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Far-Flung Tin Can is forming an intersection of two diverse worlds – the mission field and the Christian home.

Many have a heart for missions but can’t get to the mission field directly. Often, writing a check to someone who comes to your church once a year doesn’t satisfy your passion for missions. Ministry is relationship; relationship with Jesus and relationship with those on Earth. We are providing a direct line from our homes into the mission field, essentially a far-flung tin can that reaches the corners of the Earth.

Far-Flung Tin Can is creating impactful partnerships with ministers and teams globally to help expand their work. By providing storytelling and funding to their missions, we show their daily life and watch their progress while donating to their work. Reports from the field provide insights into the character, values, goals and passions of each of the missionaries we support. You can connect with our missionaries by provide encouraging words, questions from you and your family, and even sponsor their cause directly. Far-flung wants you to find missionaries that you believe and use this website as an outlet to dive into the missions field while living continuing your daily responsibilities.