Ancestry.God: Stir It Up

Spiritual blessing ran in Timothy’s bloodline, resting on his grandmother, then his mother then him. Blessing, according to Exodus, always trumps a curse. God will punish to a third and fourth generation, but his blessing will be inherited even to a thousandth generation. As with earthly laws of inheritance, there are also spiritual laws and legalities of spiritual inheritance. We inherit spiritual blessing by being engaged with the Holy Spirit. We inherit it by being the children of God and belonging to him, as our parent. We also inherit spiritual blessing as laughing heirs, inheriting riches we didn’t even know we could claim.

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Kevin Wallace: Ready for the word? I have a word ready to preach, but God gave Deven a prophetic word. Last week, she come to me and said, "I believe God said this to me." I said, "No, he didn't say it." Or she said, "I believe God is saying this to you. I believe you need to preach this." I say, "He didn't say it to me. He said it to you, so you're going to preach this."

Kevin Wallace: Would you tell our first lady you love her as she comes to preach the word of the Lord this morning?

Kevin Wallace: Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord. Hallelujah.

Deven Wallace: Praise the Lord. I tried to rescue you. I tried to rescue you and me both. In fact, I almost just ran a lap to see if I could start something and let God finish it. Thank you, Father. So, I will just try to deliver this the best I can. I'm just going to have you turn in your Bible's to 2nd Timothy. If you've been in Sunday school, you've been in 2nd Timothy. Who's been in Sunday school in this place? Amen.

Deven Wallace: 2nd Timothy Chapter 1, I'm just going to actually start with verse 1 and read all the way through verse 7. I'm going to teach for just a moment and really just release the word and I'll let Kevin clean it up. So, if you'll start with me in verse one.

Deven Wallace: "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus. To Timothy, my dearly beloved son: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing, I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day, greatly desiring to see thee being mindful of your tears that I may be filled with joy. When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith which is in you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice, I am persuaded that it's in you also. Therefore, I will put in remembrance to you to stir up the gift of God, which is in you by the putting on my hands. For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind."

Deven Wallace: Would you just look at your neighbor and say, "Stir it up?"

Congregation: Stir it up.

Deven Wallace: Stretch your hands towards me and I'm going to pray for you and let's just let the Holy Spirit talk to us today.

Deven Wallace: Father, help, help, help. Let me deliver this as you gave it to me. I call to attention spiritual ears, right now, that we will hear with spiritual ears, our spirits would be awake right now. I call to alertness every spirit to hear what You would say today. I pray the hearts of our heart would be open to receive and that Your word would go forth in demonstration, that signs, wonders, and miracles would confirm Your word. Father, by Your authority that this word would go forth, and it would reverse what the enemy started and put into action the plans You have for us. We agreed together and we are hungry for what You would say today. And all those in agreement say, "Amen."

Deven Wallace: You may be seated.

Deven Wallace: I just want to lay a foundation, so I can release a very short word. I don't have a sermon today, but as we were actually in Sunday school two weeks ago, we were studying this chapter, and the Lord downloaded to me what I really, honestly, did think the Holy Spirit said was for Kevin to preach. I'll never do it again. I'll tell the Lord, "You tell him." But I'm honored to be here today just to say this is about spiritual DNA. That's the series we're in. About who we are in God, about our ancestry.

Deven Wallace: And we find here in 2nd Timothy, that Paul is actually talking to his spiritual son, Timothy. He is telling him to stir up something that Paul imparted to him, actually God imparted to him, when Paul laid hands on him. You got to be very careful to pay attention to the words there. God imparted something to Timothy when Paul laid hands on him. And Paul is telling Timothy it's time to stir it up. Either it had gone dormant or maybe Timothy had been overtaken by fear. Maybe he had set silent long enough. We don't know why, but at some point, Paul had been with Timothy, had placed his hands on his head, which is the sign of the blessing of a father, and when a blessing of a father is released over a son, it cannot be reversed. It cannot be taken. Paul had released something over Timothy, and God imparted a spiritual gift to him.

Deven Wallace: But now Paul is in prison, and he's writing a letter to Timothy, and he's having to tell him, "Timothy, stir up what's already there, what's already there." He says to Timothy, "You know, there is a great faith that's resting on you. That faith was in your mother and it was in your grandmother, and now I recognize it on you."

Deven Wallace: So, as we were studying this in Sunday school, my brain just went to our Ancestry Dot God series, and I realized that in 2nd Timothy Chapter 1, we are finding out that just as we have physical DNA that can be passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter to granddaughter, from father to son to grandson, so the things of the Spirit can also be passed through our family. Here we find that Timothy's grandmother had an unprecedented amount of faith that she was very careful to impart to her daughter, and then her daughter turned and instilled that faith in Timothy. Faith was literally a gift of faith was being passed from generation to generation.

Deven Wallace: Then Paul comes along as Timothy's spiritual father and he imparts the fire to Timothy. I believe it was the gift of the Holy Spirit. It could have been the gift to preach. Maybe Timothy was carrying the mantle of an apostle. Whatever it is, when Paul said for him to stir it up, it literally meant to rekindle it, to set it on fire again.

Deven Wallace: So we find this young man Timothy not only has an impartation of faith, he has an impartation of fire that came to him through his family line. He had an inherited right to it. So I just begin to ponder on that thought and I don't really know any pretty way to say it other than the Lord said that this was a prophetic word to this house, that there is a spiritual inheritance resting over each member of this house that we need to stir up today. That you have been given an inheritance, some of you are unaware of, some of you are fully aware of and it is laying dormant in your life. The Lord sent me to command you to stir up the generational blessing that God has given to you that has traveled through your family line.

Deven Wallace: Can you handle that today? Good.

Deven Wallace: So I just want to talk for just a moment about spiritual inheritance. I'm going to actually just teach for five minutes on what it means to receive an inheritance. When I went to Ecuador, that was the assignment God gave me was to, Maria Feliciano had given me a word about the inheritance of the daughters, and I actually preached on the daughters of Zelophehad in Ecuador. And so, I had lots of time to study inheritance. I think if you will bear with me while I lay a foundation, it's going to help you understand what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you today. Can you handle it? Amen.

Deven Wallace: We hear a lot about DNA, today. That's why Kevin did this series. It's very popular now to find out what your real lineage is and where you really came from and who you really belong to. We are very familiar with physical DNA. In fact, if I paraded all four of the Wallace children up here today, it would be very evident they belong to Kevin and I because there are aspects of our DNA that are very visible in their life, from our eye color to their height to their hair color, whatever it is, our children carry our DNA. Because of that, they carry something within their DNA that they didn't ask for, they didn't earn, they just breathe every day and become what we gave them. Okay?

Deven Wallace: Somebody needs to hear that is spiritual ears today. They don't work for their DNA. They don't wake up and sweat for their DNA. They really can't do anything about it good or bad. They just wake up and they breathe and they become what's already in them. This is what it is for our spiritual DNA. It's the same. Whatever spiritual DNA you walk in every day, you wake up, you breathe, and you become. Whether it's a spiritual DNA of darkness because you're of your father the Devil and you haven't been regenerated or reborn again, or whether you have been brought into a new family and adopted into the family of Christ, and your DNA has been transformed. Like Kevin said, you've been regenerated, and you wake up and you breathe and you become like Christ. Whichever one.

Deven Wallace: But we talk sometimes in our family. I had a conversation with one of my children last night about positive and negative aspects of our DNA. All of us can be happy about some things we inherit from our family, and some of us spend lots of money and surgery to change things we wish we didn't get. Amen.

Deven Wallace: I'm at that age now where I'm looking at my Mom really closely to try and get a glimpse. In fact, [Gigi 00:10:35], I have to confess, as I was watching you today I thought, "Is this me 40 years from now? Will I be her height? Will I worship like her? Will I look like her?" Because we are not in control of what we inherit. We spend so much time, I do as a parent, helping our children become secure in just who they are, the combination of their DNA, telling them they're uniquely made. God did not cookie cut us all to look alike. He pulled different things out of the DNA of our ancestors so that we would have different shades of hair and different shades of skin, and we would be different heights and different weights and have different eye colors. And all of those things are in our DNA.

Deven Wallace: But in the Spirit it is the same. Sometimes spiritually, we inherit both positive and negative things from our spiritual DNA. You will see down your family line that there are things that will follow you from generation to generation. And you will find that sometimes you're struggling with the same thing your grandma did, or your son is struggling with the same thing your grandpa did. Or you're strong in something spiritually that your grandfather was. You will see that even in your spiritual DNA, there are things we're really proud of and there are things we could do without.

Deven Wallace: There's been so much teaching in the church on what some people call generational curses and generational blessing, and I'm not here to focus on any generational curse today. I'm going to teach just a moment. I'm here to release generational blessing because I'm here to tell you, the church has been curse-obsessed, and we should have been blessing-obsessed because what Jesus did on the cross brings much more blessing and breaks every curse. And sometimes we're so concerned about spiritually what is wrong with our family and what we're terrified our children will deal with, and we miss the spiritual inheritance we have because of what Christ broke on the cross and released over us.

Deven Wallace: Can you say amen?

Congregation: Amen.

Deven Wallace: In fact, a blessing is always more powerful than a curse.

Deven Wallace: We had an unusual experience. I probably shouldn't say on the airways, but it's okay. At our house the other night, we had some unannounced visitors next to our driveway because we live on an overlook of the city and over this church. Those unannounced visitors were up there to pray and release what was not a prayer to Jesus, but was what we could categorize as a curse over our city. Kevin and I came home to intercept this taking place by our driveway over this city. A few words with Kevin, and they were running down the yard down the hill. And Kevin just began to release blessing, and we got Zion and we poured oil and we cranked our music up, and we just released blessing. I'm not sure how long they were releasing curses, but I know in about five minutes of blessing, we all felt victory because the blessing is so much more powerful than the curse.

Deven Wallace: In fact, a blessing can never be reversed by a curse. In fact, if you try to curse what God has blessed, that curse will turn right back on the person who released it. Just ask David when he looked at Goliath. Goliath said, "Today, I'm going to feed your body, your carcass to the birds," but it was just a few verses later, Goliath's body was fed to the birds. Because when you try to curse what God has blessed, it will turn on the enemy who cursed you. So I'm here to tell you we're not going to be a cursed-obsessed church in this house. We are a house that has been blessed. Your marriage, your children, your finances are blessed, and what God has blessed the enemy cannot curse. In the name of Jesus. It's your spiritual inheritance.

Deven Wallace: But Exodus 20:4 kind of compares blessing and cursing. I want to release this because it's not good enough for you to hear my words. I want you to hear the word of the Lord. Exodus 20:4 says this. "I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, and I will punish the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation." This is where our generational cursing awareness came from, and it's the truth of God's word. And you will find that if the enemy is given permission, he will attempt to repeat the curse of the father's on the children and the grandchildren. If the enemy is given permission, he will make sure cancer hits every generation of your family. If the enemy is given permission, he'll make sure that alcoholism runs through every root of your family. If the enemy is given permission, he'll make sure suicide and depression wreck your family.

Deven Wallace: But what we're about to find out is inheritance is a legal transaction, and you can't do what you don't have permission to do. The enemy may desire to curse to the third and fourth generation because of the sins of the parents, but I'm here to tell you Jeremiah 31:29 says this. "God said no longer will the children eat the sour grapes of their parents, but every generation will pay for their own sins. And I came to declare over you and over your house, you will not eat the sour grapes of generations before you." I came to declare over this city, Chattanooga will not eat the sour grapes of the sins of this city. I came to declare over this nation, we will not eat the sour grapes of what our forefathers did. According to the word of God, the enemy doesn't have a right.

Deven Wallace: But what's so interesting about this same verse that made us curse-obsessed, the second half says this. "But I the Lord your God, will show love to a thousand generations." You want to know how much more powerful the blessing is? The curse for a season may have lasted three and fourth generations, but when you invoke the blessing of the Lord on your house, it will last a thousand generations. How many are ready to invoke a blessing on your family that will repeat for a thousand generations after you breathe your last breath? I'm telling you, in this house we're releasing a blessing over this city and over this nation that will reap a harvest for a thousand years.

Deven Wallace: How many can grab hold of that word today?

Deven Wallace: I'm laying up a blessing for my family that won't just last to my great-great-grandchildren, but that will last for more greats than I can put in front of their name. I'm here to reverse some things, and I think some of you are too because you've been buying the lie of the enemy that you had to live under that bondage of your spiritual DNA. You were buying the lie that you were going to wrestle and manage for the rest of your life what you watch your mother and your father and your grandmother and your grandfather and your uncles and your aunts wrestle. And I came today with the word of freedom. You don't have to live under that bondage. In the name of Jesus, you're going to live under a blessing.

Deven Wallace: So there are laws of inheritance. So if you can allow me to be non-spiritual for a second, it's really going to help us understand the word of God. Inheritance is a legal transaction. The first step in understanding your inheritance is understanding your DNA. It's an identity thing because if you don't know who you are, you don't know what you have right to. My inheritance is not based in the natural. My inheritance is not based on my works, my job, my bank account. My inheritance is based on one thing: my last name. When my father or my grandfather pass away, my inheritance will be based on one thing: my DNA. When that happens in Kevin's family, I have been married into a family that now my DNA also carries an inheritance on that side. My children will inherit from Kevin and I, not because of their good works, but because of their name, because of their DNA.

Deven Wallace: I'm here to tell you, inheritance is a very protected legal transaction. It just doesn't happen on a street corner because you feel like giving away your house or your inheritance. It takes place in a court of law, and is a protected legal transaction. I'm here to tell you, in the spirit realm, it is no less. Your inheritance is serious to God. In fact, Jesus died for his inheritance, for your inheritance.

Deven Wallace: I read it over Uruguay, and I'll declare it today, over Ecuador, and I'll declare it today. God said to Jesus, he said, "Just ask me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance." This Earth is the inheritance of the death of Jesus Christ. He shed his blood for what he has a right to, and according to this word, we have made joint heirs with him, which means if it belongs to him, it belongs to us. So if the nations of the Earth belong to King Jesus, then the nations of the Earth belong to daughter Deven Wallace, and they belong to Redemption to the Nations Church.

Deven Wallace: If you don't know who you are, you can miss your inheritance. If you don't know who you belong to, you can end up in a dispute called unclaimed inheritance. Pastor Gary let me know that there are unclaimed inheritances all over our nation. People who don't know there's something waiting for them simply because of their name. Some of you are going to go home and check after this sermon. You might have some long lost fifth cousin that you don't know. Because no one else stood up to claim it, it now has your name on it.

Deven Wallace: I'm here to just talk a little bit about this process because that's what happened in the word of God to those daughters of Zelophehad. There was an unclaimed inheritance because there was no male heir. Up until that point, the law had ruled that all inheritance passed to the male son, and the daughters of Zelophehad, they knew who they were. I don't have time to preach that message and what their names mean, but they knew who they were, and they knew what belonged to them. And so they approached the modern day court of the Israeli camp, and that was Moses' tent, the tent of presence. Those five daughters stood at the door of the tent and they said, "We want what belongs to us. We know our father's desires. We know who we are and we know that land belongs to us."

Deven Wallace: And Moses took the dispute straight to God. And the Bible says that God heard the case of those daughters, and He ruled in their favor, and said, "They are right. Not only am I going to give them their land, but any daughter who is in a family where there is no male heir, she can now have the land of her father."

Deven Wallace: Why are you saying that, Pastor Deven? Because some of you have an inheritance dispute hanging over your life and over your family. There is some things locked up in the heavenlies with your name on it. Some of you don't know who you are, and you don't know what you belong to because if you did, you'd be standing at the tent of meeting this morning bringing your case before the Father. And I'm here to tell you when you figure out who you are in Christ, and you realize whose blood runs through your veins, a holy boldness will come before you to boldly approach the throne of grace and say, "God, I want every promise." He already said it this morning. His promises are yes and amen. "I want every promise you've made over my house, over my family, over my children."

Deven Wallace: And if I could be so bold to speak by the Holy Spirit, on behalf of Yahweh today, He is at the tent of meeting waiting for His sons and daughters to ask of Him, to ask of Him what rightfully belongs to them. That's what's about to happen in this place today.

Deven Wallace: In the laws of inheritance, I'm going to identify some legal terms so you know how you are in this process. Number one, the word inheritance is something someone receives, money, land, property, any type of possession that someone receives when a family member dies. The beneficiary is the one who receives it. The beneficiary in a court of law is the person who is entitled to receive the inheritance. So everybody just wave your hand over your head and say, "I am the beneficiary."

Congregation: I am the beneficiary.

Deven Wallace: We're about to approach the court of Heaven this way. I am the beneficiary. I have been designated by the word of God as the one who is next in line to receive all that God has promised me. I have been identified by Jesus Christ, the one who died and rose again and shed his blood, as a joint heir and a beneficiary of all that Heaven has to offer. I am the beneficiary today. If you don't know you're the beneficiary, you'll never go to court to receive what belongs to you.

Deven Wallace: There is a probate, which is the place the court of law in which the inheritance is verbally given and written and signed and sealed and notarized so that it cannot be reversed. I'm here to tell you the probate today is Heaven. Heaven has a court. God is a God of order and a God of His word, and a God of His law, and I'm here to tell you today that Heaven is guarding over your inheritance. There is a court called Heaven.

Deven Wallace: The enemy even went to the court of Heaven to ask for the inheritance of Job, and God allowed the enemy to test him for a season, but the enemy could not steal Job's inheritance. In fact, God gave Job double for everything the enemy tried to steal. You better believe the enemy is lurking at the courts of Heaven to ask for your children, to ask for you land, to ask for your anointing, to ask for what belongs to you, and I'm here to tell you, you better march yourself up into that court, child of God. You better learn how to approach the throne of God with boldness, as a joint heir with Jesus Christ, and remind the devil what is yours and what belongs to you.

Deven Wallace: Some of you have been silent too long. It's every song we sang today. It's when you open your mouth that things change. If the daughters of Zelophehad had kept silent, we don't know who would have ended up with their land, but because they opened their mouth and they made their petition know to the Lord, Heaven ruled on their behalf. Today, the Spirit of the Lord is calling us to open our mouth and make our petitions known to the Lord. What has been stolen from you can be restored double, and what you think you've lost, Heaven's court has been watching over. Make no mistake. They're just waiting on your to approach the bench.

Deven Wallace: There is an executor of every inheritance. That word executor is executor, the one who enforces what is written, the one who enforces what is laid out in that law or will of inheritance. I'm here to tell you we have a great executor called the Holy Spirit, who was sent to walk alongside us on the earth and to enforce what the word of God says. He is here not to speak on his own behalf, but to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ, who is the one who has made us a beneficiary of the inheritance. The Holy Spirit will bear witness to the will of the Father. The Holy Spirit will pray for you when you don't know what to pray. He will rise up in you when the enemy is standing on your land. He will enforce to every demonic principality and ruler of darkness what does and does not belong to you. He is your executor.

Deven Wallace: That's why when He fills your life and flows out of your mouth, you have the authority to speak the will of God. Right here is the will of God. A will is a written description or depiction of how an inheritance should be distributed. When you go to the courts of Heaven, it does not matter what your opinion is. It doesn't matter what your feelings are. It doesn't matter what mistake you made yesterday or what mistake you'll make next week. What carries weight in the court of Heaven is what carries weight in every natural court here. What is legally written and sealed and authenticated is what the court of Heaven and the court of Earth will pay attention to. When you decide to approach the court of Heaven, you better fill your mouth with the will and the testament of Yahweh.

Deven Wallace: If you've ever wondered who you are, just look at this word. If you are sitting there wondering what belongs to you, just look at this word. Pastor Kevin just said it. When you speak this word, the court of Heaven responds, and the angels of the Lord are sent forth to perform the will of the Father.

Deven Wallace: Some of you have been begging for things that the word of God already says belongs to you. Some of you have been compromising and bargaining with the enemy over things that this word already says belongs to you.

Deven Wallace: When Moses was about to leave Egypt, Pharaoh began to bargain with Moses and said why don't the men go, but why don't you just leave the women and children behind? And Moses made a very powerful statement. He said, "We won't leave one hoof behind in Egypt." In other words, Moses knew who he was. He knew what belonged to him so that when the enemy came to say, "Okay. Let's bargain together. Let's split it 50/50. Let me just have half of your inheritance. Let me just have half of your anointing. Let me just have a part of your promises. Just let me have one of your children." Somebody has to stand up like Moses and say, "Not one hoof will be left behind. In the name of Jesus, I will be who God says I can be and I will have what God says I can have. Not one word of this Bible will fall to the ground, and I will be a beneficiary, a recipient of every promise of God."

Deven Wallace: How many believe that in this place?

Deven Wallace: When the word goes forth, this is what's crazy. If I want to authenticate a document or give authority to someone over my children. For example, when my kids go to youth camp or when they went to Ecuador, I can sign a piece of paper, but Miss Tammy has this magic authority in our office. She's called a notary. She will seal and notarize what is written to authenticate that what is written is the will of the one who wrote it. I came to tell you today, Jesus didn't just say it. He also sealed it. Jesus didn't just will it. He also authenticated it. He said, "I'm sending you the precious seal of the Holy Spirit." He is the seal and the tangible evidence of those who are the inheritors of righteousness. In other words, the presence of the Holy Spirit on your life is a seal that all of Heaven and all of Hell can recognize, authenticating, your right as a beneficiary of the kingdom of God. When you open your mouth and you begin to pray in the Holy Spirit, you are demonstrating your right before the court of Heaven as a beneficiary of your inheritance.

Deven Wallace: Jesus said, "I'm going to seal you up with the Holy Ghost." And this is what's crazy. How many have ever tasted of sweet Holy Spirit? The word of God calls him an engagement ring. He's a down payment. What we are experiencing right now is just a portion of what is to come. I want you to think of the sweetest experience you've ever had in the presence of the Lord, the sweetest encounter you've ever had with His glory, the greatest moment the Holy Spirit has ever poured out on your life, and realize it is only a taste of the fullness of what you have been given through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Deven Wallace: When Kevin decided to marry me, he bought me an engagement ring. He put it on my hand for two reasons. Number one, to prove to me he meant what he said. Putting his money where his mouth is, right? Saving up a little bit, giving where it hurts, giving me something that don't have to be seen with the microscope, right? Saying, "Deven, I can take care of you, and I'm about to prove it. And when I tell you I promise myself to you, I'm about to put something precious on your hand that shows I mean business." That's what Jesus did with the gift of the Holy Spirit. He didn't just tell you he was coming back for you. He left part of the precious Trinity, right here to walk with you, to talk with you, to flow out of your life. You are wearing the engagement ring of Heaven when you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Deven Wallace: But Kevin also gave me an engagement ring for another reason so that just in case anybody else was shopping around, they would know without words I'm spoken for. I belong to somebody already. And the bigger that ring is, the more intimidating it is to any joker that comes along and thinks they can offer better. I'm here to tell you Jesus is in no competition over the heart of his bride. He left you the most intimidating rock called the Holy Spirit for you to wear, so Hell would know back off. Back off. I belong to Jesus. I have been given, I'm promised to someone. I belong to somebody who's coming back for me.

Deven Wallace: In the name of Jesus, can we thank God for the Holy Ghost? He's our engagement ring.

Deven Wallace: [foreign language 00:34:31].

Deven Wallace: And when we wear that ring, we ought not walk like we're broke, busted, and disgusted, dragging our lip til we get to Heaven. We have a fiance who owns a cattle on a thousand hills. The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and that's who I'm marrying. That's the family I'm marrying into. Hell, you better back up. You don't know who I belong to. You don't know who my children belong to. We've been sealed by the Holy Ghost. Hell can't do anything about it. It's too late. It's too late. You can't have what belongs to me.

Deven Wallace: Hallelujah.

Deven Wallace: Some of you just need to wave your ring in the face of the enemy who's been trying to steal from you. [foreign language 00:35:27]. I've been spoken for. I've been sealed.

Deven Wallace: So now, look at your neighbor and say, "I'm legit."

Congregation: I'm legit.

Deven Wallace: The Holy Ghost means you're legit. You're no wolf in sheep's clothing. You're no faker. You're no imposter. You can go before the court of Heaven because the scepter has been tipped into the favor, your favor. And like Esther, what others didn't have the right to do, she did because who she was married to. You have a right. Don't let the devil intimidate you out of your rights or make you shy away from the throne of God. He bought you with a price.

Deven Wallace: So that is the legal terms for your ability to claim your inheritance in the natural. We can see it's the same in the spirit. His words have been sealed. The testament has been written. We have an executor who's speaking on our behalf. The question is do you know who you are and what belongs to you? That's what's about to happen in this house today.

Deven Wallace: Some of you are walking below what belongs to you because you don't know who you are in Him. You want to know why you're dealing with a suicidal spirit? You don't know who you are. You want to know why you're dealing with depression and defeat? You don't know who you are. Today, there's about to be a revelation by the spirit of understanding what it means to be a son and daughter of God. And the enemy is terrified because the only way he's been able to steal from you is by lying to you. It's the truth that you'll know, and it's the truth that will set you free.

Deven Wallace: Today, you've got to know who you are. So I want to talk just a little bit about unclaimed inheritance, and what happens when someone does not realize what belongs to them. When someone dies and leaves an inheritance to a listed amount of people or a person, and that person for whatever reason is unaware that there is an inheritance waiting on them, it will literally sit in the court for a season until it is claimed. It will sit dormant.

Deven Wallace: Sometimes I wonder if this is where Timothy was in the text I read today. Maybe Timothy already had a rich inheritance in Heaven with his name on it, but it was sitting dormant because he had not taken the time to activate and claim what was rightfully his. It had his name on it the whole time, but it sounds to me like Timothy was dealing with a little bit of fear in now knowing who he was. His spiritual father was having to remind him what you're walking in, God didn't give you, Timothy. Your inheritance in him is not fear, but it's power, it's love, and it's of a sound mind. I'm here to tell you, I believe what the Lord is saying prophetically over this house today is there are some unclaimed inheritances in this place today. There is some things held up in Heaven with your names on it. You just didn't know it. By the revelation of the Spirit, we're about to claim it.

Deven Wallace: In fact, unclaimed inheritance is such a big thing in our nation right now that there are actually professionals called heir hunters, people who are hired to go out and hunt down the rightful heir of the inheritance that is stuck in court. I'm here to tell you, the Holy Spirit is a great heir hunter. He is the executor that will not stop. He is the executor of this will that will not quit. He watches over the word to make sure God's word is performed. In fact, when God sends forth His will, it says it cannot return void, Gary. It cannot return void, which means the Holy Spirit will tarry with the family generation after generation after generation until he can find the heir that will claim what belongs to them. An heir hunter is here today looking for those who will claim the inheritance that is locked up in Heaven.

Deven Wallace: This is what's crazy. There is something, a legal term, in the laws of inheritance called disclaimer. Disclaimer. A disclaimer is your right as a beneficiary to refuse your inheritance. A beneficiary can be found by the heir hunter, brought into court, the will can be read to them, and they can say, "You just got 10 acres of farmland," and that beneficiary can say, "I'm not much of a farmer. I don't really think I want that." And they can sign and seal a disclaimer, meaning what you are offering me, I don't think I want. Therefore, I'm going to refuse it. I'm going to disclaim myself as an inheritor."

Deven Wallace: This is the crazy thing that happens when a disclaimer's put in place. The person who was first in line for the inheritance, when they sign a disclaimer, the court treats them as if they are dead to the inheritance. Literally what it says in the court of law. They are treated as if they died before the one giving the inheritance did, and it passes to the next one in line. You don't want to be a disclaimer in the kingdom of God. You don't want to be the one that says that costs too much. That's too hard. I don't think I'm interested. It's too inconvenient right now. I'm kind of at this place in my life, I don't really want to sell out to God. I'm kind of in this season, that this is really not what I feel like I'm cut out for.

Deven Wallace: Some of you have signed disclaimers of your inheritance, and you didn't know it, and you're a dead man and a dead woman walking because God didn't die just for you to take breaths every day and survive. He died to give you life and life more abundantly. If you're not living the life Christ died to provide for you, you're not living at all. You may be breathing and moving, but you're not living. Today, the Holy Spirit is here to give some disclaimers a second chance at what belongs to them.

Deven Wallace: But on the flip side of this coin, I have some good news because some of you are about to be the recipients of what others have disclaimed because when a disclaimer is signed, what was meant for the first individual, literally, they go to the next in line. In other words, I may have been front in line to receive it, but if I refused it, I am now dead to the court, and the person who was not going to receive it at all, they literally say, "Next."

Deven Wallace: I came to prophetically declare over some of you who come from a long lineage of disclaimers, a long lineage of those who refused the inheritance of Christ and bought the curse of the enemy, some of you are first time salvation, first time converts in your family. Some of you are first time recipients of the Holy Spirit in your family, but you look at your lineage and you say, "Pastor Deven, I don't have a rich spiritual DNA. Nobody in my family operated in the kingdom. Nobody in my family claimed their inheritance." And I came to tell you today, you are next in line according to the word of God. Today, in the court of Heaven, God is asking somebody, "Are you ready for everything your family refused to walk in? Are you ready for every promise that your grandpa didn't want to walk in? Are you ready to pick up every piece of the inheritance that was meant for your family line?" Some of you are about to be the recipient of a disclaimer today.

Deven Wallace: And then, I want to say one more thing about disclaimer that has to do with generational curses. You can refuse what your family left for you. Just because it has your family name on it, doesn't mean you have to receive it as yours. You don't even want to disclaim what God has left for you, but some of you today need to stand up and disclaim what your crazy family left for you in their jacked up spiritual DNA. Some of you are accepting things that you don't have to accept anymore. You have the right to disclaim and refuse any curse.

Deven Wallace: So when the devil comes to you and says, "Well, you know, five generations of the women in your family have had ovarian cancer," you say, "Well, that's fine. I'm just going to go to the court of Heaven and disclaim it. I don't want that today." Or when they say, "Five generations of the men in your family have been alcoholics," you say, "Well, not so after today. I'm about to remove myself as a dead man from that line, from that DNA. I have been crucified on the cross with Jesus Christ. That inheritance isn't mine anymore. I don't live, but Christ lives in me."

Deven Wallace: This is so good. I'm helping myself.

Deven Wallace: You can be free because Heaven gives you the right to refuse anything your family passes to you. In fact, you just raise your hands and start disclaiming some things that the enemy thought you were going to have to keep in your life. It's not yours anymore. You're a dead man. You're a dead woman. Do it because of what Jesus did.

Deven Wallace: I'm almost done. This is the best. Kevin, get ready to come clean this up.

Deven Wallace: Today, we're going to claim our spiritual inheritance. We're going to disclaim the old man inheritance. It's on two levels today. Number one, we are all heirs with Christ, and we are all inheritors of the kingdom of joy, of peace, of righteousness, of the healing, of the kingdom, of the freedom of the kingdom. Every one of you, every one of you who have been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ have that inheritance.

Deven Wallace: But I'm going to even just go deeper. There are specific things for each of you that God has for you over your family. Some of you, there are nations in the belly of your family. Some of you are about to realize there's some land God has given your family.

Deven Wallace: Why are Kevin and I in this city? Because God gave this land to our family, didn't he, GiGi? My grandfather pastored in the church across the street. My uncle pastored in the church behind us. Kevin grew up in this city. God promised it to him. His mamaw Dot lived on top of Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga may not be your city, but I'm here to go to the courts of Heaven today and claim it for my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, part of my spiritual inheritance is tied up in the land of Chattanooga.

Deven Wallace: But some of you have inheritance in Africa, in Asia. Some of you have inheritance down in Mexico and Guatemala. Some of you have inheritances back in your little small hometown you never thought God would do anything in. There's something in your family line that is left undone and God is going to stir it up in your life today. God's about to stir up some things, Timothy, that you've let go dormant.

Deven Wallace: There's some inheritance laid up for you, for your children, that if you don't take the time to claim it today, God will just move it upon your sons and daughters to take it. But how many are tired of the enemy stealing from your family?

Deven Wallace: There is one more heir and this is my favorite, and I came to declare this today. It's called the laughing heir. Really, there's a term in the laws of inheritance called the laughing heir. If you want to know why they're called the laughing heir, it's a distant relative or someone who was not even initially related to the deceased, who receives an inheritance without preparation, not understanding they were in line for the inheritance. In other words, they weren't expecting it, and they're called the laughing heir.

Deven Wallace: As I read this, my spirit began to laugh because I thought of Sarah who laughed because by all natural means, she had disclaimed herself from inheritance. She was too old and she didn't have faith, but God designed to give her something she wasn't expecting, and she had to name him Laughter. I was just thinking about Rahab, and how she was a harlot in the city of Jericho, and in 24 hours, she became the recipient of the seed of the inheritance of Jesus Christ. She wasn't a member of the family when she was in Jericho, but she married into something she wasn't expecting, and she became a laughing heir. I was thinking about Saul, when he was on the road to Damascus, and he didn't know Jesus, and he was killing off God's inheritance, and Jesus blinded him by a light, brought him into a family, changed his name, and he became a laughing heir.

Deven Wallace: I'm here to tell you, when they were singing Joy in the River, there was a spirit of laughter welling up in my spirit because some of you are about to receive an inheritance you just were not expecting. You didn't know you were next. You didn't know you had your name on it. You felt unqualified, but I'm here to tell you God's about to unlock something over your house that's going to make you laugh in the spirit because you didn't even know it was coming.

Deven Wallace: Stand up on your feet on this house, and raise your hands, and you say, "God, make me a laughing heir. Father, I want everything you have for me. What I expect and what I don't expect. And Father, if my neighbor doesn't want their inheritance, give it to me. Give it to me, Father. I want everything you died to provide for me. I want my children to walk in blessing. I want my marriage to walk in blessing. I want my finances to be blessed. Father, I want our health to be blessed." Raise your hands all over this house. "Father, I want to disclaim the old inheritance. I'll not receive any curse from my family line. I have been bought by the blood of Jesus. I am a part of a new family."

Deven Wallace: Some of you need to start disclaiming things right out of your mouth. You tell the court of Heaven, "I disclaim cancer. I disclaim depression. I disclaim suicide. I disclaim divorce. I disclaim adultery. I disclaim diabetes." Right now, you just tell the enemy it's not yours. You break that curse by the blood of Jesus. He has no legal right because of the cross of Jesus Christ. Drive it right out of your house. Drive it off your children. In the court of Heaven.

Deven Wallace: And then some of you need to repent for disclaiming what you should have taken. You bought the lie of the enemy. Some of you just didn't feel worthy or you didn't want the inconvenience of the life change. But there's a rich inheritance. God's saying, "I open it back up for you today. Will you claim what I have for you?"

Deven Wallace: I know for a fact by a word of knowledge, there are some preachers in this house, some apostles in this house, some evangelists in this house. It's a generational mantle and you have tried to refuse it, but today, you're having a heart change because you want everything God has for you. If Paul was her, he would say to you, "Little Timothy, stir up the gift that was in your mother and your grandfather, grandmother. Stir up the gift I laid upon you. Don't let fear steal your inheritance. God has not given you fear, but He's given you power, love, and a sound mind."

Deven Wallace: And some of you today, with hands lifted, just need to be like the daughters of Zelophehad. You need to approach the court of Heaven and say, "Father, I know who I am in you, and I know what belongs to me, and I'm ready for it. I don't want it tied up in the heavenlies any longer. I don't want the enemy or anybody else to lay claim to it. Father, I'm ready for the release of Your promises over my house, over my children, over my children's children."

Deven Wallace: Some of you, I prophesy, are going to release a family blessing for the first time in your family line that will last a thousand years after you take your last breath. You're about to change the spiritual DNA of your house.

Deven Wallace: And then as Kevin comes out to clear, this will be a house of laughing heirs. I declare Redemption to the Nations Church, we will be a house of unexpected inheritors. God, if there's anybody in this city that doesn't want their inheritance, we'll take it. We'll take it, Father. We look like a group of unqualified people, but today we receive the ruling of Heaven, and we become those who receive with joy what nobody else thought we could have. We become the laughing heir.

Deven Wallace: I declare someone has sown in tears. You have sown in tears. Where's [Talvin 00:54:51]? Come sing this. But you will reap in joy. I declare that over you, right now, somebody has sown in tears, but you're about to reap in joy. The curse is broken. Blessing is coming and you're about to laugh seven times harder than you ever cried for what you lost. You have sown in tears, but you're about to reap in joy. Heaven is ruling in your favor.

Deven Wallace: Right now, as Kevin, come clean this up, raise your hands in this place and just begin to approach his throne boldly. This may not have been for everything, but they're about to sing that song, and Joy in the Water, and whatever you want to sing. This ain't no crying message today. This is not a crying message today. You are leaving full. This is not a message for tomorrow. It's right now. Heaven is listening and is about to rule on your behalf.

Deven Wallace: If you want what belongs to you, you could just move out into the aisle, to the altar. You can kneel at your seat. I have no idea what to do right now, other than declare the word of the Lord, and let you take back what belongs to your family.

Deven Wallace: God, release it all over this house, generation of blessing. Generation of blessing, all over this place. Generation of blessing. Come up to the altar. Come and [inaudible 00:56:59] the altar, and take back what belongs to you.

Speaker 4: (singing)

Deven Wallace: Right here, we're about to have an inheritance party, but I need to open this altar. If you're in here, and you're away from the Lord, you don't know Him or you know Him, but you've walked away from your inheritance in Him, your heart's grown cold, you say, "Pastor Deven, I'm a disclaimer, right now. I didn't know what I was forfeiting. I didn't know what I was giving up." There's an Esau in here. You sold your birthright for a bowl of soup, and you're walking in regret. The pleasures of the flesh and temporary pleasure just robbed you of your inheritance. But guess what? It ain't over yet. It ain't over yet. God brought you here to extend mercy and grace and restore to you what is rightfully yours. The mistake you made can be reversed in the court of Heaven today.

Deven Wallace: So if that's you, and you say, "Pastor Deven, I want the inheritance that Jesus died to provide for me. I want to walk into new life with Jesus today. I want to give my heart back to him." Come. Come now. In fact, why don't you look at your neighbor and say, "If that's you, I'll come with you." Come now. Come now. This is your moment. God's about to restore the years the locust and cankerworm have destroyed. Come. Come, right up here so I can see you. Right up here in the front. Come on.

Deven Wallace: That's right. Just pray with them. Come. Come. It's your time. Right here. Right here. It's your day, son.

Deven Wallace: I need some intercessors just to pray. The devil's losing the battle today. God is setting into motion his original assignment over you. I need some prayer warriors. Come pray. Come pray with them.

Deven Wallace: Father, in the name of Jesus, these disclaimers, they come to you, and they repent of forfeiting what was rightfully there's. And in the court of Heaven today, we approach you with the will and testament of Yahweh, and by the blood of Jesus Christ. We pray for a reversal. And God, I ask today for divine restoration of what the lies of the enemy stole from these sons and daughters. I declare they live today, and the life of Jesus Christ flows through them, and the blood of Jesus restores what has been stolen.

Deven Wallace: Now, begin to pray for them. Begin to pray for them.

Deven Wallace: While these keep praying, I have a really specific call, and then we're going to pray for laughing heirs. There's some individuals in here, maybe it's just one. You come from a rich inheritance like Timothy did. A rich inheritance of faith. A levitical inheritance of those who served in the house of the Lord. I'm not here to call you into anything, the Holy Spirit is. I'm just here to lay my hands on you, but there... Somebody in here, it's time to surrender to your inheritance, and the call of God on your life to ministry whether that's apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, I don't know. Whether that's a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord, I don't know, but you feel the Holy Spirit trying to seal this word over you right now. He's moving on you and you know it's your day to surrender to a call of God upon your life.

Deven Wallace: If that's you, would you just come line up right here by the stage? Just come up here and line up. It's time to claim your inheritance. Come on up. Come on up.

Deven Wallace: [foreign language 01:01:00].

Deven Wallace: There's been something locked up in Heaven with your name on it, and you're just going to open your mouth and surrender to it. And there's something's going to be stirred up on you. That's what this word is for. If apostle Paul was here, he would say, "Stir up the gift that's already in you." I'm here to tell you, it's already in you. Your family already prayed it on you. It's already in you, but the Holy Ghost is about to stir it up and you're not going to be able to turn it off. If that's you, just raise your hands and say, "Stir it up, Father." Stir up the gift of God. I need some anointed ministers to lay their hands on these sons and daughters.

Deven Wallace: [foreign language 01:01:56].

Speaker 4: (singing)