Church Wide Fast - Date Change


RTTN Family! 

As you know, we have been joining together in church-wide prayer and fasting for the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each month. Barring that this week is Spring Break for a lot of people, we are going to move our signs and wonders fasting to next week (April 9th - 11th). This Wednesday, we will be following our usual midweek service schedule with our children, youth, and adult services.

Next week, we will join together in fasting and have our usual prayer times Monday through Wednesday in the sanctuary at 7-8am, 12-1pm and 7-8pm. We will culminate these three days with our Signs and Wonders Service at our Wednesday midweek service. This will be an all-church event, so come with your families as we pray and seek the Lord together. 

Due to this shift, Come to the Table will now be moved to April 18th. On this evening we will come together in the gym and break bread together while connecting and having fellowship. We invite you to come and bring your favorite finger food. Children and youth ministries will be meeting during this time.

Sorry for the late notice. We hope those of you that are on Spring Break have a great time of rest, and that everyone has an amazing week. 


Redemption to the Nations Church