Thy Kingdom Come: The Constitution of the Kingdom

If Christ is the King of the Kingdom, and we are its chosen citizens, then the Bible is the constitution. This constitution shows the heart of the King. This constitution gives us authority. This constitution hinges on “seek yee first the kingdom of God.” It often seems as though we are merely wanderers trekking through battlefields of the war waged against us, often grazed by its greatest weapon, fear. But we are not wanderers. We are citizens, and as citizens, we have the right to the Kingdom’s protection. The constitution declares the heaven has an army of angels who “shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” The constitution says that all day and all night angels are watching over us. The constitution promises that the King himself watches over us as we are sleeping.

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Kevin Wallace: I want you to stand with me quickly this morning. I want us to go right to the word of God. Hold your tithe and offering to the end. God gave me an instruction yesterday in prayer regarding the offering. That I'm not accustomed to giving, I'm not accustomed to receiving it like that, and I'm accustomed to giving it to you like that. Most people who've been here a while know that usually every Sunday we take one offering and we don't take a lot of time for it.

Kevin Wallace: God really began to deal with my heart yesterday out of the scripture about the kingdom. I wanna continue the same reason that we've been talking about the kingdom. Look at someone and tell them the kingdom is the message of this hour. How many believe that? I really believe with all my heart God is stirring up the revelation of the kingdom in the earth, because I believe God is sick and tired of churchy mentality. He's not sick and tired of the church, but he's sick and tired of churchy mentalities. Because if there is anything that can hinder the kingdom it's religion itself. I don't mean Islam, I mean Christian religion.

Kevin Wallace: Religion can become as much of a hindrance to the kingdom. In fact, I believe the enemy stirs up religious spirits. And they are as effective at hindering the progress of the kingdom sometimes as other principalities of power. It takes a real king discernment, and it takes a real willingness to embrace the opportunity that God is doing something and saying something in our generation that I think is a revelation of the ages. Jesus did not just come preaching how to get saved, he came teaching and preaching how to live in the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: We have a lot of people in the church who are going to heaven but they don't know how to demonstrate the kingdom of heaven while they are on their way. Jesus came not just to get us out of hell, he came to restore what Adam lost in the garden. Adam had authority and dominion, and an assignment but lost it all. Jesus went to a garden like Adam went to, what Adam lost in the first garden, Jesus went to another garden, and he submitted himself to the will of God, to the point that God gave him the authority to restore what first Adam had lost.

Kevin Wallace: I want you to understand today it is our assignment as sons and daughters to continue to embrace and demonstrate the kingdom of God in this earth. Jesus did not just save us, turn around and touch your pew, turn around and touch your seat. Feel that warm spot? That's not your only contribution to the kingdom. How many know we are called to do more than warm our pew? You all are not helping anybody. I said, how many know we are called to do more than warm our pew? Jesus saved us and redeemed us to operate in a kingdom mentality, and in a kingdom authority.

Kevin Wallace: I believe that the kingdom revelation and manifestation is in a crescendo right now. Anybody know what a crescendo is? A crescendo is a musical element. Can you show them what a crescendo is? That's a crescendo. Here we go Lebron, ready? That's what the kingdom is doing right now. It starts as a seed, God gives revelation to men and women of God to teach it, and the kingdom begins to ... One day it will crescendo and grow to the point that Jesus will return, and will establish his kingdom in such a way that the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God, and his prize.

Kevin Wallace: We are in the middle, and in the process right now of declaring something that is in a growth phase. The earth is groaning for a manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. Look at your neighbor right now and say, "Neighbor, that's you." Look over at your neighbor and tell them, "Neighbor, you look 10 pounds lighter." Come on, tell them.

Kevin Wallace: Listen, my friend, Andy Smith is here from iWorship Magazine. God bless you sir. Can we welcome him? He did an article on our church and what God is doing in this house. He's got some of those magazines, on the way out if you'd like to get one you can pick one up and see what God is doing in the kingdom. There is so much good stuff happening in the kingdom of God, and we are grateful for the friendship and partnership. Sir, we do love and appreciate you.

Kevin Wallace: Two places I want you to go, Psalm 119. Let me get my notes up here. Psalm 119, verse 89 and Philippians 3:20. Let's go to Psalm 119 first. Like Elizabeth Taylor told her ninth husband, "I won't keep you long." Psalm 119:89. I love the Lord, anybody love him? Let's read this text together, "Forever oh Lord, your word is settled." Come on let's read that together now, it's up on the screen, let's do it together. Ready? Read.

Kevin Wallace: Forever oh Lord, your word is settled in heaven. Let's read it one more time, get it in our spirit. Forever oh Lord, your word is settled in heaven. Go to Philippians 3:20, let's read this together. Philippians 3:20, for our citizenship is in ... How many know that right there will set enough people free if we believe it? Well, I'm an American citizen, I'm a Caucasian.

Kevin Wallace: No, first and foremost you are a citizen of kingdom of God. We are first and foremost citizens of the kingdom of God. Stop allowing people to identify you by an inferior citizenship. I'll take people off right that. We are not color blinded here. Jesus is not color blind. He created diversity, but how many understand that the conversation that's been happening in America is a divisive tool of the enemy to divide us into camps. Trying to tell us, that's the white church, that's the black church. That's the [inaudible 00:06:50] church.

Kevin Wallace: How many know that when it comes to the kingdom there is only one kingdom and we celebrate all of us, but we recognize we are all one, because of the blood, and I don't care what color Jesus' skin was, his blood was red, it was holy and because of his blood we are all family today.

Kevin Wallace: Look at your neighbor and tell him I love you. If you didn't mean it we are gonna have to call that the end of service. For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the savior the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in this series on thy kingdom come. I've talked about the king. I've talked about the citizens, and I've talked about the territory. Today I'm gonna talk about the constitution of the kingdom. Look at your neighbor and tell them the kingdom has a constitution. How many brought your Bible with you?

Kevin Wallace: Hold your Bible, turn it on. Lift it up. Say, "This is the word of God." The constitution of, I feel faith rising in me now. Say, "This is the word of God. The constitution of the kingdom of God." Say, "I am who it says I am." I can do what it says I can do. I can have what it says I can have. Today, I will hear the word of God, and I will never be the same again. If you believe that put your hands together and bless God for his word.

Kevin Wallace: Father help me to teach for the next few moments. I pray that you will give us the grace to receive this word. I thank you for the power of God that is going to attend this teaching and preaching in Jesus name, and everybody said amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Got to go. Here we go. We have been in this series on the kingdom of God, and it is my prayer that we are becoming less churchy and more kingdom in our thinking. Being less churchy and more kingdom in our thinking is easier said than done. One reason some people have an easier time accepting church than they do the message of the kingdom, is because church leaves people feeling like they are in control, and in power.

Kevin Wallace: The message of the kingdom always takes you back to the fact that it's the kingdom of God, he's the king, and we are not. In fact, one of the most difficult things for people like you and I who belong. Listen to me carefully, one of the great challenges for you and I in accepting the message of the kingdom is that we belong to a republic. We live within the framework of a democracy, and we are taught to accept and comprehend that our vote counts, our voice matters, and we are just as significant as the one that we voted in.

Kevin Wallace: Democracy is not how God operates in the earth. God never takes a vote to see what he ought to do. When you start to talking to people in a democracy, you go to places like Africa. You go to places in other nations of the earth, and you teach on the kingdom, brother they will follow the king all the way, even if it means they give up their life for him, because they are just thankful to be part of the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: You come to a place like our nation, and I'm thankful for democracy, because if you are not gonna leave in the kingdom a democracy is the next best way to live. The problem however is that God is not trying to find the next best for us. God has an intention to establish his kingdom on this planet through his people. His kingdom is not a republic or a democracy. I hate to tell us this, but we don't get a vote.

Kevin Wallace: I don't get a vote. Somebody asks me all the time, what do you think about this sin? What do you think about that sin? What do you think about that pastor, what do you think? What I say is, it don't matter what I think, because it's not my kingdom. As an ambassador of the kingdom I don't get to import my opinion on the conversation. As an ambassador I find out what the king says, and simply report to those listening what the king is trying to say. My opinion doesn't matter.

Kevin Wallace: One reason we have a problem with the kingdom in America, is because in America all of us have a voice and a vote. And we think we have a voice and a vote when it comes to being people in the kingdom. I want to remind you that it's his kingdom, it's all his stuff. He has all power. He's the one who has the first say, the middle say and the final say. The reality of it is, we have to decide if we want to be a part of the kingdom, we do not get to decide what the kingdom is going to do. It isn't our kingdom. It's his kingdom. So we did that.

Kevin Wallace: The king of the kingdom is Jesus Christ, he calls the shots. He owns everything and has all power. We, don't miss this, we are only in the kingdom, because according to John 15, he chose us to be. Our entrance into the kingdom of God was not based on our ability, our worth or if we could ever earn our way in. Our entrance into the kingdom of God was based solely on the love and the invitation of the king.

Kevin Wallace: It doesn't matter your creed, your culture, your color, your DNA, who your daddy is, who your mama is. The only thing that matters when it comes to the kingdom is can you surrender your life to the lordship of the king? His name is Jesus. He came to this earth to establish the kingdom that Adam lost. Now he says to men and women from all nations, places, races, faces, in order to be a part of this kingdom, all you have to do is say yes to the king.

Kevin Wallace: Now, the good news, and this is the greatest news I can tell you. God had a son, the son was the king, the king came to establish the kingdom, it's the kingdom of God. Most people don't want to be a part of a kingdom, because of the kind of the king that is king over the kingdom. The best news that I could ever tell you is that the kingdom of God has the most loving, the kindest, the most merciful, long suffering king that you could imagine. He's not willing that anybody should die before they become a part of this kingdom, but that all should repent and come to the knowledge of his love and goodness.

Kevin Wallace: This is the greatest king that you would ever know. There is no reason at all for you and I not to trust king Jesus, who is the king of this kingdom. The king is all loving, all good, all powerful. He is willing, this is good news here. He is willing to share the abundance of his riches and his inheritance. He is even willing to share his power with each of us, and he actually invited us to be a part of his kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: Now, how many know that before you or I ever said yes, I wanna be a part of that kingdom. How many know it would be good to know what the king believed about the citizens of the kingdom? Are you following me? Come on in here. Before I say, "I wanna be part of that country." I wanna know what kind of ideal that country has for its citizens.

Kevin Wallace: I don't wanna be a part of no country, where it treats its citizens like garbage. You all know I'm talking to nobody today. How many would agree with me, you don't want to be a part of a place that don't take care of its citizens. Well, before you and I ever signed up and enlist to be a part of a kingdom, it makes sense to know the heart of the king and his intention that he has in mind for the citizens of his kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: Many countries have articulated a constitution, for the express intent of providing a cultural framework for its citizens. The constitution of any nation or kingdom is given to create an expectation in the heart of its citizens, as to the kind of life they should expect to live while living as citizens in that kingdom. Every civilized nation on the earth that has ever existed and succeeded, has had some form of a constitution. Now, the United States of America has a constitution.

Kevin Wallace: The constitution that we have produces, listen carefully, produces a general expectation of the kind of life we should expect to live as citizens of United States of America. I don't know about you. America has a lot of flaws but I'm still thankful to be an American today. We've got a lot of work to do, but I'm grateful that we are at least a free country, and can worship God on a Sunday morning like this, and lift our hands up and praise the Lord. Anybody else thankful that you are free today?

Kevin Wallace: The United States of America created its own constitution to produce a general expectation that lies in the minds of its citizens. America's constitution begins like this, "We the people." The kingdom of God has its own constitution. Our constitution in America begins with we the people. How many know we the people have made we a mess? The constitution of America begins with we the people. The constitution of the kingdom begins with I the Lord.

Kevin Wallace: This book is God's constitution for his kingdom. In order to determine the kind of life we should expect to live as citizens in the kingdom of God, he gave us an entire book to articulate, and to clearly reveal what you and I should expect as citizens of the kingdom. If this book is nothing more than a book to you, if it's not the word of God to you. You will treat it just like another book that could collect dust on your shelf. And it can provide no life and no power for your living.

Kevin Wallace: If you believe you are a citizen of the kingdom of God, and that God really did come to earth through Christ to establish the kingdom, then this book has got to become more than chicken soup for the Christian sold to you, this book has got to become the constitution of your existence, and should define, and should articulate, and should create an expectation of the kind of life you and I are living while we are on this earth.

Kevin Wallace: I am not a citizen of America first. I'm getting ready to holler or something. I am not a citizen of America first. That's why some people are in the mess they are in. They believe that their citizenship in this nation is somehow the reason they are blessed or the reason they have nothing. My God I just got a breakthrough come. I wanna tell you that when you start living like a citizen of the kingdom, nobody who hates you can keep you out of what belongs to you if you know that your father owns it all.

Kevin Wallace: Washington doesn't own it all. The Republicans don't own it all. The Democrats don't own it all. The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof. I'm getting ready to offend somebody but I'm gonna tell you the truth because I love you. You are not broke because the politics in America are broke. You are broke because your mind is broke. If you ever stop thinking they can control you, and start living by faith, God will round these people up and bless you in front of them just to get the glory for it.

Kevin Wallace: I'm trying to help somebody. You get ready to come into a blessing. Well, what gave you the authority to say that? The constitution. Well, I wish I had three hours right now. I feel like preaching all the way down to city hall. I feel like standing up and hollering around for days. I feel like preaching until somebody's mind gets transformed. I feel like preaching until somebody changes the way they are acting. I feel like preaching until somebody recognizes that you are not just a popper trying to get to heaven, you are a citizen of the kingdom, you have authority in Christ.

Kevin Wallace: Does anybody feel what I'm feeling right now? The constitution of the kingdom defines the expectation, the kind of life we want to live. If you don't examine the constitution, and let it get down in you, and define who you are, you will listen to other voices that don't know the constitution, and as they are telling you who you are, and it will be a very different kind of experience than the constitution told you to expect.

Kevin Wallace: I'm gonna tell you, some people who get you screwed up are standing behind pulpits on Sunday. Brother Wallace, are you talking about the preachers? I'm talking about the preachers. If the preachers don't understand the kingdom, then they'll have you bringing up the rear all your life, and you'll be chasing carrots on a string, you are looking for something that already belongs to you.

Kevin Wallace: Some of you are begging God for stuff that he already told you you could have. I feel faith breaking out of this church. How? Somebody holler or something in here for a minute. My Bible is upside down. This is the constitution. America began its constitution with we the people. God's kingdom has a constitution that begins with I the Lord. I feel like today's assignment is to allow the holy ghost to take us on a tour of the constitution of the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: So that we can properly grasp the heart of the king, we can understand his desire for those who are citizens of his kingdom. Prayerfully we will leave this place with a revelation of who we are in Christ, and who Christ is through us. One more time, hold your Bible up. Come on, get it, turn it on something, hold that Bible up high. Say, "This," say it with an attitude, "This is the word of God. It is the constitution of the kingdom of God."

Kevin Wallace: Say, "I am who it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. God is who he said he is." If we are going to live the kind of kingdom life this constitution says is rightfully ours by the blood, there is one scripture instruction in the whole Bible on which everything in the kingdom hinges. It is found in Matthew's gospel, the 6th chapter, the 33rd verse. It says like this, "Seek ye first the kingdom," I'm getting ready to preach, "The kingdom of our God."

Kevin Wallace: I'm seeking the ministry brother Wallace, I'm seeking the ministry. I've got some little things, maybe cars and whatnot. I'm seeking the ministry, I'm seeking the title. I'm seeking a degree. Nothing wrong with seeking, advancing yourself through education and understanding how to get your product in front of the right ... I got all that, but the problem is, it's really become about you and not the kingdom. If you can ever get what you are doing to be about the kingdom, God can bless what you are doing.

Kevin Wallace: If what you are doing is really about your name recognition and not his, then don't be surprised if you find yourself having to oil the machine, because God's oil will be on something that is not about his kingdom. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Now, my mama, she raised me, and I love words, I love to study words. I have to restrict myself sometimes from using words that are big, because I like to study words that nobody else says, and then I say them, and nobody else knows what I'm talking about.

Kevin Wallace: I know what all means. The last time I checked, all meant all, like everything. The kingdom hinges on this one command, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be ... I'm saying it again, because somebody's faith is starting to grow right here. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added onto you.

Kevin Wallace: Some of you have a dream for all these things, but you can't get to all these things until you first starting seeking first the kingdom of God. It will not work for you until you prioritize what you are seeking first. That's why some of you all can't get married. I'm not getting no help on this side. I'm gonna come over here. That's why some people can't get married, because they keep seeking her or him, and they've got their own agenda in why they are seeking it. You might just find your spouse if you make up your mind when you find him you all are gonna work together to advance the kingdom.

Kevin Wallace: Yeah. You might want a new job, but it might not open up yet until you get your heart in the place that says when I get this job it's going to be for and about the kingdom. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added. It's the principle, it's the hinge that the door of the kingdom swings on. You wanna come into the kingdom? Seek it first. You wanna experience the life of the kingdom, the promises of the kingdom, the blessing of the kingdom? You have to put the kingdom at the forefront of your life.

Kevin Wallace: I could go a bunch of different directions about the constitution of the kingdom today, but let me just see how far we get into this, because the constitution, the Bible gives us an expectation of the kind of life we should live as citizens of the kingdom of God. My prayer is that if we are teaching something that you are not living, instead of you not living in it, and trying to explain why you don't have it, my prayer is that this will change how you are thinking, until what you have is what the book said you could have, and be who the book said you ought to be.

Kevin Wallace: If your reality doesn't look like the constitution, stop complaining and blaming God, and start saying, "I'm gonna start believing this until what it says about me begins to happen like the constitution said it should happen." The first thing I wanna talk about ... Let me just see how far I will get into this, is kingdom protection. The constitution of the kingdom ... Listen to this carefully. How many citizens of the kingdom do I have in here right now?

Kevin Wallace: You better shout. You scared me half to death. I said, how many citizens do we have of the kingdom of God right now. I'm getting ready to talk to you. Look at your neighbor and say, "He's getting ready to talk to you, and everybody in here." Listen, the constitution of the kingdom, hold up your constitution. The constitution of the kingdom assures every citizen in the kingdom will experience divine protection.

Kevin Wallace: Who wants to live in a kingdom of constant terror and fear? God never wanted his citizens to be afraid and terrified. In order for a kingdom to be sustainable and last, it must have a military presence. There is got to be an army to protect the kingdom. I wanna fix you a little something here.

Kevin Wallace: God has an army in the kingdom. We often run around acting like it's us. I'm not the army. I'm the bride. You all are not gonna help nobody? I'm not the army, I'm a believer. Well, brother Wallace, if I'm not the army, who is? I'm glad you asked. Look at your neighbor, say, neighbor, be the bride. Stay intimate with the king. Let's let the army be the army. You all didn't have to say that, but I'm glad you did anyways. Look at this.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody say, who is the army? Psalm 78:49, he dispatched against the enemies a band of destroying angels. Psalm 103:20, praise the Lord you angels, you might ones, who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands. Verse 21, Psalm 103:21, praise the Lord you armies of angels who serve him and do his will. Now, we do have warfare, and we do fight, and we do put on the whole armor of God for our personal faith. We are not the army of God. We are the bride. We are believers. We are the body. We are the ecclesia. Come on, you've heard me teach this before.

Kevin Wallace: We do have an army, and it's greater than you and I. It's the angelic host of heaven that at one moment can be dispatched and destroy an entire city with one swoop of a sword. You say, "Brother Wallace, I don't know that I have an angel." Read your Bible. Psalm 91 said that when you walk in the fear of the Lord, angels pitch a tent, and camp up around you, and watch over you all night and all day.

Kevin Wallace: In fact, if you ever get yourself in a mess, and it looks like the devil tripped you into a pit, before you hit the bottom of the pit, he will catch you, and rescue you. Your foot shall dance against the stone, I feel like God wants me to tell you angels are watching over you night and day, somebody give God praise. All night and all day. Angels watching. Remember that song we used to sing when we were babies? You were just getting ready to tell them, weren't you? My kids were little, glory to God. Stand up Isaiah, you aren't little no more.

Kevin Wallace: It'd be weird if I picked you up to rock you right now. When he was little I used to walk in his room, I'd pick him and lay him on my arm. I'd walk around and sing, (singing). I'm telling you right now. I know some of you have been in a mess before, and you are sitting here wondering how you ever got out of that car accident. Some of you have been in a mess before, and you are sitting here wondering how you didn't get your head blown off. Some of you are sitting here wondering, "How am I still alive?" I feel like I ought to explain it to somebody. God had angels that were watching ... Slap your neighbor, tell him, angels got you covered.

Kevin Wallace: Everywhere I go, everyday I wake up, goodness and mercy shall follow me, and the angels of the Lord have encamped round and above. I got to go, I'm gonna get only through this one. Oh Lord, help me next time. Help me to know how to do this Lord. You need to know this, that heaven has an army of angels. Not [inaudible 00:36:05] with a little bow and arrow. No, there is a reason every time somebody saw an angel in the Bible, they immediately had to tell that person who saw the angel, "Chill out, don't fear."

Kevin Wallace: There is a reason why they told them to fear not, because they were afraid. If you saw a 10 foot glowing beam with a sword as tall as that rod over there. You'd be afraid too. God was trying to tell his people, the angel didn't show up to terrify you, the angel showed up to deliver you and to watch over you. Lord have mercy. God wants you to know that this angel army is assigned to the citizens of the kingdom of God.

Kevin Wallace: How many citizens of the kingdom are in here? Angels have been assigned to your life. Why is this important? Because we are not on a cruise ship, we are on a battle ship. Look at your neighbor, tell them, we are in a war. The reason you need to know about the army of heaven, is because if you haven't felt it already you will, we are in a war. It is the battle of the ages.

Kevin Wallace: One of Satan's greatest weapons on the battlefield is the weapon of fear. There is a reason Satan has such a desire to bring fear upon the citizens of the kingdom of God, because according to first John, fear has torment, fear paralyzes. If you and I are more conscious of the enemy than we are of Jesus, we will spend our lives as citizens of the kingdom of God, but we'll never enjoy the peace and joy intended for God's citizens. You all are not helping nobody.

Kevin Wallace: Satan will threaten, lie, condemn, trash talk, accuse, attack, insult, confuse, stirrup, hinder, harass. He will do everything he can to halt your progress in the kingdom of God. He will keep you up at night, he will steal everything that you let him. I came to remind you of what Paul told timothy in second timothy, chapter one, verse seven, God has not given you a spirit of fear, but he gave you love, power, and a sound mind.

Kevin Wallace: Slap your neighbor, karate chop your neighbor. Tell your neighbor, say, "Hey neighbor, I don't know why you are afraid. I don't know why you are losing sleep. I don't know why you are losing your joy. I don't know why you can't rest at night. God has promised you are gonna have victory. You are gonna have power." I'm gonna give you some constitution. Citizens of the kingdom are told not to fear.

Kevin Wallace: God told Abraham, fear not. God told Moses, fear not. God told Joshua fear not. God told the servant of Elisha, fear not, God told Jehoshaphat, fear not, God told David fear not. God told Peter, fear not. God told the disciples, fear not. God told them in revelation, fear not. Why? Because it is the assignment of the enemy to terrorize and to bring constant torment to citizens in the kingdom of God.

Kevin Wallace: I want to remind you, the word says ... Look at somebody and tell them the constitution says. The constitution says in Psalms chapter three, many are they increased that trouble me, many are they that rise up against me, many are they increased that trouble, many are they that rise up against me, many are they would say of my soul, "There is no help for him or her in God." But thou oh Lord are a shield above me, you are the glory and the lifter of my head. You want some more constitution? Psalm 27 said, the Lord is my light, and my salvation, who shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?

Kevin Wallace: When my enemies came upon me to eat at my flesh, they stumbled and fell. One thing I desired of the Lord, and that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever to behold his beauty. If that is not enough for you I got some more constitution. Psalm chapter 121, how many know that God said that in the day of trouble, he would be there to shield from the sun by day, and the moon by night. Psalm 91:7, a thousand may fall at my hand, 10,000 on my right hand, but it shall not come under you, only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked, there is protection.

Kevin Wallace: There is protection. This conclusion explains how you are still here. You are not here because you are an expert driver. You are not here because a wonder drug worked out. You are not here because of your hookups, and your sugar daddies, and your last name, and your pedigree, you are here for one reason, God protected his citizens from the attack. God, I'm looking over here and I see people, I'm seeing people right now. I'm seeing Sister Christine, and we were in the hospital for days and weeks, and I don't know where Andrew went. He's probably in a corner crying and praying somewhere.

Kevin Wallace: We were in the hospital for days and weeks, and doctors come out, and doctor said, she's not gonna make it. We were trying to figure out how we were gonna tell people that this beautiful young lady is getting ready to die, but her husband said, "No, not my wife. My wife isn't getting ready to die." Every day we walked in that place I saw her do something on that day that she couldn't do the day before. How?

Kevin Wallace: I feel like telling somebody, slap your neighbor and tell them, God's got you covered. Angels are watching over your life. Angels, the devil can't do what he wants to. If the devil could have he would have already took you out, but there is a reason that you are still here. There is a reason that you are still alive. God isn't through with you yet, and as long as you are on this planet, you are a citizen of this kingdom, and you are protected.

Kevin Wallace: There is a reason [inaudible 00:42:55] is still alive when the motors and engines went out on his plane. When engines died angels got to work. I can see it. One angel got up onto one wing, and one angel got up onto the other wing and said, "Let's take this baby down real slow." Am I helping nobody? Tune me up. I remember a couple of years I went to preach for pastor Roy Parsley. Me and Chris left church after church on Sunday. We went to the airport and got a plane. We got on a plane, flew to Atlanta, flew from Atlanta to Columbus.

Kevin Wallace: We were getting ready to land in Columbus and go preach. I got just a few minutes to get there, all of a sudden, the pilot comes on. The pilot said, "We have an issue. The landing gear isn't releasing." I'm sitting ... Here I am, 6"4, 285 pounds. I'm sitting between Chris and this big tall gothic dude. All black, black nails, black lipstick, black eyes, black hair. Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: This dude comes on the intercom and says, "We've got a problem. The landing gear won't come down." I looked to Chris, he said, "This is crazy." I said, "I know, give me your hand." I took his hand, I said, "In the name of Jesus, I command that stuff to get loose right now." I looked over at the gothic brother, and I warned him. I said, "I'm getting ready to do something that might freak you out. I'm warning you right now."

Kevin Wallace: He looked at me like this, he said, "What are you talking about?" I said [inaudible 00:45:21]. I found out when the plane needs to land, and the gear won't drop, people who don't even like Jesus, all of a sudden, they don't care what you sound like, they'll start polling on you, they said, "Pray preacher, pray preacher." I said, [inaudible 00:45:37] in the name of Jesus, I command the landing gear to come down, true story. All of a sudden I heard, and the landing gear popped, and the wheels come down, and we landed that plane.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody say what happened? I believe an angel grabbed that wheel, and said, "You got to come down right now." I'm through. The constitution says, he will watch over you all night. Things are gonna get crazy right here. The constitution says, "While you are sleeping, God is gonna stay up all night long, and watch over all your stuff." I wish i can find somebody to get thankful. While you are sleeping tonight God's gonna stay up all night long.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody say, do you know that in the Bible, the Bible said, "He that keepeth me will never slumber, and he'll never sleep." Touch three people and tell them, "He's got you covered." I'm through. I don't know what you wanna do, but I wanna take 15 seconds right now, I wanna cut my feet loose, and I wanna praise God.

Kevin Wallace: Stand with me, he's got you covered. Angels of the Lord ... I was 19 years old in a nine week revival, I was in Pinetown North Carolina, 19 years old in a nine week revival. We went 30 straight nights in revival, no breaking. It was crazy. Back then I could do that. If I preached 30 straight nights in a row right now, you are gonna have to carry me. Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: Back then I could do it, 19 years old, I preached every night straight for 30 nights. On the 30th night the pastor looked at me and said, "I think we need to take a little bit of a breather." I said, "Let the Lord have his way." We took a couple of days and I just slept and rested. About the fourth day of the break they took me to this lake. They said, "Let's just have a day off. We've got some jet skis." We were hanging out on this lake.

Kevin Wallace: I drove up and the lake said, the safest lake in America. I got out there on that thing, I'd never been on a jet ski a day in my life, and i was running. My cheeks were touching my ears. I was running 60 miles an hour on the lake, I was having the time of my life. There was this other fool, I mean, other man. He was coming to the side of the lake I was on, and I was going to the side of the lake he was on.

Kevin Wallace: I'm 100 yards away from him, but we are both getting it. You know me, there is no slowing down in me. I just said, "I'm gonna go away from him." Well, every time I made a move, that fool made the same canceled out move. I turned right, he was going left, I turned left, he came back right. Before I know it, I'm from here to that pool right there, and I'm thinking, "I have to do something. We are about to hit each other."

Kevin Wallace: I made one last move and he made one last move. And he hit me, going 60 miles an hour. He hit me on the side of the jet ski. The impact was so hard that I broke a steel steering column in half. When it threw me off, my leg caught the steering column, and all of my friends ... I'm in the water bleeding to death, and all my friends thought, "Let's go splash him."

Kevin Wallace: Not only am I bleeding to death, they are drowning me. I'm flailing away praying in the spirit, in and out of consciousness. I'm praying in the spirit, in and out of consciousness, underwater, I'm bleeding to death. I finally mastered up the strength to look at my best friend Jeremy, I said, "Help." He could see the desperation on my face, and I lifted my leg up out of the water, and he immediately knew we have a serious problem here.

Kevin Wallace: I'm out in the middle of a lake, in a place I've never been before, I'm not married to Deven. My mama is not there. All I'm with is some old toggies and my best friend, and one of them came driving a jet ski, it hurt me, I'm laying down, oh, I'm dying, Lord. [inaudible 00:51:36] but I kept praying, "Lord help me." All of a sudden, this is a true story. All of a sudden I'm out a mile away from land. They are getting ready to tie my hands to the back of a jet ski, and drag me to the shore with my leg.

Kevin Wallace: I'm dying, how creative? With friends like that who needs an enemy? I'm like some kind of hog. They are getting ready to drag me back, on my back. I'm dying, my leg is hanging there. I'm, "Oh God." All of a sudden, true story. This girl drives up in this big old boat with a deck on it. She's like, "Oh my gosh. I was totally just tanning by the pool and something stopped me and told me I should go out in the lake. Oh my gosh."

Kevin Wallace: I'm sitting there going, "Father," she was a Methodist. She told me, she said, "I totally like Methodist. I've been reading this book about hearing the voice of God." True story. At that point I wanted to die, I just wanted to say, "Go ahead and take me Lord, I can't handle her. I can't handle her no more." They got in the water and they pushed me up on this dock of the boat, this deck of the boat, and they drove me back.

Kevin Wallace: This is what happened, I could see lying on this deck when they put me up, I could look down between my feet and I could see the ambulance. They had already called an ambulance and they were waiting on me to get there. I could see two women who were the techs, the medics, and I'm thinking, "This deck that I'm on is six feet below the dock that they got to get me up to."

Kevin Wallace: The men that were with me were trying to rescue the jet ski before it completely sunk in the water, so they are not with me. I'm thinking to myself in and out of consciousness, "There is no way these two ladies and my best friend are gonna be able to lift me up." I really at that time couldn't move. I saw a man come walking down the dock. This is a true story, he got down over the edge of the dock, he helped my best friend and these two ladies pick me up. They put me on a gurney and they began to take me down this dock, and I'm looking between my feet as I'm getting rolled to the ambulance which was here at the back door.

Kevin Wallace: I see this man take off running, he hopped up in the ambulance, prepped things, pulled things down, opened up stuff, made syringes. I'm watching it all happen through my feet. They picked me up, put me in that ambulance. That man was in the ambulance until I got in it. When I got in it, he went out the side door, I'm laying on the gurney, I turn to the left, I see the man, and here is what he did. Shuts the door ... Have you ever had response where you feel your hair rise up on your head?

Kevin Wallace: I'm dying, and the only question I could ask that woman was, "Who is that man?" The woman looked at me, I'll never forget this, she said, "What man?" I said, "That man." She said, "What man?" I said, "That man who hopped up in this ambulance and prepared what you are putting on my leg," they had to stop the bleeding. When we got to the hospital the doctor looked at me and said, "I do not know how you have not bled to death."

Kevin Wallace: He showed me how close it got to the main vein of my leg, it just nipped it. They were able to stitch it. I am still here but by the grace of God. Who was that man who got up in that ambulance that day? You can think whatever you wanna think, you've already drawn your own conclusions, but I know who that was. (singing)

Kevin Wallace: I'm gonna teach next week on kingdom provision whenever we get to ... I'm not through with this series yet. I thought we'd finish today. This is too good to stop now. Yesterday in prayer God said, "Kevin, when you come to tithe and offering tomorrow, I don't want you to take tithe and offering like you normally do." He said, "I want you to provoke and challenge the people to put the kingdom first." How many need good to supernaturally add? I'm not just talking about money, but I'm talking about favor, I'm talking about an opportunity, an open door. You need a real breakthrough from God in an area in your life.

Kevin Wallace: You need God to add something to you. Lift your hand if I'm talking to you right now. If you don't have faith for it, you don't have to raise your hand, you don't have to feel weird that you are not raising your hand, I don't want anybody to feel weird. If some of you need God to go to work for you, you need God to add something ... I called Deven yesterday, she'll tell you this is true. I called her four times. She was at a birthday party when I answered my phone call.

Kevin Wallace: I'm like, "Girl, next time I call," that isn't what I said, I'm just kidding. I was like, "Dev, I've got a word." She's like, "Really? What did God say to you?" I said, "I understand something now." Have you ever been blessed by God in a way, and when he does it you start saying, "What did I do to deserve that? Has anybody ever had that happen for you?

Kevin Wallace: How many would like to have that happen? Where God blesses you in such a way and you start going, "What did I do for this?" I had a revelation yesterday, and it did hit me so strong. I thought, "How, and why has God been so generous and kind, and good to us?" Because I've dropped the ball so many times, and I've messed up so many times, and I didn't do the smart thing so many times. Why has God been so good to me? I said.

Kevin Wallace: Here is what God said to me, I was reading Matthew 6:33. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. It all of a sudden dawned on me. The things that God has added to my life has not been about what I deserved, it is about product of having a priority to demonstrate and seek first the kingdom of God.

Kevin Wallace: The night before we got the first $4,000,000 miracle to pay off the debt [inaudible 00:59:20]. The night before it [inaudible 00:59:22] he can testify it happened. We gave away the largest seed in the history of this church at that time. Do you know who we gave it to? To two pastors in this city. Inner-city churches that were struggling, one of them struggling just to keep the lights on, and I knew he was a man of faith. He loved Jesus and preached the truth.

Kevin Wallace: I said, "I wanna bless that man of God. And I wanna bless this other man of God and his church." Our church gave the greatest gift we ever gave on Sunday night at a deacons' meeting, on Monday afternoon at lunch we saw heaven open up over our lives. What's your point pastor? Some of you need God to open something up for you. You need a miracle from God. God said, it can't be until you prioritize the kingdom. If God were to add it, without you having the right priority, it would jeopardize your ability to contain, hold and steward the blessing he is getting ready to give, because the last thing you need is to have something that you cannot steward properly.

Kevin Wallace: How do I know I'm ready to steward and what are you seeking? We are not here because I'm smart, and everybody in leadership is a genius, we are here, because we got one agenda, seek the kingdom first. A bunch of stuff has been added, and will be added in our future. I said, has been added and will be added in the future. I want you to get what you had prepared in one hand right now. Whatever you were gonna give today. If it's online or by text, I want you to get your phone or your whatever in the hand that you gave it on.

Kevin Wallace: If you gave in the altar, I want you to get that in your hand right now. The other hand is for a seed you did not prepare or think about giving. This is the kingdom first, that's what the Lord told me to call it in prayer yesterday. If you go here, and have been here any amount of time at all, I don't do this very often at all. God said to me in prayer yesterday morning, "I want you to invite people who need the kingdom to be added. I want you to invite them to give a kingdom first offering." It's on your giving tab, you can write it in on another envelope, kingdom first, that's what I want you to put on it.

Kevin Wallace: How do I know what to give to this pastor? You'll know what to do, because you are gonna feel it leave. You are gonna feel it leave, it's gonna feel significant to you. Your mind is gonna try to talk you out of it, your logic is gonna tell you, "Man, that's a little bit much." God, are you sure? God says, "Seek the kingdom first, put the kingdom first, and some other things are gonna be added to it.

Kevin Wallace: I don't understand how he does it Andy, but God will take what we give and add stuff back to it. Some of you are businessmen in this place, you need God to breath on your business. Put the kingdom first right now. Some of you have an invention, and you have a thought, and you have a download and a strategy. You need God to breath on it, put the kingdom first and watch God touch what your hands are on. It's not that idea is wrong, or the invention won't work, or the job is not coming, it's that God's waiting for you to put the kingdom first in your priority, and your speaking.

Kevin Wallace: I know it isn't for everybody, but somebody needs this opportunity today. If you need God to add something to your life, lift your hand one more time. Lift your hand, don't be ashamed and don't be afraid. Somebody says, "This feels weird." No, it doesn't feel weird. This isn't supposed to be weird. This is how the kingdom operates. We won't harvest without sowing seed. God is expecting to give a greater a harvest than the seed you are getting ready to sow.

Kevin Wallace: Lord you see every hand that needs you to add to their lives. Today we are bringing tithe and a kingdom first offering. Somebody's got their hand up because their child needs a scholarship to college. Somebody's got their hand up because they need you to breath on their business. Somebody's got their hand up because they need a financial breakthrough in their home. I declare over every hand lifted right now that signifies, identifies, Lord I need you to add to my life, I declare over ... Somebody is getting ready to get an internet strategy.

Kevin Wallace: I don't even know what this is, but there is something that is going to flourish in the realm of the internet. It's going to be online. It's going to be something that's not really taken off online yet, but it's going to take off online. God's gonna birth something in someone's heart, he's already birthed it, this is a confirmation. Somebody is gonna get a download from heaven. I just declare over you right now. Heavens get ready to add to your life.

Kevin Wallace: Kingdom first. With the gift you are getting ready to give, you are simply saying, "You have it all God. You have it all." Oh Lord, don't make me do this. How many have ever given everything you had to God? How many would agree it's easier to give everything you have to God when you have $10 as opposed to 10,000? You all are not being real.

Kevin Wallace: The most blessed people I know, and I know different people all over the world that are blessed, among all of them, some of the most blessed people I know are people who gave everything they had away first. Kingdom first. Shifts are getting ready to happen in mentalities. You can't give a kingdom first offering and it be significant and it not impact how you think about the kingdom when you leave this building.

Kevin Wallace: Some of you are [inaudible 01:06:05] to give a gift that's gonna shift your lunch plans instead of going to Ruth's Chris you are going to McDonald's. You can say, "Pastor, that's the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life." Till you get that crazy you are not kingdom first. This isn't for everybody. It's okay, somebody is getting ready to experience true, supernatural blessing from God, and it's coming on the heels of a kingdom first moment. I'm gonna give that opportunity for every person to give right now.

Kevin Wallace: After we give I'm gonna bless you and we are gonna be done. I'm gonna pray over you, we are gonna be done. You can go online, you can give backticks, if you are giving an addition to the tithe, the kingdom first offering, I just want you to put onto there, kingdom first. I want you to give out of your heart the kind of seed you need to produce the harvest you are praying for.

Kevin Wallace: Father in Jesus name, I pray, and last night an intercessory prayer, the intercessors heard it, next level in generosity. Next level in blessing, next level in increase and grace and anointing. You are not finished you are just getting started. Teach us how to live with kingdom priorities. We thank you for kingdom protection. Today, God as we give this offering, we give under the shadow of your wing, and the protection of your kingdom, and for that we are thankful.

Kevin Wallace: Everyone that can, you can give online, you can come and bring it to the altar. You can give backticks. I want you just to give the tithe and offering to God this morning. May the Lord bless you as you give to the kingdom first. Put in first. Jesus we thank you. Let's all lift our hands to God. I wanna bless you. I know people are leaving to go and get kids. You can't leave church till you get benedicted over, you got to seal this thing.

Kevin Wallace: Lord, I bless our people right now. I pray over them. That this week will be full of divine kingdom protection. Watch over them, provide for them, increase them, bless them, coming in and going out in Jesus' name. If you are blessed and you know it, say amen. Wednesday night, don't miss Wednesday night, 7:00 pm. It's gonna be powerful. Make sure you get your hope bags filled and bring them back next Sunday. Deven and I love you. Have a blessed week family. Go in the peace of the Lord.