirit of a breaker. [foreign language 01:07:02], fresh oil, Lord of the breakthrough.

Speaker 4: (Singing).

Kevin Wallace: (Singing) Fresh oil, fresh oil, fresh oil. The flexibility to become a new wine skin. [foreign language 01:07:31]. Pray in the spirit church, something's happening in Rome, [foreign language 01:07:41]. Fresh oil, fresh oil, fresh anointing, chains breaking, chains breaking. Use him, Lord work through Him.

Kevin Wallace: (singing) Let the grace, let the grace manifest in him (singing). Pray in the spirit, pray in the spirit, pray in the spirit [foreign language 01:08:16]. Sir I don't know you, but you've been praying for God to show Hiss salvation and you wondered if you would see it there. Now, God's gonna let you see it. And you are not just gonna get to see it, you're gonna get to be a part of it. Jesus, fire of God, holy Jesus, holy Jesus, fresh anointing, fresh anointing [foreign language 01:09:08].

Kevin Wallace: I bless this team right now, I bless this team right now in the name of the Lord to have vision, to have spiritual vision, to have the ability to see what you are up to God. Give them the spirit Lord of Caleb and Joshua. [Foreign language 01:09:27] pray in the spirit, pray in the spirit. Yes, sir, you are unlocking something sir [foreign language 01:09:34] You are ready for this? Fire, the fire of God, the fire of God, the fire of God is coming on you now. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus fresh fire, Jesus, precious God, [foreign language 01:10:03] the anointing in you is greater than the resistance in the city.

Kevin Wallace: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I bless these people, I bless these people. "For you have seen this is the work of My hand and you have said it is marvelous in our sight," and God says, "You have just began. For in the days coming," saith the Lord, "Your eyes will see great miracles." And the Spirit of God says, "He is taking you." I see the Lord calling you, first your are on the shore, then you were at a shallow end and now God says, "You are swimming in waters that are over your head." Free, free, free, free Jesus [foreign language 01:10:53].

Kevin Wallace: Jesus, lift your hands church, lift your hands, lift your hands family come on, before we go. We bless you Jesus, we worship you Jesus. I pray over them now God. I prayer over Jason, Pastor Jason, Sarah, lack would never be their problem. I pray over them God that you will make them last to win souls. Give them strategies to disciple the harvest, give them the ability to raise up, train and release ministers of the gospel in their local church and around the world. May they measure their church not by how many they keep but how many they send in the Name of the precious Son of God.

Kevin Wallace: Now, God, like a sword, cut through the warfare, cut through the hindrances, open the doors God in the Name of Jesus. Let's all give Him a praise all over this house. We give You thanks Lord. You can stay and hover in it, linger just a little longer if you want. If the Lord touched your heart to give something to this man and woman of God in this church plant, I just want you to obey God. Give whatever God told you to give and if you don't know what He told you to give, give something generous. So that they can have the equipment they need to do what God's called them to do. We're going to bless them, this house is going to bless them, but I believe God's gonna work through our people to release good seed in a good soil, and we're gonna see God do something powerful in Rome, Georgia, how many believe that?

Kevin Wallace: Lift your hands in a receiving position family. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you, may the Lord be gracious unto you and may the Lord God give you His peace, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, everybody said Amen.

Audience: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: God bless you, I love you. Listen, if we have to cancel church Wednesday night due to snow, make sure you look at your emails and check out social media, we don't have a phone tree, but we'll get the word out of every way we know how. I love you, go in the peace of God today.