Thy Kingdom Come

During the Roman occupation the emperor played god to the oppressed Jewish nation. Religious traditions replaced spirituality and spiritual leaders became appointed by political connections. It was in this atmosphere that John the Baptist stormed through the scene, preaching “repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” God was not intimidated. He established his Kingdom right beside the gates of hell as Jesus died to rise as the King no king can stand against. The kingdom of God is built on vast territory, for “all the earth is the Lord’s” proclaims the psalmist. In this Kingdom the citizens are not identified by inferior identifications. They have no inferior ethnicity, race, or status, for they are all called children.

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Kevin Wallace: Some might say, "You seriously gonna preach? It's five 'til 12:00." Listen, I've been sitting on a stool for two weeks. I'm ready to holler for a minute.

Kevin Wallace: I want you take your Bible and go to Matthew 6. [inaudible 00:00:19], would you stand up? I want him to see that orange T on your shirt. I wrote a letter to the Kentucky Wildcat fans in the house, but the Lord convicted me from reading it. Good game, that's all I want to say. Good game, good game, good game.

Kevin Wallace: Matthew 6. Matthew 6. Today I want to begin a series that's going to take us all the way to Easter, could even overflow after Easter. I don't know, but this is not a new subject for this house if you've been here for any amount of time at all, at least annually. Often times, and most of the time, bi-annually you will hear me preach on the subject of the kingdom of God. It is the centerpiece message of this house when we, and we preach on, and we address a number of topics. But if you want to find out what makes this place tick, and what we're about, this is what we continually revisit.

Kevin Wallace: Some might say, "Well we've heard you preach on the kingdom." Jesus often preached what everybody had heard multiple times, 'cause just 'cause you heard it once didn't mean you caught it. One of the fallacies of education is that you address it once and you get it. Sometimes it takes reinforcing a thing before we ever hear and able to receive the revelation God is trying to give us.

Kevin Wallace: Every time we preach this, the measure of revelation of the kingdom grows in this house and people start understanding the kingdom as opposed to just church, 'cause if there's anything that the world needs, it is less of our churchy entity, and more of the kingdom of God. I want us to preach this for the next several weeks. I'm gonna talk straight, I'm gonna talk right down the middle, I'm gonna preach about the kingdom of God because the kingdom of God is the most preached subject of Jesus' sermon library.

Kevin Wallace: He talked about the kingdom more than he did anything else. I think we talk less about it than we do anything. We talk about principles, and we talk about how-to, and we talk about self-help, and we got so much screwed up stuff in the church because we have not preached the kingdom, and we have preached our own mechanisms. I'm gonna tell you, it will get back to talking about what Jesus talked about, he'll get back to doing what only he can do. Can you say Amen?

Kevin Wallace: Today, I'm just telling you right now, I'm preaching. I want you to go to Matthew 6:9 and 10. This is a two-scripture excerpt from what many call the Lord's Prayer, although I don't call it the Lord's Prayer. I believe the Lord's Prayer is found in the gospel of St. John when he prayed to the father that we would be one as he, and the father were one. That's really the Lord's Prayer. This is the model prayer where he is trying to teach his disciples who are inquiring how do we pray? Teach us to pray.

Kevin Wallace: Jesus said, "This is how you should pray." He doesn't give them a formula. He gives them an outline of what prayer should consist of. But tucked within the content of the prayer is one of the most profound revelations that I think that can ever be discovered by the people of God, because Christ is here telling us that we can actually tap into and be a participant in the coming and the demonstration of the kingdom of God.

Kevin Wallace: I want you to see this today in Matthew's gospel. I'm gonna ask for a little bit more monitor if I could from the sound man. I'll pay you for it if I have to. Look at Matthew 6:9 and 10. Thank you. In this manner therefore pray, "Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." I want to begin a series this morning called Thy Kingdom Come.

Kevin Wallace: How many want the kingdom of Jesus to come and be demonstrated? How many know if America needs anything, it's a demonstration of the kingdom of God? How many can agree with me, we're not gonna die before we see it happen, but in our generation we're gonna see a demonstration of the kingdom of God? If you believe it, give God some praise in this house right now. Come on.

Kevin Wallace: I'm gonna ask you to stretch your hand and pray for me, and I'm gonna pray for you. Heavenly Father, I bless the people of God now with the spirit of wisdom and revelation. May the Holy Ghost open the eyes of their understanding, may their ears be open to receive the word of the Lord. I pray for those in this room who have a shut door, that you would be the one standing at the door, knocking, trying to get in, so today we're gonna let you in, Lord. We're gonna let you in to give us revelation and divine wisdom that is beyond our education or training. Speak to us, by the Holy Ghost, I pray in the might name of Jesus, and the people of God said Amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: The kingdom of God was the most preached subject in the sermon library of Jesus Christ. It was the good news of the kingdom of God that he preached in his first sermon, his last sermon, and everyone he ever called or commissioned. He told them to preach the good news of the kingdom of God. The message of the kingdom was revolutionary in its content.

Kevin Wallace: Imagine with me, Israel in the day of Jesus. She was roughly a nation of 500,000 to 600,000 people. Many who were poor peasants and farmers, who were tradesmen working for very meager salaries, sometimes working for no salary at all. Their families were nuclear and tight knit. They joined around the dinner table most every night. They all lived in a community together. They shared in the daily duties of housekeeping and farming. They lived with one another in love. If you know the Jewish culture at all, there was something special about the Jewish family, much that we could learn from the Jewish family in our day of separation and busyness. They understood the value of coming to the table together, and talking about life, and sharing the scriptures with their children, and talking about the word of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Under this Jewish life, in the day of Jesus, was this dark Roman cloud hanging over their head. They were a vassal state of Rome. For nearly 40 years, they remained a vassal state of Rome. After the death of Harod the Great, Rome decided that the territory of the Palestinians, or the territory of Palestine be divided among Harod's sons, and they would rule over each separate division as provincial rulers, still under Roman authority.

Kevin Wallace: The Romans lived and occupied in their land. Everything about this Roman occupation was hateful and resented by the Jews, from the oppressive taxes, to the physical abuse that they experienced at the hands of Roman soldiers. Then there was this very repugnant idea that the God of Rome, the leader of Rome, Caesar himself, was to be worshiped as a God. For a monotheistic people whose hearts were intent on worshiping Jehovah God alone, this was a disaster. It was the worst unimaginable context that the people of God, Israel could be living in.

Kevin Wallace: Then to further complicate the life of God's people, there is the religious scene of Jesus' day. It was frocked with all kind of hypocrisy. There was religious traditionalism everywhere. There were four different sets of people in Jesus' day that comprised the Jewish folk. It was the Pharisees and Sadducees, the Essenes and the Zealots, to Moses' 10 Commandments over 611 additional commandments had been given to the Jewish people.

Kevin Wallace: To complicate the matter worst, there were 400 years that the Jewish people have not heard the prophetic voice of God. There was no prophetic spiritual compass among the people of God. In fact, the high priest of Jesus' day really didn't get there because of spiritual appointment, they got there because of their political prowess, and their evil connection to Harod the King.

Kevin Wallace: We see a people that is living in a land that is full of sin and full of bondage, and they're locked up in religion, and there is no prophet, and it doesn't look like there's any hope for these people who are under the task master of Rome, and they are essentially slaves of the Roman empire. Then bursting onto the scene in that environment comes a prophet through the womb of a priest named Elizabeth and the son a priest named Zechariah, and his name was John the Baptist.

Kevin Wallace: Wearing camel hair, eating locus and wild honey, and preaching what the fire of God in his soul, he storms onto the scene that is surrounded by religion, and he says, "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. I want to tell you that the kingdom of God doesn't wait on prime circumstances before it is demonstrated because God understands that the potency of the kingdom can pierce through any darkness, and God will establish his kingdom at the very ground zero of hell's operation. God is never intimidated by darkness, God is never intimated by evil, God is never intimidated by the schemes and strategies of evil men. At the end of the day, someone [inaudible 00:11:01] said that our God is sovereign, he sits on an eternal throne, and he establishes his kingdom in power." If you believe it, say Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Bursting onto the scene came John the Baptist preaching the kingdom of God is near. When he began to preach the kingdom of God, men began to leave their identifications, they began to leave their pockets of preference, they began to leave their normal ways of living, and they would get born again. They would repent in a wildness, get baptized in a river, and they would come up walking in the newness of life as John preached the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: The reason he preached the kingdom is because the kingdom is now coming. The kingdom would now be demonstrated. It would be demonstrated in four different ways because if you understand anything about kingdoms at all, you know that there are four common components of every kingdom, regardless of the kingdom. Number one, there is the king. If you're gonna have a kingdom, you got to have a king. Number two is the territory. If you're gonna have a kingdom, you got to have a territory to rule over. Number three, you got to have citizens of the kingdom. Number four, you got to have a constitution and a law that governs the kingdom. God, I wish I had time today.

Kevin Wallace: When John the Baptist began to preach about the kingdom of God, this was a very different kind of kingdom. You might ask yourself, "Why would God come to establish the kingdom?" It is because that he always intended for the earth to have a demonstration of his kingdom. Adam messed that up in the garden. The original intent of God was that God would operate through the authority he delegated to a man named Adam and his wife. It's why God in Genesis 2 looked at Adam and said, 'Be fruitful and multiply. Take dominion and rule over everything that I put within your care."

Kevin Wallace: But you know the story. Adam and Eve were deceived and they fell through taking what was forbidden. In their taking the forbidden, they were robbed of the delegated authority that they had been given by God. The first Adam lost everything, but I'm glad that the Bible doesn't end with the first Adam. If you keep on reading, and you keep flipping through the pages of the word of God, you will find that the first Adam lost the authority, the first Adam lost his place, the first Adam lost his power, the first Adam lost everything that God had decided to give him.

Kevin Wallace: But in the garden, what was lost in Genesis 2 in one garden, there was a last Adam that came to another garden. Oh, I wish I had time to preach today about the last Adam. The first Adam lost it all, but the last Adam went to a place called Gethsemane, and said, "Father, if it be your will, let this cup pass from me."

Kevin Wallace: Sitting as a puppet king on the throne of the Jewish nation was Harod. Then you have Caesar, who had set himself up on the throne of Rome as a God. Then you have the high priest who were not really appointed by spiritual purposes, but they were appointed through political connectivity. Then you have this prophet named Isaiah, and he says something profound. In the midst of all of the kings of the earth, striving over the thrones on the earth, Isaiah said, "You're confused about the kind of king that God has in mind." Ah, the kind of King that God has in mind doesn't come through political connection, he doesn't come through payment, he doesn't come because he knew some people in a back room somewhere.

Kevin Wallace: No, no, no. Isaiah said, "If you want to understand the kind of king that is on the way, you got to look to virgin moon of a girl named Mary. For the Bible said a virgin shall give birth, and they shall can't his name Immanuel, meaning God with us. He shall be called wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, and the prince of peace, and of his rule and kingdom there shall be no."

Kevin Wallace: Today I came to preach about the king of our kingdom. You can't have a kingdom without a king. I just want to tell you that my king is not sitting in Washington. My king does not own a throne in Nairobi, Kenya. My king was born through a virgin womb. His name shall be called wonderful. He is the king of glory. His name is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Somebody give Jesus praise.

Kevin Wallace: I am thankful that I am living in a kingdom, and I have a king who is a very different kind of king than the kings of the earth. I was just in Washington this past week. I got a call to go to D.C. for the Justice Summit.

Kevin Wallace: I'm sitting in the room, and we're talking about justice, and we're talking about equality, and we're talking about rights, and we're talking about helping everybody and being the nation where everybody has a place. I believe that, that's why I went there. But I'm also sitting there thinking to myself, "This mess will never get unjacked up until we get a king on the throne."

Kevin Wallace: I want to tell you that we should live our lives and use all our energy to fight for justice, justice in the womb and justice outside of the room. But make no mistake about it, no matter who or how much you love them, every man or woman ever elected to a seat of authority will always fall short of the intent and heart of God, to demonstrate and manifest the kingdom that all of will find our purpose and place in. That is why you can never connect all your ducks to the party in Washington that you like the best. You don't have to say Amen, just sit up there and take it for a minute.

Kevin Wallace: They will always lie, they will always let us down, they will always fall short, but I'm preaching today not about a man who was voted in. I'm preaching today about a man who was born king. Whenever oh my God, whenever you look to Jesus he'll never let you down, he'll never lie ya. He's not the son of man that he should repent. If he said it, he'll do it. Can you say Amen?

Kevin Wallace: Our kingdom has a king. He's a different kind of king. He doesn't come in and pump in circumstance, riding on a steaming white stallion prancing down the road of Washington, D.C., telling everybody how powerful he is.

Kevin Wallace: Zechariah said, "Behold, our king comes to us riding on the back of a donkey. This isn't the kind of king that the world knows. It's why the princes of this world crucified him. Had they known he was the king, they would have never crucified the Lord. But they missed his kingship because he doesn't come in flexing his muscles, and doesn't come in wielding a sword. He comes in and says, 'Let the greatest among you be the servant of all.'" I'm telling you, this is a different kind of king.

Kevin Wallace: My kingdom has a king. He's the king of the Jew and the king of the gentile. Somebody asked me while I was in Washington this week, "What color was Jesus?" I said, "I don't know what color he was, but his blood was red. Because his blood was red and he spilled it on calvary, it makes no difference to me if he was red, yellow, black or white. He's the son of the living God. I will continually and forever bow my knee to his Lordship, heaven and earth will pass away, but his word will abide forever. To hell with racism. We need a revival of love in this nation, and it will not happen without the kingdom of God."

Kevin Wallace: I feel like running all the way to city hall. I feel the power of God in this room today. Stop your neighbor. Tell them we have a king. I don't know how far I'll get into this, the king is not your preacher.

Kevin Wallace: I went to Washington this week, and I went from the Justice Summit, and I was invited. A special group of people there, got an invitation to go to the White House, so I went to the White House. You say, "Why would you go the White House?" 'Cause it won't change unless I get in there. My God, we can't change it sitting in Chattanooga, but if ever get in there and start opening our mouth, and telling the ... You better help me preach it here today. This thing ain't gonna change while we got media moguls and sports people talking about their different Gods, and the preachers are sitting in their office writing books and not talking about it. This thing will only change when kingdom people open up their mouth and talk about the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: This is what you get when I sit on a stool for two weeks. I'm about to blow up on the inside. I've been carrying this thing all week long. I've been preaching to myself in the bathroom. I feel I done [inaudible 00:21:09] myself, it was so real. I'm telling you God is good. We got a king. If you try to put Jesus in their seat, and in their context, it don't work so well. It's why you got to be careful who you glorify, church.

Kevin Wallace: I went into the White House and Vice President Pence walked in the room. When he came in, he had his body guards, the Secret Service. Jesus never had a Secret Service. It's amazing how many preachers have a secret service.

Kevin Wallace: Now I believe in security, and there are some crazy people that don't like me, so I have Chris, and other security brothers in this house, and they are trained in how to protect people. Why do you do that? 'Cause I care about you, and I want to live to be 120 like the Bible said I could. I'm not gonna let some moron who has a demon try to do something stupid that'll get us all in a mess, that's why. But some people, some preachers don't act much like the king. You can't be a shepherd if you don't smell like sheep. You are more untouchable than Jesus the son of God was.

Kevin Wallace: He came in and I could tell they're loaded. I mean, these guys have guns. I'm sitting there listen to a person told me this is the second most powerful man in the world. I said, "Who's the first?" They said, "You know who? President Trump." I said, "My God. If the preacher thinks the most powerful man in the world is the president of the United States, we don't have a kingdom revelation." Y'all not hearing me. I know women around the road, their hair up curlers, and walking in night gowns through their neighborhood praying in the Holy Ghost that are far more terrifying than the gates of hell, than an elected politician. Do you hear what I'm telling you right now?

Kevin Wallace: Do I believe we ought to pray for our president? Absolutely. Do I believe we ought to keep our mouths shut on hurting men and women of God, and those that stand for righteousness? We are not talking about people, but my God, don't ever forget that those who are citizens in the kingdom of God have authority that is not of this world. It is greater. We have a king. You can't have a kingdom without a king. Jesus is the king of our kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: Well, if you're gonna have a kingdom, you not only have to have a king, you have to have a territory. The territory of the kingdom is found in Psalm 24, "The earth is the Lord's." Well Brother Wallace, the earth is so and so. Nope, the earth is the Lord's. That's why when I got to Washington on Tuesday, I called Deven. I told Deven, I said, "The Holy Ghost ..." I was cooking steak at the house, and we had stuff on the grill. The Holy Ghost got on me, and I started praying in the Spirit. God said, "I want you to go to Washington a little early and I want you to walk around an pray."

Kevin Wallace: [inaudible 00:25:02], pray here. He said, "Nope. I want your feet to get on the property." Well how do you want that, Lord? 'Cause everywhere the sole of your foot touches belongs to you. I got there early, and got off the plane, and got on the little metro. I got my hat on and my little ... I'm just chilling. I'm walking all over the Supreme Court, and the bodyguard's there, and the police mens, they looking at me 'cause I'm not talking in English. I'm not trying to 'cause a scene, but God doesn't care if you 'cause a scene when the glory gets down on you. I didn't do it to 'cause a scene, but I couldn't help but 'cause one.

Kevin Wallace: Oh my [inaudible 00:25:46]. I'm just walking around praying in the Holy Ghost, and these people, they're on their radios. I just kept walking around. I don't know, I walked 'til my feet hurt around the Supreme Court. You say, "Pastor, what did God show ya?" He said, "Burn the spirit of witch craft coming against this court."

Kevin Wallace: You want to know how to pray? Burn the spirit of the witch craft coming against the Supreme Court. Demon spirits trying to take the [inaudible 00:26:13] of courts and pervert them. I hear the Lord saying, "I'm going to let the courts of America line up with the courts of heaven, and I'm gonna establish my righteous way," sayeth the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Then I got over to the capital. I said, "Lord, what do you want me to pray for here?" I'm walking around the capital. He said, "There are demon spirits of division." I started walking. Lord, I walked 'til my feet hurt. I'm walking, I bind every demon spirit of division, I bind it the name of ... I'm tired and I got a 7 o'clock dinner appointment, and I got to walk three miles to get there. I said, "The devil is a liar. I'm gonna Uber right now in Jesus name."

Kevin Wallace: Well, I went to Uber and there was no Uber available for 12 minutes. I didn't have 12 minutes to wait, so I thought, "As crazy as this is, I'm getting a D.C. cab." Oh, lamb of God. Somebody say territory. I'm tired, my feet are hurting, I got to get to a restaurant. I've been praying in the Holy Ghost for hours, I've been praying and taking authority. Just tearing it down. Come down in the name. I'm telling you, I felt victory get all over me.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody said, "Did you get ... " One of these people said, "Sir would you ..." They whistled. I must have looked like I was hurting. They said, "Do you want to rent a scooter?" I said, "No. That devil is a liar. I'm not getting on no scooter. I'm getting a Uber for the glory of God." No Uber, so I said, "I'm gonna get a cab."

Kevin Wallace: It was rush hour, I'm trying to get a cab, and no cab. Everybody's got a cab. This dude drives by, cab, nobody in it. I don't point at him, he points at me. He opened, he said, "You need a ride?" I said, "I need a ride." I get in, this is the truth before Jesus Christ. There is a song playing on the radio. Here's what he said to me, "Sir, I've been waiting on you all day long." I said, "You've been waiting on me?" He said, "I've been waiting on you all day long." He was from Nigeria. Yeah. Come on in here somebody. Chocolate and white chocolate. Hallelujah.

Kevin Wallace: He said, "I've been waiting on you all day long." He turned the volume up, and the song was singing this, "Let the anointing fall on me. Let the anointing fall on me." Power of [inaudible 00:28:53]. I'm telling you my feet stopped hurting.

Kevin Wallace: You say, "Pastor, what's the point?" My point is that when I'm in Chattanooga, I belong to him, when I get on a plain and go to D.C., I belong to him, and when I go to the different places we go to throughout the earth, when the brothers here go to Uruguay and they spread the gospel everywhere, our sole of our foot touches. It belongs to us. I'm telling you, God's not just God in our bedroom, he's God in your job, he's God on the mission field. The earth is the Lord's. He is the king of the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: When God sends us on an assignment somewhere, you don't have to wonder if he goes before you, 'cause wherever you're going, already belongs to him. You're not going to establish something, you're going to declare it's already done. That man was playing, "Let the anointing fall on me."

Kevin Wallace: I said, "Brother, what is this song?" He said, "Oh, God told me the next person that was gonna get in the car. I had to play this song." I said, "Brother, where are you from?" He said, "Nigeria." He said, "I believe." I'm getting ready to run right here. He said, "I believe in the miracle working power of Jesus Christ." I went like this, "Me too. I believe in the miracle working power of Jesus Christ. I not only believe in it, I am one. I'm a walking, living, breathing, moving miracle." Somebody take 10 seconds and shout. [inaudible 00:30:54].

Kevin Wallace: Territory. Every kingdom has one. God's kingdom simply says, "The earth is the Lord's." Everywhere you go, walk in there, and when they ask you, "Who do you think you are?" Just ask them, "How much time do you have?" What gives you the right to walk Washington, D.C. declaring revival is coming in my generation? What gives you that right? My daddy owns that piece of property. I ain't never been to my momma and my daddy's house and wanted to come in, and them not let me in, 'cause anything they've got, I got access to. Glory to God.

Kevin Wallace: We've got people sitting in churches scared to walk out of their house on Monday morning because they're afraid they're gonna encounter some kind of resistance. I want to tell you right now, instead of the saints being terrified, I think it's time for the devil to get a little nervous. Instead of you being scared to wake up in the morning, it ought to be hell that shakes when your alarm clock goes off, and your feet hit the floor, and you wake up and say, "God, thank you for one more day to terrorize darkness and to bring glory to you in my life."

Kevin Wallace: Will somebody shout one more time? I feel a shout.

Kevin Wallace: Territory. My God. Somebody said, "Why do you praise him?" I praise him because when she said Hallelujah, I felt it from the top of head to the bottom of feet. Hallelujah! Territory. This thing, look at it, study your Bible. It's always about the land.

Kevin Wallace: The fight is always about the land. All the way back to Genesis, the fight is about the land. There is always somebody standing on land that belongs to God and his people. There is always an attack trying to take the land. Why? Because Satan understands the power of territory. He went, "Come on in here, y'all."

Kevin Wallace: It's why Jesus took the disciples, put them in a boat, got them out on a a lake knowing in advance he was going to go through a storm. Why did he go through all that? Because there was a territory on the other side of the lake that belonged to the people of God. But there was some pig herders that were full of the evil, that had led to a man being demon-possessed by thousands of demons.

Kevin Wallace: Jesus knew, if I'm gonna free that territory, I got to free that man, because as long as that man has those demons living in that territory, that territory will never understand the power of God. But when Jesus stepped off the boat, he put his foot on the land. When he stood on that territory, the man full of demons ran up and fell down, and began to worship the Lord. The next time you see him, he is sitting down by Christ, clothed, and in his right mind.

Kevin Wallace: Before God delivered the man, the demon said, "Will you permit us? Don't kick us out of the territory 'cause we got to keep the land. Will you let us get into the pigs?" Jesus said, "Of course I will." He cast the demons out. They got in the pigs, and even the pigs didn't want to deal with the devil, so they ran up the side of he cliff and got freed. The territory.

Kevin Wallace: Why you saying all that? 'Cause you and I can't keep allowing enemy held territory. What are you saying Brother Wallace? I'm saying what Jesus said in Luke 19:13, "Occupy." Brother Wallace, we like it much better when you sit on a stool and you talk. I did it, but I ain't doing it today. Today, I came to holler and to preach right, and very clearly, that were not saved and born again to warm a pew. You are saved, washed from your sins, feared with the Holy Ghost, and given the word of God so that [inaudible 00:36:36] God, every morning you wake up, and walk out of your house, every step you take, you declare to the enemy this land belongs to God and his people.

Kevin Wallace: I'm almost done. I'm not gonna get finished today. Territory. Every single kingdom has to have a king, and a territory. What are we going to go out at Miller Park for, Brother Wallace? Heat and Lord, mosquitoes and what not, and Lord have mercy. The same people hollering grab their little seat and went to Riverbend ... I'm coming for you today. I'm coming for you today. Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: You know what, you'll go to Riverbend this year, and you'll listen to Brother Lionel Ritchie and melt the house down. I got nothing wrong with Lionel, he's one of my favorites. But if I could endure the heat and the skeeters for Lionel, I can wake up early on a Sunday morning, and grab my family, and get downtown, and open up my mouth and say, "Bless the Lord, on my soul," and all that is within me, bless his Holy." Why are we doing that? Because Chattanooga belongs to Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: There is a kingdom. Every kingdom has a king. Every kingdom has a territory. Your territory, your ability to take territory is as available and possible as your willingness to believe God can give it to you.

Kevin Wallace: Psalm 2:8, and I'm closing, "Ask of me," sayeth the Lord, "Ask of me and see if I will not give you the heathen for your inheritance." Some churches are satisfied having a great Sunday morning church service, I'm not. I'm telling you right now, I've been getting so stirred up I believe 2019 is a year of preparation, 2020's gonna be a year of explosion and expansion.

Kevin Wallace: Say, what does that mean, pastor? I believe we're gonna have more campuses than the one you're sitting in. Well I'm nervous. Don't be nervous. Don't be nervous. I done been through this before. This is where I'll be the rest of my life. This city. I built my house three minutes from here. I'll be here for the rest of my life, but I'm telling you right now, this place was called to be an epicenter. As God shakes through it, the reverberations in this house will shake a region. I believe this with all my heart.

Kevin Wallace: Why are you saying this? Because territory's important to God. Too many times in the church, we sit in our crystal cathedrals and our polished palaces. But I just believe God's raising up a tribe of people who are hungry, not just to have a great service on Sunday morning. They want to see entire regions turned upside down for the glory of God. Holy Ghost.

Kevin Wallace: I'm telling you this right now. In this last day, there's an apostolic thing happening in the earth. Listen to me very carefully, and I pray no one misunderstands the nature of what I'm getting ready to say, and I know what I'm getting ready to say could be misunderstood, but I want you to hear me very carefully. The Lord knows the purity in my heart when I say it. If we don't get divorced from our denominational myopic me and my church thinking, we will never see the fullness of the kingdom manifested in our generation, as long as it's y'all and us, them and us. Can't take territory when we're divided.

Kevin Wallace: I went to this Justice Summit this past week, and I heard a statement that I've heard at least 100 times in my life over my journey with Jesus. It was this, "The church hour on Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America throughout the week." I've herd it 100 times if I've heard it once. I sat there and heard it again. I've got sick at my stomach because what I want to say, "What have we done about it?" What have we done to fix it? We cater to our own preferences.

Kevin Wallace: I'm telling you right now, until the city knows how to have church with one another, and red, yellow, black, and white, and latino, and Mexican, and Guatemalan, and American, prejudice is innate in many of us. It means it's buried deep in our soul. We don't even understand that many times our hate, and racism, and prejudice is generational. I'm telling you, there's a kingdom move happening in the earth that the devil don't know what to do about it.

Kevin Wallace: I told you, I tweeted out about this, [inaudible 00:42:16] Facebook, whatever, got on Deven's nerves whatever it was. I did AncestryDNA for my Christmas present to myself. You should always buy yourself a gift for Christmas, in the case nobody else does. Which this year I got a nice gift, but I ordered AncestryDNA and I knew this. I knew that the majority of my DNA came from Scotland and Ireland. I knew much of it came from Europe, but I'm telling you right now, I had camp meeting when I found out that a part of my bloodline came from the Republic of Congo in Africa. This is a true story.

Kevin Wallace: I said, "Lord, I started looking at my family tree, and I got fourth cousins that are people of color." Now why are you telling me this? 'Cause I want to, 'cause some of you need to get over. Oh, I can't go there 'cause I want to preach my ... Let me go there. Just let me go there for a minute. I've got a few minutes.

Kevin Wallace: The third thing is the citizens of the kingdom. I'll finish this part next week, but I'm telling you right now, we got to stop being identified by inferior identification. I'm white, you're what many would call black, but neither of those are the premium identifier of our lives. I'm not white and you're not ... Before I'm white and before you're black, we're both brothers in the kingdom of God. There are people sitting in here who don't believe that. It's because you don't have a revelation of the kingdom yet. When you get a revelation of the kingdom, you can look in the mirror.

Kevin Wallace: I was born three blocks, raised three or four blocks from this building right here. People could look at me and have looked at me and say, "What good could come out of East Lake?" People could look at you and say, "What good could come out of your life?" Some of you may look in the mirror and you see yourself, and you may say, "You know what, my age is against me, my color is against me, my past is against me." What I want to tell you is citizens of the kingdom are not defined or identified.

Kevin Wallace: Sam Rodriguez and I, and several other pastors had a lunch meeting this week. Sam said something that was first wild. But the more I thought about it, it's remarkable. He's writing an entire article right now on getting rid of the term "minorities" in America. He said, 'cause Sam Rodriguez is Hispanic. He prayed at two inaugurations. He's a powerful man of God. But he's Hispanic and he said he grew up most of his life thinking that was a handicap, because people kept looking at him saying, "Sam, you're a minority." He said to me this past week, "Who am I a minority to? Just because there are more white people than there are Hispanic people, I'm a minority?" He said, "Which one of them prayed at the presidential inauguration?"

Kevin Wallace: It's a true story. You know what it is? For all of us, age, demographics, I want you to get to a place where you get so connected to a revelation of who you are in the kingdom that nobody ignorant walking on this planet trying to tell you, you can't because of who you are, and who your mom and daddy are, and the color of your skin. Listen, you've mess with me long enough, not only will I not be renting from you, I'll own your entire apartment complex. How do you know that? Because my daddy owns it all.

Kevin Wallace: I'm gonna say this and I'm through. Sometimes we fight for what's already ours. I believe God's gonna let us hear and receive some things over the next several weeks that are going to break off of us, limiting religious mindsets, and release us to be everything God ever called us to be. I'm gonna tell you right now, when you get a revelation of who you are in Christ, I don't care how much they hate and how many haters there are, they cannot stop you from being who God called you to be. If you know your God, you will be strong and do great exploits. I don't know about anybody else in here, but for the rest of my life I want to be dedicated to demonstrating a kingdom that everybody can belong and be significant and find their purpose in.

Kevin Wallace: One of the people in this meeting I was in, they looked at me and they said, "Pastor Wallace, we've watched your church from a distance, and we see a picture." I didn't say this. Now I've said this before, but not in their presence. They said, "It just looks sometimes like heaven on earth." I give God the glory for that, all the glory. But there has to be more of heaven on earth, because I believe this with all my heart, until the church can demonstrate to the world what heaven looks like, until the church can get its mess together, we have no prophetic right and no prophetic authority to stand and rebuke the division in our nation while it is as prevalent in the church as it is in the streets of our cities.

Kevin Wallace: If this house can't be a house of all nations for all people, every generation, every race, every culture, every person from every ... If it can't be that, then let's close the doors and go sell hot dogs, and chicken, and car insurance, because the kingdom of God is not me and my kind, it is everybody from every nation, every place, every race coming together finding their seat at the table of God's brotherhood.

Kevin Wallace: Every time I preach on the kingdom, I get into these waters, and I tick several people off. If you're one of them today, God bless you. I love you, but it ain't gonna change. We're gonna love in this house, and we're gonna demonstrate the kingdom in this place. We're going to see people from every single walk of life, every race, every col ...

Kevin Wallace: Pastor, you just said closing. I'm sorry. This is my heart, this is the heart of this house. I don't profess to have the greatest systems in my mind, I don't profess us to be the greatest program structured church, but what I do declare we're gonna be is a place for everybody. We're gonna love everybody, we're gonna welcome everybody. Our leadership is going to be diverse, our ministry is going to be diverse. It's going to look like a picture of heaven on earth. At the end of the day, all the glory is going to go to Christ Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: Stand with me, I'm through. What we've had a bunch of people saved already today, but the kingdom of God is not just getting people saved, the kingdom of God is getting people in their position and in their purpose. There is some precious saints in this place today. They love Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: How many have ever heard this phrase, "They have a kingdom mentality"? How many ever heard that phrase before, "That person has a kingdom mentality"? One of my dearest friends in this city is a young pastor doing amazing work here. They're pastoring an exploding church in this city, 10 miles from here. Tavner Smith in Vineyard Church, one of my dearest friends. When he came to Chattanooga ... You go call him and ask him if this is the truth.

Kevin Wallace: When he came to this city give years ago, I found out he was planning a church in Chattanooga. Spirit of God spoke to me in prayer one day and said, "Call him and take him to lunch." I called him, I said, "You don't know me, but I pastor a church in the city." He said, "I know you, I've heard about you. I was told to look you up when I got here." I said, "Oh God." I said, "I want to take you to lunch."

Kevin Wallace: I took him to lunch and sat him down at lunch. He had just come from a meeting with four preachers in this city. Two of them looked at him and said, "Why are you here? We don't need another church." One of them looked at him and said, "This ain't ever gonna work for you. You'll never get it off the ground." I looked at him I said, "You know what, terrorize hell in this city. Just give the devil fits." I said, "In fact, what can I do to help you." He said, "I don't have any chairs." This is a trust story. We went and bought him 250 chairs. Our church.

Kevin Wallace: You say, "Pastor, in this city? You mean you're not in competition?" See that's the kind of devil that keeps the church bound in all kind of religion right there. He's exploding. Difference campuses. Well he's competit ... See, you thinking that way reveals your lack of kingdom thinking. I want to be a kingdom man with a kingdom mentality.

Kevin Wallace: I just feel like today we need to pray for people to have a shift in their thinking. I feel like today we need to pray for our church to have a kingdom mentality. When you get out of your my church thinking into his kingdom, thinking you start thinking big things. If I started sharing with you what was on my heart, it'd scare you to death. Oh Brother Wallace, we can't do that. That's why I don't tell you, 'cause if you do, you'll tell me we can't, and God already told me we could.

Kevin Wallace: How many want to have a kingdom mentality. Will you lift your hands with me right now? Let me tell you something while your hands are lifted. The only way to get a kingdom mentality is to repent. Repent is often thought of as Lord, I'm sorry for sin, but sometimes repent, the Greek word metanoia means to change your mind.

Kevin Wallace: Lord, you see every hand lifted today. I want to have a changed mind. I want us to have a kingdom, [inaudible 00:54:58], a kingdom mentality. I want to think kingdom thoughts. Lord, I don't want to be locked into my kind and my preference, I don't want to be locked into a place or a room that keep other people out. I want people to be born again by the spirit of this room, and I want us to live and love like Jesus lived and loved.

Kevin Wallace: I pray that there would be something happen in Chattanooga that would bring such honor and glory to you. That when people drive on the interstate through this city, there would be such an expression of the kingdom being manifested here, that they have to pull off and find out. I pray that when they pull of the interstate and go looking for that church and revival, instead of looking for one, they find dozens and dozens. In fact, when they pull off the interstate looking for that multicultural church, that is full of love and miracles are happening, may it not be they come looking for one, or two, but may there be dozens and dozens manifesting, [inaudible 00:56:21].

Kevin Wallace: In this city, where Billy Graham took down the ropes of separation in his crusade, and said "There would no longer be a black section and a white section," God may it be a prophetic announcement to a nation, that red, yellow, black and white, yellow and brown can come sit together at the table of God's brotherhood and find communion in the presence of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Holy God, come on church, just [inaudible 00:57:02] life your [inaudible 00:57:02]. Spirit, do the work in this house. [inaudible 00:57:06]. Knit our hearts together, Holy Ghost.