Production uses technology to enhance with
excellence to reach others for his kingdom.  



One of the biggest parts of RTTN is the sound of worship and the word. If you're into live mixing, setting the atmosphere and controlling what we hear, then maybe running sound is the place for you. Don't worry if you don't have much experience, you will get to train and learn from our own team so that when the time comes for your big day, you're ready to go!



Setting the atmosphere with lighting is an art all on it's own. If you love to create looks and design as well as be a part of the live worship, you have the opportunity to serve in this capacity.


Cameras, Directing, Content and Lyrics

We reached not only the U.S., but around the world with livestream. Operating a camera, directing them as well as running the content on the LED board is as fun as it gets. 

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Zeke, Chad and Chris Production and Media Team

Zeke, Chad and Chris
Production and Media Team

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