Hope at the River - Declarations

As citizens of the kingdom of God and Spirit empowered followers of Jesus Christ, 

We declare that Chattanooga will be a model city.  It will be A city set upon a hill.  We declare that the light of Jesus is illuminating this city and that all darkness is being driven out of Chattanooga as the kingdom of God invades this city.

We declare and believe that all hate, evil, division and strife will have no place in our city.  We declare that God is love…and as He rushes into our city, He is bringing His life changing love to those who dwell in Chattanooga.

We declare and believe that the love of God is rushing in and that God’s love is changing even the vilest and hardest heart.  That the fatherless, the orphan, every son and daughter of our community is coming into a revelation of the love of God and will soon find their place in the kingdom of God.  That every person from every race, every color, every culture, every ethnicity will soon see the love of Jesus Christ and His amazing plan for their lives.  That the scales that have blinded many are being taken away that our city may clearly see the love that GOD HAS for our city and all those who are living in it.

We declare that every school is marked with the blessing of God, that every teacher will experience the grace of God and will make a positive difference in the lives of our children.  

We declare that the angels of God stand guard over our students and teachers and that our schools will operate in safety this school year.

We declare the protection of God over every first responder who guards and protects our city.  We declare the blessing and protection of God over every police officer, firefighter, EMT and their families.  

We declare the wisdom and grace of God over every elected politician and all those who serve the people of this city and region.  We declare that our city will operate efficiently, succeed in its goals and be a city where every citizen can dream and accomplish great things for the glory of God.  

We declare that the churches in Chattanooga will lead in love. We declare spirits of strife, competition, division and conflict are broken off of churches and leaders now.

We declare that spirits of hate, racism, and religion are broken off every church in our city and that there will be such unity in our city that it would demand the blessing of The Lord come on Chattanooga.

We declare the blessing of God over all our pastors, their families and their churches. We declare strength on every pastor, joy in every home and peace in every heart.

We declare that the sins of our city have been put under the blood of Jesus and that God is healing our city from the wounds and pain of the past. 

We declare that the future of our city is blessed.  We declare increase in opportunities, jobs, wages, benefits, commerce and industry for our city.

We declare that our people will be the head and not the tail, blessed in the city and in the field.

We declare and believe that miracles, signs and wonders will happen frequently in this city as church calls on the name of the Lord.  We declare that every sickness, disease, infirmity and all suicidal spirits are broken now in the name of Jesus. Abundant life is rushing into our city in Jesus name, bringing healing and deliverance for our people.  

We declare that dead religious systems are crumbling and that revival is coming to our city.  We declare that this revival is the river of God and that as this river of grace and love flows, everything the river touches shall live.  

All of this we declare In Jesus name.