The Prayer of Jabez

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Kevin Wallace: This morning I want us to turn our attention to the Word of God. First Chronicles 4:9, I want to preach on the Prayer of Jabez overcoming labels, lids and limitations. Look at somebody right now, tell them I don't need your labels.

Congregation: I don't need your labels.

Kevin Wallace: I don't want your lid.

Congregation: I don't want your lid.

Kevin Wallace: I do not accept your limitations.

Congregation: I do not accept your limitations.

Kevin Wallace: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: The Prayer of Jabez verse number nine. Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. His mother called his name Jabez, saying, "Because I bore him in pain," and Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, "All that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory that Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil that I may not cause pain." God granted him what he requested. I want you to look at that last line again. God, somebody say, "So God."

Congregation: So God.

Kevin Wallace: Granted to him.

Congregation: Granted to him.

Kevin Wallace: What he requested.

Congregation: What he requested.

Kevin Wallace: The Prayer of Jabez. Father help us today to rightly divide the word of truth. I pray, Father in Jesus name, that every insufficiency in me would be hidden and irrelevant as You come into this place and bring the preaching anointing that makes preaching life changing.

Kevin Wallace: Today I stand before Your people, God, declaring with them and believing with them that today the Word of the Lord is going to change their lives, and I thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing that makes preaching means something. I pray God that before we leave today, having been exposed to this truth and this anointing that You give, we will all need transformed and changed by the power of God, in Jesus ... Yes Lord, and I serve notice own enemies right now, enemies that have haunted and hindered the people of God and some of them have even come in this place today with audacious courage to sit here with the people that they've attacked and they think they're going to continue the attack, but I serve notice on the enemy right now that the power of God is coming up all these Saints and they're going to be loose from every yoke of bondage and lie of the devil in the name of Jesus.

Kevin Wallace: I praise You for it now, God, and I thank you for it now. Satan, the Lord rebuke you. The blood is against you and I pray the power of God would set every captive person free, in Jesus name and everyone said Amen.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: You may be seated in the presence of the Lord, the prayer of Jabez.

Kevin Wallace: I love the hidden treasures in the Word of God. This text is one such treasure. It is a text of obscurity tucked away in a list of names and genealogies. It's almost missed in the monotony of ancestry. It's sandwiched right in the middle of a plethora of people and lineage. Then right out of nowhere in the middle of all these names and so and so, beget so and so and stuff that we typically don't read when we're on our Bible reading plan. Right in the middle of all this monotony is this little two verse truth about a man named Jabez.

Kevin Wallace: He has not mentioned or referred to anywhere else in the Bible. He suddenly appears and almost as quickly he disappears. What we know about Jabez we only know from this text. He appears to be the son of a man named Koz. He is not an only child for the text tells us that he had brothers. In fact, the scripture says that he was more honorable than the rest of his brothers. He was more honorable than the rest of his brothers. He was more honorable. He's known for his honor.

Congregant: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: There's something about the honor and the state of honor on this man that causes him to stand out and stand up in the midst of a crowd. I found out that being a man or a woman of honor is a quality that attracts the favor of heaven. The word honor, say honor.

Congregation: Honor.

Kevin Wallace: The word honor in the Hebrew here is the word Kabad, K-A-B-A-D. It literally means to have a heaviness or a weightiness of honor on your life. It is a unique word because it is the word that we use to identify people who are honorable and likewise, it is the Hebrew word use to identify people who are honored. Don't miss this. It's the same word to describe both those who honor and those who are honored. In other words, it's a reciprocating term. You can't be a person who honors without being a person who is honored.

Congregant: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: There are many people in the Kingdom of God who do not understand the principle of honor. Honor is something that you cannot show unless you are willing to properly identify and value someone or something when it walks into the room. Have you ever been privileged to be in the room with someone who is significant or someone who is an official, or someone who is well known or someone who is famous? When they walk into the room, a person who is honorable rightly determines the value of that person and you do not sit there when a person of honor walks in kick back and say, "Hey, what's up?"

Kevin Wallace: A person of honor does not sit back and say, "Hey, what's up?" when someone significant walks into the room. When someone significant walks into the room, if you are a person of honor, you stand up, you extend your hand and you say, "Hello, my name is and it is an ..."

Congregation: Honor.

Kevin Wallace: Come on talk to me this morning, church. It is an ...

Congregation: Honor.

Kevin Wallace: ... honor to meet you. How many know what I'm talking about? Why do we say things like that? Because we recognize the value of the person who walked into the room.

Congregant: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Whew! This whole thing about honor really doesn't begin with your ability to properly identify and value people, it really begins with your ability to properly value and identify God when He walks into the room because if God can walk into the room and you sit there and say, "Yo, what's up?" Then no wonder you don't know how to honor people who are people of honor when they walk into a room.

Kevin Wallace: If you don't stand up for God, you won't stand up for anybody. If you are so self-centered in life is so much about you and your ego is so big that when somebody else with significance walks into the room, you can't even say, "It's an honor to meet you," then there's no reason we got to beg people to praise God in church.

Kevin Wallace: When God walks into this room, should nobody need a reason to just stand up and clap hands and weep and to praise Him and to lift our hands. If you got to have somebody beg you to praise them, it's just because you really don't know Him yet. If you really know God when He walks into the room, you forget about who is sitting next to you and you forget about how your hair got did and how beautiful your nails are, and you forget about how nice you look and how well put together you are. When somebody significant walks into the room and you're a person of honor, you stand and say, "It's an honor to have you in this room." I came to tell you right now, we got to get this honor's thing straight in the church because dishonor is killing the body of Christ.

Kevin Wallace: If you don't properly value people and if you don't properly value the things of God, you can actually dishonor what God's hand is on and miss the blessing that came when you could have honored that person or that move that God was involved in. That's why I'm careful about how open my mouth against things that I don't know about. I'm not going to get no help on this. But there are people in this room right now and watching me on live stream, you have no hesitation at all to criticize something that just doesn't look like your favorite thing. Just because it ain't your favorite thing, you condemn it. You know what you are, you're insecure and you're nervous that God is bigger than you and your little dog and pony show. I'm a walk around. I'm going to preach till I turn over everything in this house today.

Kevin Wallace: There are some people in the Kingdom of God that get on my nerves bashing and criticizing and dishonoring things that don't look like their favorite thing. Can I tell you that the Kingdom of God is big enough for God to bless me and God to bless people who do it away other than the way I do it? You got to learn how to be able to celebrate people who do it like you do and you got to be big enough and kingdom-minded enough to be able to honor what God does in somebody else.

Kevin Wallace: You will blow your mind at the people who ... How many were here during the 90-day revival several years ago, four years ago? We had a 90-day revival. It will blow your mind that the preachers in this city that stood up and condemned us.

Kevin Wallace: Now there were not a lot of them but there were people who stood up and said crazy stuff. All we were doing was preaching Jesus and people getting saved. They said, "Oh, they're turning that thing down there. All them kids getting up on the stage dancing." Just hush. I would rather them be standing on this stage dancing and giving God praise and laying on the floor flapping like a fish and jumped on to the power of God so much so that they didn't even know where they park their car. I'd rather for that to be happening than them laid up in a whorehouse for a crack house or some other kind of house. What's wrong with people in the church?

Kevin Wallace: I am careful about what I criticize because just because it doesn't look like the way I do it doesn't mean it ain't of God. If you want to know what real maturity ... I'm not talking about people who don't preach Jesus or change the doctrine, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about people who just do things a little differently.

Kevin Wallace: "Why you got them all large?" Why don't you own them? Why are you sing off the screen? Why do you sing out of a book? I don't care if you sing out of the book or off the wall, just sing.

Kevin Wallace: It's the spirit of dishonor. Walking around as God's appointed man and judge of all things. Who do you think you are? Let me just talk to the TV so nobody in here gets me personal. Okay? Who do you think you are? You're not the sum total of all things and all knowledge. God is bigger than your feeble brain.

Kevin Wallace: I'll never forget one Sunday preaching. I was preaching hammered away, Sister Betty who sits on the second row, sweet woman of God, been with us all these years, mid-80s. She's sitting there and I'm preaching about people who cannot see God is bigger than their little box. She said this, "Lord bless," she said it so loud. The whole area right here heard. She said, "Lord bless their feeble minds."

Kevin Wallace: For you and I to speak against something that is different than it what our favorite thing is, reveals how insecure we really are. I'm going to tell you right now what you dishonor, you repel.

Kevin Wallace: "Well, I don't believe in miracles." You're not going to see many of them, I promise.

Kevin Wallace: "I don't believe when he stands up and says God's going to bless us financially." Stay broke. Stay broke. I don't care, just stay broke.

Kevin Wallace: How about we just honor the Word and we honor the work? We honor ... Listen, don't get strangled and don't run into a speed bump over methods. I'm going to take it a step further. Not just speaking against movements but speaking against men and women. There are people who do it differently than I do it but they love Jesus, and they preach the truth. I'm not standing up in the pulpit to bash or to dishonor other people when the currency of the Kingdom of Jesus is a currency of honor. You do not get trusted with the wealth of heaven and I don't mean money, just money. I mean, the favor of God. You do not get the favor of God on your life. As long as you run around as deputy sheriff in the kingdom, telling the world how off everybody else is but you. You are blind. Sit down and be quiet. Get the telephone pole out of your eye before you ...

Kevin Wallace: Well, praise God. It's going to be one them kind of Sunday's, just buckle up. Hallelujah. It don't work that way. You can't be a man or a woman of dishonor and have a life that people remember and value. If you want to be a man whose life is honored or a woman whose life is honored, you got to be a man who honors or a woman who honors. Most people who are dishonorable do it out of a place of insecurity.

Kevin Wallace: Jabez was a man who was known for the honor he demonstrated and the honor he received.

Kevin Wallace: The Bible says ... No. Thank you, Lord. Let me rewind that. The word kabad, K-A-B-A-D, in the Hebrew is actually the root word of the word we use for kabod which is the Old Testament word for glory. When you have honor on your life, you actually walk in glory. I can't find no help in this church today. There is a glory that rests up on people who know how to demonstrate honor. When you walk in honor, God honors you with that ... The word kabod is literally means weight. It literally means something you feel like sit on your life like the weight of God's goodness. Oh, Jesus!

Kevin Wallace: When you walk in honor, you attract the weighty goodness of God. How many just want to be able to walk into a place and know that in spite of everything and everybody in the room that's looking at you like you are out of place, you just feel the goodness of God resting on your life? Can anybody testify that you felt the goodness of God rest in ... The weight of God's glory. How many have ever felt the weight of God's glory in the way that it's literally heavy?

Kevin Wallace: Why did them people fall in the floor when he prays? Or they pray? I'll tell you why they fall on the floor. They can't stand up. Why can't they stand up? Because the weight of the glory of God rests upon their life and the way the goodness of the presence of Jesus sometimes lays us out on the floor. It's a wonder we don't explode. Get all bent out of shape over people falling out. I'm just thankful we're in one piece when it gets through with us. Hallelujah.

Kevin Wallace: Jabez was a man of honor. He honored and was honored. When you sow honor, you reap honor. When you properly value God and His presence and you properly value people, it just brings a rising quality to your life. You just rise. You just stand out. There are people in this room right now you see the favor of God on their life in tangible ways. I assure you, they did not get to that place of favor by being a dishonorable person. Anyone you've ever seen that walks in dishonor has few friends.

Kevin Wallace: I'm going to preach on honor all morning. I think right now. You can't and I can't experience the fullness of the Kingdom of God operating in a spirit of dishonor. This works in marriage. Watch everybody pack their bags. You feel that? The chicken spirit got on people right then. It's like, "My God, I'm hungry. [Claidine 00:18:02], let's go." Don't leave. Stay here for it.

Kevin Wallace: A spirit of honor works in marriage. I dare you, Sir, to stop dishonor in your life. Begin to honor and watch things turn. Ma'am, I dare you to quit calling out the fool in him. Start calling out the king in him and watch things turn. If you walk in honor in your marriage, God will bless your marriage and ... I want to say so much, Butter cake.

Kevin Wallace: Walk in honor. Demonstrate honor. Walk in honor with your mother and father. In fact, honor thy mother and father. God said if you honor them, I'll attach a blessing to it. What's the blessing? Honor your mother and your father and your days on this earth will be long. Now I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer but if you dishonor your mother and your father, you might be shortening your days. How many want to live a long life? Say amen.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Then quit talking about your mama like a junkyard dog and cussing your daddy out when they don't give you what you want and I rebuke every young person that gets on social media and dogs out your mother and father. They brought you into this world and they deserve for you to know how to open your mouth and esteem them holly. Who do you think you are? God, I feel like a parent right now.

Kevin Wallace: Walk in honor. If you honor people, your life will mean something. If you walk around all the time talking about preachers, "Why are we here Jesus?" Walking around all the time talking about churches? No wonder you can't find one. Your reputation precedes you. This is a situation in the kingdom of God because we are to be people who are honored to the highest extent. Celebrate. Yet we find ourselves somewhat sometimes trapped in a mode of dishonor. Jabez is not known for his great gifts or his great strength or his great abilities. Jabez is known in heaven and on earth as a man of honor. He honored and was honored.

Kevin Wallace: But the Bible says something and I'm going to keep going. Thank you. Some of y'all, "Whoa! That thing ... We've survived. Hallelujah."

Kevin Wallace: The Bible says something about Jabez. It says, "He was more honored and more honorable than all of his brothers," but look at this, "But his mother called his name, Jabez because she said, 'I bore him in pain.'" She named him according to her pain. Let me go over here for a minute.

Kevin Wallace: His identity was a product of her drama. It was her pain but it became Jabez's problem. When I was in prayer over this assignment today, Spirit of God said to me, "I want you to tell some people in here who are wrestling with an identity that had nothing to do with them." Someone projected their problems and their pain on you and now you are trying to live a life recovering from a label somebody else put on your life.

Kevin Wallace: I'm going to preach on it for a minute. Come here, Isaiah. Get up here. Please, be a man of honor. Don't worry about your hair. Took three hours to fix but we'll just ... Okay. Got this nice shirt on. Zoom in on this please. Which camera? Wave at me. Yup, okay. Yep. Zoom in on that it says, "Hello. My name is ..."

Kevin Wallace: This is what life has done to some of you. Somebody's problem became your pain. Somebody's drama became your identity. Somebody else had some sorrow so instead of running to Jesus and getting healed, they ran to you and projected they're pain. God, I feel the Holy Ghost on me right now on, your life. Instead of you knowing who you are in God, you got your identity from somebody who lost so they called you loser.

Kevin Wallace: "Hello. My name is victim. Hello." Remember my pet. "My name is broke. Hello, my name is should have been. Hello ..." I've got a whole list of them, hold on. Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Kevin Wallace: "My name, they call me addict," because someone who had influence in your life was addicted and the only way they could find comfort in their addiction was to create you in a mindset of their own addiction. They wanted you to be an addict with them so they called you an addict. They said everybody in the house is an addict and that's how they got to feeling good about themselves is that we're now all a family of addicts.

Kevin Wallace: Then, "Hello," Jesus help me, "My name is orphan. Hello, my name is unwanted." I'm going to preach or talk or whatever I'm doing. "Hello. My name is failure. Hello. My name is raped and molested and I feel like damaged goods because someone else had a screwed up childhood and they took their pain out on me and did to me what someone else did to them because it was the only normal that they knew so now I'm trapped in the pain."

Kevin Wallace: We have people sitting on our Pentecostal chairs, paying their tithes every now and then lifting their hands and got labels. "You're stupid." That's a good one. "You're dumb. You will never be and you are living with a label someone else put on you." I'm going to tell you something that you need to know for the rest of your life. God didn't do it. God didn't call you a loser. God didn't call you a failure. God didn't call you a victim. God didn't call you an accident. God called you son and daughter.

Kevin Wallace: You come to church and I'll holler, and I'll scream, and I'll sweat, and I'll spit and I'll say you're the head and not the tail. You're above and not beneath. You're blessed in the city and you're blessed in the field. You go, "Wow! Praise the Lord!" Then you go home and you look in the mirror. I have these labels all over my life.

Kevin Wallace: Not only did he have labels, not only did they call him Jabez, not only was his name a result of someone else's pain but he had lids on his life. You know what a lid is. A lid that hovers over us. Just stay right here, Isaiah. Don't leave. I'll ground you for a year. Just stay right there. Okay? I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding.

Kevin Wallace: A lid, something that you put on top of a container that keeps the contents in and keeps other contents out. It's a cap. It's a ceiling, hanging over your head. That always seems to control your life. It's like you get into a place of launching out in faith and believing God for breakthrough and you really extend your faith and you stretch it out there and you feel that thing that's always pushed you back push again. It's like that unseen ceiling and I cannot tell you that most of the time is generational.

Kevin Wallace: Oh, I'm getting ready to preach right here. Most of the time, it's generational. People who were raised in a context with a bunch of people who've never identified the lid, they walked around saying things like, "His family's never going to get a break. This family's never going to see a breakthrough. This family's never going to get a turnaround. My granny was broke, my mama was broke, I'll be broke, he'll be broke."

Kevin Wallace: Somebody has got to stop the drama and you got to say ... Let me help you understand something, okay? Let's just get some straight, okay? You can curse your future if you want to but pardon me while I believe for the goodness of God to be revealed in my life. I understand that your mama and them didn't get in on this but you've come too late to tell me that Jesus died so that I could feed off the crumbs that you have left over. I believe that God has got a table of abundance. When I need some help in this church right now, God is getting ready to deal with the lid.

Kevin Wallace: Labels, lids and limitations. Limitations. Limitations are those boundaries that define what belongs to you. It's the boundary that defines what and who you can be. Limitations tell you where you can and cannot go. Limitation, it's like boundaries and property lines that square off and mark off things that are yours. Some people in this room, precious Saints and God hear me please, you're in this room today and there is a blessing that has your name on it that is on the other side of a place that you have stretched yourself to.

Kevin Wallace: God will not bring it to you while you stay bound. God will not bring it to you while you stay bound. He will not bring it to you while you got this little religious mindset. If He did, it would ruin your life. God refuses to bring you what belongs to you while you're sitting on the other side of the fence and wondering about the goodness of God.

Kevin Wallace: God is saying, "If you want what I for you, I refuse to bring it to you in the backyard of your limitation. I'm trying to get you to expand your tent beds. I'm trying to get you to look beyond what you've been looking. Abraham, if you want to know what I'm getting ready to do in your life you got to get out of this tent that you've been stuck in. Come on out here. Look up into the sky, tell Me what you see?"

Kevin Wallace: "I see stars that have no number."

Kevin Wallace: "Good! That's the revelation of what I'm getting ready to do."

Kevin Wallace: Oh, God! In your life, some of you have got to step outside your tent. Slap your neighbor, karate chop him and tell him, "Neighbor, get out of your tent."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Get out of your tent. Stay right there, Isaiah. Some of you been living in a tent for 50 years. It's the tent your mama and daddy gave you. It's the tent that that religious system called the church you used to go to gave you. It's a tent of a system. People told you, you couldn't and you never would and you can't do that, you can't preach that and you can't say that, you can't have that and you can't demonstrate that.

Kevin Wallace: Sometimes, you got to let them holler at each other and you got to say, "Pardon me for a moment, I'm coming out of this tent. God is trying to show me something bigger."

Kevin Wallace: Who am I talking to in this room right now? There are some people who satisfied to be locked up in a tent. There are people satisfied in this room looking at the same old ceiling but there are some people that say, "I can't stay in these limitations. I've got to step out of this."

Kevin Wallace: He got labels, he's got lids and he's got limitations. What did he do? He does some [cray cray 00:32:47]. He calls on the God of Israel. Look at it, Verse 10. Jabez called. Everybody say, "Jabez has called."

Congregation: Jabez has called.

Kevin Wallace: The word called in the Hebrew is the same word used in Jeremiah 33:3, "Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things that you did not know."

Kevin Wallace: You have to make a decision today, somebody. Are you going to the rest of your life with labels and lids and limitations that keep you from coming into your purpose or are you going to get a praying spirit?

Kevin Wallace: Stay right there, Isaiah, because I'm ready to sit down, my God. I want to tell you today until you get a praying spirit, you will stay labeled under on lid and limited. The only thing that is here today to change your future is a praying spirit. There are people in this room who have agreed with the labels, you've accepted the lids, you've entertained the limitations but somebody today I might have come to preach to only one person but if I can preach to one person who is tired of the labels, who is tired of the lids and who is tired of the limitations and if I can preach into your spirit the ability to pray and to call on the name of the Lord, I don't care how labeled up you are, how limited you've been and how big the lid they put on your life. If you will call on the name of the Lord, [inaudible 00:34:33].

Kevin Wallace: God is getting ready to shift your future and change your life. Somebody tell Him, "Give me a praying spirit."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Give me a praying spirit. When your kids get crazy, get a praying spirit. When your marriage goes to hell in a hand basket, get a praying spirit. When you watch the news and get depressed, get a praying spirit. When you see drugs and all kinds of craziness going on in your neighborhood, get a praying spirit. When you walk to become something greater than what your past told you, you can be, get a praying spirit. Somebody holler call.

Kevin Wallace: Get a praying spirit.

Kevin Wallace: He's labeled up. He's got all these labels on him and how am I going to get this off me? Call me. They call me Jabez because my momma had some pain when she had me.

Kevin Wallace: Now, the first thing I want to say is, "Chick, who do you think you are?" Deven and I had like 26 kids. Four but it felt like 26. We have four kids. You all ready for this? Not one of them was pleasant. Women are here looking at me crazy. I need some assistance to make some kind of amen or something.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: I had never seeing somebody. I had a child and it was like, "Praise the Lord. This is wonderful." I feel so good. When Deven and I had kids, she spoke in another tongue and I'm not talking about a spiritual tongue. Deven then went from Deven to Dart Vader. It's a true story. Like me, I came in to give her consoling, share with her. I'm grabbing her hand, "You feel this girl? Girl, we got this. Are you ready for this? Oh, you're not feeling this. I see that look in your eye. You are over me right now. 'Get out of the room. Get out.'"

Kevin Wallace: Nobody has ever had a child and been like, "This is a wonderful experience." Every birth is painful.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Yet instead of accepting the pain and dealing with it, she projected it onto her son.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: He lived his whole life with labels and lids and limitations. Until one day he calls on the God of Israel and some crazy happens and I'm through. He gets a prayer life and he starts calling on the name of God. That's my prayer shawl. When he starts calling on the name of God, don't miss this, his prayer life concealed his labels.

Congregation: Yeah. Amen.

Kevin Wallace: I'm telling you right now, some people in this room you cannot outrun your label but you can pray your label into oblivion. You do not have to be a recipient or a victim of what somebody else said about ... I'm telling you right now, you can get so awesome in place or prayer. You might worry that somebody don't know what God is doing in your life.

Kevin Wallace: Hear me, please. If you really get a praying spirit like I'm talking about today, not only can heaven not ignore you. Earth will see the glory of the Lord on your life. The honor that God puts on your life will be undeniable. That's why some people sitting here today have the jobs that they have. It's not because they're the most educated in the whole business. It's not because they're been the most educated in the company. It's because that when they go home from their 9:00 to 5:00, their 7:00 to 8:00 is filled with glory and their 8:00 to 9:00 has been filled with prayer and when they wake up in the morning but say, [foreign language 00:38:35] . The favor of God gets on their life.

Kevin Wallace: I'm trying to tell you right now, you may have a label on you but if you call on the name of the Lord, God will wrap you in a mantle called faith and people that don't even like you won't know what to do with you. Slap somebody tell him, "Give me a praying spirit."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: What did he pray? Oh, if I had time. Lord, have mercy. What did he pray? He started calling out on the name of the Lord. His prayer was strategic and it was targeted. He prayed for simple things. Lord, bless me indeed.

Kevin Wallace: Now, I came today to confront all the religious nutheads that tell us we should never ask for the blessing of the Lord. Of course we should ask for the blessing of the Lord as if someone else has a blessing to give us. He is the God of the blessing. Why wouldn't I ask him to bless my life? In fact, if you got a spirit of honor and you also have a prayer asking God to bless you, God will bless people who have a spirit of honor because if you keep a spirit of honor and God blesses you He will also trust you to share that blessing. Well, [inaudible 00:39:53].

Kevin Wallace: When I say, "God bless me," it ain't just so I have something, it's so that you have something. When I ask God to bless this house it's not just so this house has something, it's so that the City of Chattanooga has something. Slap somebody tell him, "I want the blessing of the Lord."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: I want the blessing of the Lord. I don't just sworn in the bless me [inaudible 00:40:18]. I want Him to bless me indeed. From the top of my head to the sole of my feet, I want Him to bless me when I'm coming in and I want Him to bless me when I go out. I want Him to bless me in the city and I need Him to bless me in the field.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody open up your mouth and say, "Bless me indeed." Bless me until my children get blessed. Bless me until my wife gets blessed. Bless me until my dogs get blessed. Bless me until it's over, taking my life up. Somebody holler, "Bless me indeed."

Kevin Wallace: I tell you right now when you step into a blessing indeed, you start reaping what you didn't sow. You're sitting in a room right now that is a product of the blessing of God. You better hear what I'm telling you. We weren't smart enough to this. We weren't sharp enough to do this. We didn't deserve or earn this. In fact, when I walked into this about six years ago I looked around and I said, "This is too big for me." The Holy Ghost said back to me, "This thing can hold what I'm getting ready to do." Yeah, somebody holler, "Bless me indeed."

Congregation: Amen. Hallelujah.

Kevin Wallace: Bless me. He said not only do I want You to bless me indeed but I want You to enlarge my territory. Yes, because sometimes these people will put limits on you and they'll say, "You can have that and you can have that but you can't have that."

Kevin Wallace: Who said we can't have that? Because God just told me He could give it to us. See this is what I'm talking about, family. When you call out to God and say, "Enlarge my territory." God will start giving you stuff that other people said you couldn't have. I'm trying to break you out of a mindset of limitation today. I'm trying to get you to see beyond your backyard and your front yard. God don't just want you to have the back and the front yard, I believe the whole city block belonged to you. How?

Kevin Wallace: When we bought this church and we felt God in it and God made a way for us to purchase this church about a year and a half after we were in this church, the president of the school called me, you know, Tennessee Temple University. Everybody in Chattanooga went to Tennessee Temple University. People who ain't even saved went to Tennessee Temple University. Everybody I met goes to Tennessee Temple University and all of a sudden, the school has gone belly up and one day I've got a phone call and the President says, the President said they're going to sell the university.

Kevin Wallace: You know what Deven did? Deven took Jim Philips ... Where are you Jim Phillips? Jim Phillips and campus choir and she got a show for it. I don't know about all these crazy stuff you all do when you sit there and be normal. Deven got her show far and she got campus choir and she walked out here around the school and she walked out here around at six times and on the seventh time, she said, "You all get them shofars out. Blow them shofars."

Kevin Wallace: Everybody starts yelling. A 115 people on a 98-degree day, you're not hearing what I'm saying. She walked around screaming and hollering, didn't say nothing for six times. On the seventh time walked around, lifted up the shofar, everybody starts shouting and three weeks later, we had purchased that ... You don't hear what I'm telling you. You don't hear what I'm telling you. You don't hear what I'm telling you. Somebody say, "Enlarge ...

Congregation: Enlarge.

Kevin Wallace: ... my territory." I'm the [foreign language 00:44:11]. I came to tell you that God you serve is bigger than what you got right now and if you can elevate your faith, your belief will increase. I declare increase is on the way if you believe in God ... Oh, Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Increase. Increase. See, and let me tell you some about increase. We don't broke the 1 o'clock barrier. All my chicken people, we love you. We'll see you next Wednesday, praise the Lord. We didn't start in this. We started in a little thing over on 4th Avenue.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: Some people walk in here and said, "Oh, this is so nice." Well, we started in something that wouldn't fit on the stage with a bunch of people on Sunday afternoon over across the traps in the worse red light district in Chattanooga and I'm telling you, they tried to kill us. You hear what I'm telling you? They tried to kill us.

Kevin Wallace: Chris will tell you, the drug pusher across the street from the church down that 4th avenue campus, one Sunday I was preaching and this man, I'll call his name Babba. Babba walked up and he gave his heart to Jesus and he looked at me and said, "I'm a drug runner and I live across the street from the church. They told me that they own me and they told me that I belong to them. They told me I would do for the rest of my life whatever they told me to do."

Kevin Wallace: I looked at Babba and I say, "They don't own you and you will not do what they tell you the rest of your life. From this moment forward, you belong to Jesus." On that Sunday, everybody went, "Woo! Praise God! Babba got saved!" The problem for me is that Babba went back across the street and he told the drug pusher, "The preacher across the street told me I don't belong to you no more and you're not my boss. You're not the boss of me. You are not my daddy and I'm not going to be listening to you any longer."

Kevin Wallace: The man, the drug pusher say, "Oh, yeah? I'm going to go then talk to this preacher." He came over on Monday morning and he knocked on the door of the church and an elder from the church was over at the 4th Avenue of campus. He walked to the door and said, "Can I help you?" The man said, "Where is the preacher?" He said, "Well, he won't be back here until next Sunday."

Kevin Wallace: The man said, pull his shirt up had a gun on his hip. He said, "You tell the preacher, he's not going to be talking to my people like he talked to him on Sunday and I'll be back to take care of the preacher that's coming on Sunday." Oh, my God! All week long, I was a nervous wreck. I prayed and fasted. I called on my spiritual fathers. :"Oh God, Jesus! Help us. Call the FBI. Call the police. Call Barney Fife. Call somebody. I need help."

Kevin Wallace: I went back to the church the next Sunday. I drove all ... Oh, I feel the Holy Ghost on me right now. I drove up to the parking lot on Sunday and the house that the drug lord lived there was wadded up and shoved into a dumpster. I said, "Wait a .... Wait a minute. Where did the drug house go?" They come across the street. They said, "Pastor, we can't believe this but this past week they got busted and they shoved the whole house into a dumpster and they put the drug pusher in the jail." Oh, Lord.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody say, "Enlarge my territory." [foreign language 00:47:40]. I feel an illogic going on this morning. I just heard the Holy Ghost say, "Tell somebody, from the time they get home this afternoon, I'm getting ready to increase their territory."

Kevin Wallace: I'm through. I'm through and then he says, "Put your hand upon my life to keep me from evil."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: I don't know about nobody else, it's one thing for God to bless you. It's another thing for him to keep you from evil. There are some people who get blessed but don't stay away from evil.

Congregation: Right.

Kevin Wallace: I can't find a way up in the church. I don't want to just be blessed. I want to live holy. I ... Oh, God. Come on, stand with me. I'm through preaching. That's why Jesus said, "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil."

Kevin Wallace: Labels. Lids. Limitations. Put that back on. Just the praying shawl. You want to go and fix your hair. You were made to wear robes of righteousness. You were made to sport the garments of praise. It is the enemies plan to keep you limited with labels but today God wants the body to just accept indeed kind of blessings.

Congregation: Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: Enlarge my territory.

Congregation: Yeah.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody needs to ask and to do it right now. Come on. If you can't do this in your mind, open your mouth and just began to say, "Bless me indeed." You feel guilty asking God to bless you that's because religion told you He didn't want you blessed but there's nobody God would rather bless than people with a spirit of honor. If you got a spirit of honor on your life, throw your hands up right now and just begin to ask God to bless you indeed. Bless me indeed.

Kevin Wallace: [foreign language 00:50:19]

Kevin Wallace: I'm telling you, you could pray a prayer right now. I thank you Lord. When it says he prayed and God gave him what he requested, don't miss this, it literally means his request became the door of access through which he entered into the blessing of God. Did you catch it?

Kevin Wallace: His prayer became the door of access through which he entered to live in the blessing of God. Your prayer becomes your door through which you step into the blessing of God. I'm not here today to paint prayer as a mechanical transaction whereby you get what you want. I'm here to tell you prayer becomes the thing that changes your entire existence.

Kevin Wallace: My greatest weakness is when I don't pray.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: My greatest strength is when I do pray.

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: My best friend in life, Pastor Wendell Johnson he passes a great church in Lancaster, Kentucky; Lancaster First Assembly. We were on staff together when we first started. I was the associate pastor. He was the youth pastor up in Athens, Tennessee. I was 21 years old, I had just got married. We've been married about a year. Jeremiah was about to be born. I was in a job I didn't know how to do in the middle of a revival and I'll never forget everyday mark; I will go into my office, I would turn on worship music and the first hour and a half of every morning, I cry out to God. I'm not talking about, "Lord, I'm here today. Help me Lord." I'm talking about, "God!"

Congregation: Yes.

Kevin Wallace: "I need you in my life. Oh, God!" I'd be crying out and I've never knew on the outside of that door was Wendell Johnson. He said to me, "Kevin, people asked all the time, 'What's the deal with Kevin Wallace?'" He said, "I always tell them this; his secret is his willingness to cry out to God in prayer."

Congregation: Amen.

Kevin Wallace: I'm not talk about that because it's me. I'm telling you right now when you don't think you prayer life is doing anything, when you feel like you're praying prayers and they hit the ceiling and bounce back down, keep on crying after God. You may be labeled. You may have lids and may be in limitations but if you will call on the name of the Lord, I am telling you, it will reverse the direction of your life.

Kevin Wallace: How many want to get a fresh prayer life right now? Lift your hands and just ask Him, ask Him right now, "Lord, let a prayer mantle come on my life today. I'm calling out unto God." Some of you are getting ready for increase in territory, increase in authority, increase in financial ability, some of you are getting ready to have jobs that are going to be influential. I am telling you there are people right now, nations are coming to your door. Nations are coming to your door. Nations are coming to your door. You won't have to get on a plane somebody will and I'm thankful for the missionaries but there are people in this room, God is going to bring nations to your front door, the door of your business, and you're going to have influence over kings and priests and kings and queens, I should say, and over leaders in the Earth.

Kevin Wallace: God is going to increase your territory. I need you to pray right now like I believe that you believe I'm talking to you. I know this sounds too big. I know this sounds big and grandiose but I'm telling you, we have thought too small. We have been limited by our labels and Jabez, Jabez changed his life by calling on God.

Kevin Wallace: Lord, every hand that was lifted for our prayer life. I pray this week that their quiet time won't be so quiet. Let them call. Let them call. [foreign language 00:55:07] Let them call on the name of the Lord. This week, let them pray until heaven hears. Let them pray until the divine [foreign language 00:55:19] that God has been hearing your [inaudible 00:55:21]. God's been hearing.

Kevin Wallace: I declare your changing the trajectory of your life. You're changing the trajectory of life church. Call on the name of the Lord. He is a God that answers, "Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that you do not know."

Kevin Wallace: Bless us indeed. Bless this house indeed. Every label, every lid, every limitation it comes off of our lives. It comes off of our church. We will not wonder. We will not be meander. We thank You, God, in advance for the increase of territory.

Kevin Wallace: I need you to pray with me right now for this House. I've been praying for you but I want you to pray with me right now for this House, enlarged. Come on, pray. Enlarge our territory. Enlarge our territory and like why, because the kingdoms of this earth shall become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ. We want people to see the goodness of God, the glory of the Lord, the power of Jesus. Enlarge our territory. Don't get us locked in. Don't let us get limited. Don't let us live on your lid. Enlarge! Enlarge our territory.

Kevin Wallace: Come on. Lift your voices for one minute. Enlarge! Enlarge! God, we hear You today. Pull up the tent pegs. Pull up the tent pegs. You said enlarge the place of Your tent. Father, thank you for calling us to make room. Thank you for the increase, oh God [foreign language 00:56:42]. Oh God, we praise You today. Oh God, we praise You today.

Kevin Wallace: I dare you to pray in spite of the rush you feel to get out of this building. Somebody fees like your car is pulling you out of the parking lot but I'm telling you, somebody is going to touch God right now and your future is going to shift. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, [foreign language 00:57:17]

Kevin Wallace: Open up your mouth and turn your prayer for all above. [foreign language 00:57:19] Hallelujah! Enlarge my territory, [foreign language 00:57:29]

Kevin Wallace: Bless me indeed. Bless my family indeed. Bless my children indeed. Come on! Ask the Lord to bless you today. Ask Him to bless your business. Ask Him to bless your future. Ask Him to bless what [inaudible 00:57:43]. Ask Him to bless everything you're up to right now. Bless us indeed. Bless us indeed, Lord. Bless us indeed. Bless us indeed, [foreign language 00:58:04]

Kevin Wallace: Enlarge my territory. Enlarge my territory. Enlarge my territory. Every time you say it, I see God picking up the tent peg and stretching that tent out a little further for you and you pray again, "Lord, enlarge my territory." I can trust you and when He picks it up again and it just takes a little further and He sets it down. Why? Because the kingdom is increasing as you invite God into your life to increase, increase. I must decrease so that he might increase.

Kevin Wallace: Father, I pray, over our people today that they would experience the increase of God. Keep Your hand on us so that we may stay away from evil. No evil shall befall us, [foreign language 00:59:42]

Kevin Wallace: Oh God, I pray right now, Father, for the blessing of God to be indeed. Cover up every label. Swallow up every lid and every limitation and let us be draped and clothed in a garment of praise and intercession and prayer. Change the trajectory of our lives, oh God as we find the place to cry out and call out to the God of Israel for You hear us when we pray.

Kevin Wallace: I'm going to release everybody that needs to go but anybody can stay and needs to stay, I just want to open up the altar right now for people just to come and just lift their hands up and again, call out to God right now. I can't just shut this moment off. I can't do that.

Kevin Wallace: Somebody needs to shift. I hear that in my spirit so loudly. I'm shifting trajectories today. I'm shifting directions. Come on in here, young men. [foreign language 01:00:49] Messiah.

Kevin Wallace: If you got to go, God bless you. Seriously, we love you. Get the babies. We understand what time it is. I'm going to let anybody go that needs to go but everybody else that needs this moment, come on in to this altar. Come on, Isaiah. It could be done, baby. Come on into this altar and lift your hands and lift your voice and began to call, oh God, today.

Kevin Wallace: You're shifting the trajectory of your life. Shifting the trajectory of your life. Enlarge my territory, God. [foreign language 01:01:17]. I need some businessmen that walked out to bless what their business is up to. Come on down here just call on Him and ask Him. Business ladies, come on down here and say-